In need of insight (two unending dreams, one life-path inquiry)

  • In the past six months i've been on a rollar-coaster ride of behavorial meds and birth control. In the beginning, just as I began dating my ex, and as I was coming on and off my first medication, I had a recurring dream that picked up where it left off every night (though it had jumps in time, like a movie), and it was about the apocalypse, mostly to do with 'zombies' (but they did not eat flesh) and a band of survivors and I attempting to make it inside this one building, which seemed to be so utterly important. We did not succeed, and when I died in the dream, the dreams stopped. They lasted three months. The ex and I broke up soon after.

    Over a month later, we got back together. I was put on another brand of birth control that altered my perception a little, in the sense that I had no desire to listen to anyone's reason but my own. This resulted in me hurting this boyfriend, and we parted. I loved him dearly and felt very sorry about everything I had said to him during the second attempt at the relationship, but no matter what I said or did to reclaim myself changed how he had come to feel. It's been very difficult getting over him (lucky me being an obsessive scorpio) but the dreams I have don't help. No matter the theme of the dream, where I am and who I am with, he will come at some point or another and we'll be very happy together. I have not had one dream that I've remembered that he has not been in since we broke up, and this was over a month and a half ago (I even stopped counting, but still the dreams come!).

    I suppose I would like insight into what these two separate experiences may mean, or represent.

    Also, if anyone could, I've been wondering a lot lately - am I following the right path? I don't mean to ask if I need to backtrace or start doing something else. I only want to know if where I am headed, and the goals I want to accomplish, are right for me and will I be successful, or am I meant to head elsewhere at somepoint? Birthday 11-08-1992 (Yes, I am young. So sue me.)

  • Hi Thekillingmoon,

    Your physical body may be young, but you seem like an old soul. I wish I could help you interpret your dreams or even give you a psychic sense of what's coming up, but I'm not getting anything for you. If your boyfriend is young like you, guys at that age aren't normally mature enough to cope with anything too intense.

    I am bumping your thread up, hopefully someone else can give you some insight.

    You're going to be just fine, you have a good head on your shoulders.

    Wenchie 🙂

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