2 Sag Men...completely opposite

  • I am completely baffled! How can 2 Sagittarian men, born 4 days apart, one is November 26 and the other is November 30, be so polar opposite? One has every one of the Sagittarius traits while the other has almost none. Any ideas?

  • kingjones,

    Thier are always two types of a signs..

    The Nov. 26 sag Maybe Borderline; I have a sag

    friend that was boreder line sag/scorpio & He too

    didnt have much in common with a average sag.

    Most Sag men are already RARE, you will find they can

    be RARE from other men and have a different outlook on life

    and sometimes find the outlook on life that they describe dont

    really match thier actions, Well what can you Say ? They live in the moment

    alot of times. Cancer & Sag ? Odd match as well.

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