Was wondering if lovingmylife, or cris1962 might shed some light?

  • Hi, I have a question about my recent dreams and how it seems like I visited a friend, or a couple of them actually? I defintly seem to have some connection, or unfinished bussiness with one of them, an ex fiance, their b day is 5/19/75, mine is 7/17/77 I feel love for this person, confusing, wondering if I will see them again, and if they feel or will feel the same or if we will be friends? not sure what we are to each other? and what that means for my present relationship (he's 8/7/73), also I'm wondering what courses or career I might look into, and if any moves are seen ahead? THANKS SO MUCH, I am very grateful for the insight, and I think this will really help!

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