Have i lost my cancer b/f for good ?

  • ilindieloo>> also think we should come up with a name for us girls on here . ?????

    Sandran712>>I remember back in school.Everyone wanted to hang around me.Because I was so funny,I made people laugh.and even now when I talk to a stranger they laugh too.What is up with that?

  • Sandran712>>I remember back in school.Everyone wanted to hang around me.Because I was so funny,I made people laugh.and even now when I talk to a stranger they laugh too.What is up with that?

    You're funny. that's why. 🙂

  • leoscorpion>>You're funny. that's why. 🙂

    Sandran712>>You'd think guys would jump on that...There is this guy that goes to my church.He acts a little shy.And that is hard to talk around.He was setting up for communion.The ladies were laying out the unleavened bread broke in pieces.And you know us Cancers are visual people.I laughed because I had a thought.I told the guy that..You know...if you wrote letters on that bread they look like scrabble tiles.I thought he was going to pee himself.From laughing so hard.All we needed was the board and we were good to go...LOL

  • @llindieloo --- Can see how hard you're trying to hold yourself together...and am glad you're doing well too honey 🙂 Dont you just love these boards...I do too!! I don't know how I'd be if not for all of ya 🙂 It helps to be practical/busy/independent...feels good too but there sure are times when the mind goes off wandering where it shouldn't and you feel like you can't breathe unless you vent out the venom of pain and suffering. I've become better at doing my stuff once again. Thanks to all of YOU here :):)

  • @astrodame. -- Thank you astro. i am trying really heard . I had a bad day yesterday , but i'm ok today . It's just when I think of him I get really upset and start crying . ( I bet he's not crying ) I agree with you , these boards have helped me no end ,and I to appreciate your's and everyone else's help and support , plus Sandran's witty comments , I think thats what we need to keep our spirits up. In another 6 months or so maby we can look back at this and laugh, but not just yet . Each day at a time .. eh? Plz keep in touch . lindie. xxoxoxoxo

  • lindieloo>>I bet he's not crying )

    Sandran712>>You don't know that.But, if you can't move past this it will eat you alive.I am sure that if you hear from him.You'd let us know.It is possible for a Cancer to regret their behavior.But, given his age being younger I doubt it.I don't like to touch guys my age.But,older ones think I look like jailbait.I kinda wished I found a man like Michael McDonald.He is from the lead singing group The Doobie Brothers.Now he is hot...LOL

  • Sandran>>>> I am sure that if you hear from him. You'd let us know

    You daft or what ? ...Let you know . I will put an announcement on every single cancer thread on here . Sorry sandran I have never heard of the Doobie Brothere But i will sure look them up and let you know LOL xoxoxox

  • lindieloo>>>You daft or what ?

    Sandran712>>I live in America.And I never heard of daft,Is that a meaning for dumbasss...LOL

  • Sandran712>>>> You could say that , but i was being polite . Daft = Silly . LOL

  • lindieloo-You've never heard of the Doobie brothers?

  • Luazinha>>>>No I haven't Are they related to Scooby Doo? LOL xox . hope you have a great weekend .

  • lindieloo>>Luazinha>>>>No I haven't Are they related to Scooby Doo? LOL

    Sandran712>>www.michaelmcdonald.com..He is in America.You ladies are not..But here is a link to his site.Whether anyone thinks he is good looking or not.I have his music.Play it all the time and he is still hot...LOL

  • Sandran712>>>>Wheather anyone thinks he is good loking or not ...

    Good looking he is gorgeous How old is he ?

  • Not a cancerian I hope .

  • just checked michael mcdonald

    he is ok, not my type that's all

    my type is:

    Cap - Bradley cooper, Gabriel aubry, ralph Fiennes, mel gibson, Olivier martinez, ricky martin, orlando bloom

    Gemini - Johny depp, wentworth miller, Arnold vosloo (Imhotep in the Mummy), josh lucas, liam neeson

    Libra - Roger moore, will smith, hugh jackman,

    Leo - Eric bana, robert deniro, Robert redford, Antonio banderas, ben affleck

    Scorpio - Matthew mcconaughney, josh Duhamel, Gerard butler

    Virgo - Keanu reeves

    Cancer - Tom cruise,

    Aqua - Christian bale, nick nolte

  • lindieloo

    you said southern ireland, where exactly, for your chart

    city or place name, not hospital

  • Hi women of the 21st Century! Hope you've all been well. The drama of being with a Cancer Man!!! One minute he's UP and sending me the best emails. The next he's DOWN sending me emails like it's the end of the world for him sigh AND YES! WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT THESE FORUMS AND YOU BRILLIANT WOMEN!!!

    The first thing I did was check out this McDonald dude. I'm in Australia, so never heard of doobie brothers (the only doobie we Australian refer to is a joint /grass/weed =P) And I have to agree, he's not bad for an old dude. Way too grey for me. I'm still in my early thirties, he's gotta be double my age??!

    Lindie... awww. I'm so glad that you're feeling better. And Sandran is right. The more you think like that the more it will take you to move beyond. As Astrodame said it's good to have your independence and of course the company of great women =D

    Well, here's the down low on my cancer... he cannot get me on that ship. It is fully book. So now he's in bits and feels like it's the end of the world. They take everything to heart don't they. Why is that?.. I mean I got over it. And I was expecting a proposal!!! He's also very stressed at work. I can't seem to manage to cheer him up, even with my positive emails and witty jokes. HELP! How can we get them out of the hole, they manage to crawl in.

    It's like Alice in Wonderland with these Cancer men. You follow them into the hole because you're curious and that's it you're in another world. Meeting the MAD Hatter!

  • @Leoscorpio... I've met Hugh Jackman in person and I hugged him and kissed him and freaked him out I think. I was going mental!!! Hahaha. It was at the launch of XMen Wolverine here in Sydney. Even got it on Video 😃 AND he is HOT! HOT! HOT! and I do love Gerard Butler. Isn't he Irish? If he's the man in PS I love you and The Ugly Truth, then yes, totally yuuuuummmmmy!!

  • I can't remember Gerard Butler aside from 300 but PS I love you sounds familiar

  • leoscorpion. I was born in a place called . County Monaghan. In Ireland there is only one city and that is Dublin all the rest are County's . Hope this helps and thank you .

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