Lost bracelet

  • Hi. A while back I found a gold tennis bracelet that I had never seen before just laying in my basement. After looking at it and talking to my dad, I found out that it was my deceased uncle's who I was named after. I wore the bracelet for a few weeks and the clasp ended up breaking. I took it off as I was going to get the clasp fixed and remember putting it in a safe place. It has been about a year and I remembered the bracelet and can't find it anywhere. Everything I remember is in its place except for the bracelet. I have looked all over and am willing to try anything to find it as it is very important to me. If theres anyway you can help me find it Id really appreciate it.

  • Can you post a picture of yourself and/or the bracelet? Or at least give a detailed description? I feel like someone else has picked it up.

  • I will try to upload my picture. The bracelet is a gold tennis bracelet with Andrew Aiello engraved in cursive writing on the front with his date of birth and a saying in Italian on the back. I dont think anyone else picked it up. I am 19 and no one I know was in my room except me. I had other jewelry in the same place and nothing else was taken.

  • I don't mean they found it when you lost it but sometime after that. It feels like someone who didn't know it was yours but never asked who owned it and kept it. Is there someone who is not a member of your family who could have been around your house - a younger male?

  • I just realized it was lost last week. I thought it was still in my room until then. The only place I had it was in my room. There are no younger males except some of my friends but the last time they were in my house was over a year ago. They would have had to have known it was mine because it says my name on it and was in my room. it was my uncle's and he was 16 when he passed.

  • Gino 64 is there a small black vase in your room look in there Delbert C

  • there is no black vase in my room. I do have a lot of black objects but no vase of any sort.

  • The problem with finding things is that people can pick up impressions of anywhere you might have been with the bracelet. It's hard to narrow in to the last place you had it.

  • would it help to have a picture of my room or where i last had it?

  • Ah, if your uncle was 16 when he passed, then that is the young male I was picking up around it.

  • I might try asking your uncle in spirit if he knows where it is.

    Hmm, he is showing me that he thinks you put it to the back of a drawer under something black or dark-coloured.

  • i dont want to ask too many questions and i am surly not doubting you, but do you truly know if it is him or not?

  • A picture of the room would help. And with the young male I am seeing a slightly chubby young man with freckles who seems a bit mischievous.

  • Gino i keep seeing a small black vase on a wooden desk or table that might have pencils in it

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  • i will upload my picture of my room asap. as for the black vase with pencils, there is nothing in my room or on any desk in the house. i know of no black vases. captain..do you know if he moved it at all? i really would like to at least know that it is somewhere in the house.

  • sorry for the side view

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  • Gino, our guides have asked me to pass on a message about the bracelet. They want you to think about finding it, then losing it and not thinking about it for a year, then thinking of it again. What deeper associations does the bracelet have for you? If you think about it and how you felt at the time, you may discover for example that you had a need to relate more to your family or to the past (your uncle). Losing it may have been your way of saying that you wanted to cut ties with the family or past and do your own thing, be independent in action or attitude. Thinking of it again after losing it some time ago may indicate that you have changed your attitude and want to re-link with the past or family in some way.

    Or it may indicate something totally different. But spirit is encouraging you to meditate on why we find and lose things, of the significance of such events, and the feelings or situations we were going through at the time. Lost items are meant as a sign or message about some part of us that needs to be either found or lost or re-discovered.

    This is the real point of why we lose things or people.

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