Lost bracelet

  • The bracelet means a lot to me because of it being my uncle's. I have felt very close to him ever since I was a child and it was a mystery as to how i found it in the first place. If there is a reason for me losing it then I am fine with it as long as it is not in the wrong hands. I don't remember the feelings I felt at the time, but I feel a very strong connection to the past as you said. I just wanted to know if my uncle did indeed have something to do with its disappearance and I hope that I can find it once again.

  • i just want to know if anyone can sense where it is??

  • Your uncle is blocking the bracelet from you seeing it even though it's in your room. He feels mad that he left it for you to find so that it would remind you of him but he thinks you just wear it for yourself and to look good.

  • I've always been lucky in finding lost articles by praying to St.Joseph or St.Anthony....Try it,,it can't hurt.Good Luck.' Joaniebird

  • Gino,please have a look in your suit pockets.

  • i looked in my suit jacket pockets but all my suits were just dry cleaned and were never worn with the bracelet on. But captain, I believe you are right. what should i do? If that is the truth I don't feel I should have it. But how do I get that across to him?

  • I had an object that was losted by my Aunt's Spirit cause I ignored her statue that she gave me. And yes, It can be blocked from you and everyone around the room as well. She hid my fave earrings that I wear everyday and take off. How I unblocked it was that I said sorry and it wasn't enough. So I told her out loud that I was going to get a duplicate of the lost object, and when I did, and showed her and started to leave, the game was over, and my son found the original object right in front of our eyes.!

  • Gino, your uncle feels that you and the family have forgotten him. Is there any way you can revive his memory or show him that people still care for him and think about him? Like, can you visit his grave or something?

  • Captain. Thank you for everything. I just found the bracelet in an old box. I did say prayers and I tried to tell him I'm sorry. and i after i just happened to look in the right box. I would love to talk to him but I can assure you, well at least for me, that I think about him everyday. But I will definatly visit his site soon.

  • Bravo and well done for both of you captain and gino.There's a lesson here for all of us and like Aessops Fables,quite a moral! Bravissimo.(sigh):) i love happy endings.

  • Gino, your uncle appreciated your efforts and returned the bracelet to you. He is still stuck at the age he was when he passed over so you have to expect a little immaturity and temper tantrums on his part. 🙂 He is sorry for being mean to you as he sees now that you hadn't disrespected him. He wishes you good luck with his bracelet and will bless it. You will feel him around you often through your life and can call on him for protection and reassurance.

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