Please help me understand..Would someone please read me.

  • Hello..I am new here and hope someone woulde give me a reading. I am in a constant battle with my BF of the past 3 years and I am trying to make changes in my life to improve my current situation...and his support has been very off and on. Frustrated, confused. Is he something I should just let go? Do you see this move being a good move forward for me at this time?

    Thank you very much for any input.

  • Hi there clarity2009

    I think your boyfriend has issues of his own he is dealing with and runs out of steam to support you consistently, as you do him. In answer to your questions, I think you should both think seriously about letting each other go, as your problems can't be resolved at this point in time. A break will do you both some good and will give you the head space you need to gain clarity in your individual difficulties. It would be a very good move forward for you, but I would like to add that neither of you should completely close the door on this relationship. A change is as good as a holiday, as the old saying goes, and I feel that a spell apart might just be the thing to bring you back together when you've both cleaned out your closets, so to speak, and can embark on your relationship with a fresh attitude. There is hope for it in future, but right now I think staying together will only provoke more arguments and more discord. I also feel that the decision about this relationship rests in your hands more than your boyfriend's, so really, have a think about what you want and go from there.

    I wish you both good luck and hope you see the light at the end of the tunnel sooner rather than later :)))

  • Wow..thank you so much Cris1962, you hit the nail on the head regarding our "closets". One step back for two step foward , I hope. Hurts to think about it because we do love each other, but I see clearly what you are saying. Can you see the seperation being a long one? Months..Years?

    I also wanted to ask if you see my impending relocation being a smart choice? Have not totally commited yet, but very close and looking foward to a better quality of life.

    Thank you so very VERY much!!

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