Have i lost my cancer b/f for good ?

  • Awww llindie I am so sorry things are so bad with this guy. I can relate. I don't know-- but if traveling 300 miles will give you closure and your heart a rest then I say try it.

    I got my answer from my Scorpio guy and it hurt-- but at least I know and I got that bit of closure-- sort of. Now I am just trying to make sense of it all. Us females need that to move on sometimes.

    Good luck to you. Keep us posted.

  • Forgive me for imposing myself on your thread. Love and light to all!

    This message is for everyone who has some love to spare.

    KAY in the Psychic Forum needs our assistance, so please give her your love and wisdom now at the Wondering about the holidays thread.

    Thank you!


  • moonbeauty; it's such a long way to travel and now i'm thinking : What if he is still in India? What to do? I just don't know any more , You are so caring Thank you xoxox

  • PLEASE......go to the thread "Wondering about the holidays" and give some support to a woman in need. A few minutes of your time, but will mean so much.


  • @Lindie> Our sweet Lindieloo... I did read your post on the 'Want a Reading Column' and I do agree with everything. But UniversalHarmony didn't really much of a background on your personal situation. But she still did well 😃

    Is it closure that you really need. To just hear from him to tell you it's finito OR are you just pining and hoping for something you know already you cannot have.. I need you to be honest, because the more you stop denying and the more you face the truth the better it will be for you in the end. I mean your Prince Charming could be making his way to you to give you your happily ever after and you're still wanting to kiss a real toad and turn him into a Prince! =D

    You know, the universe and all good things can't come to you when you're blocking it and you're still holding on to something/someone or worse you can't see the good things because your too focused on negative energy... 😃

    I know it hurts and it's so easy for me to say... but we care for you and it's a human trait for us to feel for you and none of us would like to see anyone/thing to be in pain/suffering.


  • virgocookie . Aaahhhh Thank you . You are so caring . At the moment I just want to hear from him . I am trying so hard to get on with things but he is on my mind 24/7 . Want to know what he's doing ,Is he thinking about me and what this is doing to me . I am just heartbroken . D'ont know what else to say . Thank you . You are a true friend . Keep in touch please . xoxox

  • llindieloo>>>soapmaker hasen't replied yet , so will see what she has to say

    Sandran>>>Oops! I thought soapmaker was a man..Sorry soap...LOL

  • sandran>>> Knowing my luck , SHE probably wont reply and you thought she was a man hee hee . There you go again . LOL xox

  • lindieloo>>>sandran>>> Knowing my luck , SHE probably wont reply and you thought she was a man hee hee . There you go again . LOL xox

    Sandran712>>I think of men with soap and ladies use bubble bath.I mean..Can you see a man soaking in a tub with bubble bath?It just doesn't look natural...LOL

  • sandran Yes I can imagine it A man in a bath covered in bubbles hee hee But saying that One of my x's I could just imagin him doing that , but then again he was weird anyway lol

  • virgocookie. Thank you so much for suggesting to wiched to contact me . She has and she is such a lovely person taking the time to write to me and giving me good advice as well . Thank you again and thank you for looking out for me , your friend llindie xxxxx

  • virgocookie ,,, Ooohhhhh Nooooo so sorry , Imean wickedmoon I called her wiched . Sorry wicked ...

  • lindieloo I just read this whole thread. I first heard of your situation on another thread.

    I am so sorry for your heartache. When you love someone it's so hard to let go..It took me nearly 20 years to get over the love of my life..he was an Aries. I went out with other men but never allowed myself to fall in love until recently with a Cancer..

    The thing with cancers is that they may be married or involved with someone else but they don't close the door on other people, which really sucks, because they may come back right when you feel you have finally let go. My cancer came back after 13 years but he was the one that was holding on to me, and I had no clue. He came from the other side of the world from Brazil to Asia so 300 miles is nothing. He said he came for closure but it didn't turn out that way..

    I agree that in traditional cultures it stlll is difficult to break away from tradition. I am Japanese and wanted to marry my Aries man in Brazil but my mother prohibited it and i eventually left Brazil and came back to Asia, feeling an obligation to obey my parents, even at 33. Now I realize that i had sacrificed my happiness for cultural obligation and spent 18 years alone without love all because i did not want to be cut off and disowned by my family.

    My brother got an American girl pregnant and he did not tell my family until after the baby was born. he was so afraid of disappointing the family. My mother finally accepted it (because she had to) and they got married but refuses to ever visit them and prohibits my sister-in-law to come to Japan, even for my father's funeral. So what i am saying is that traditional Asian families can still have a strong influence on the children even when they become adults. Now i am in love with another Brazilian man, he is also much younger. I haven't told my mother but I know she would be against it but this time I really don't care, if things work out I will not let go of him just because my mother is against it.

    Anyway, I know you think of him 24/7 but you can drive yourself nuts. from mid october to the first week in November (that was when i found all the cancer-man threads, lol!) I was going nuts because my cancer man suddenly stopped communicating. I started screwing up my diet and training for my fitness competiton, I couldn't think about anything else. What helped me was to be around friends, get busy, do other things to keep your mind off of it. do things to make you feel good about yourself. I even flirted with other men, dressed nice and went out. Other men hit on me. I had no intention of hooking up with other men but it fed my ego and made me feel really good, that even if I never heard from him again I am still attractive to other men and I can go on with my life. I made new friends, went to the movies, kept busy.

    That way you can get positive energy flowing into your life and get out of feeling that heartbreak all the time. Maybe this man in Dubai will turn out to be someone positive. Keep your options open. You are a generous kind person. Love will come your way, whether it is from the indian man or from someone else.

  • luazinha; Hello again , Nice to see you on here and thank you for being so interested in my storey . We have chatted on another thread and i see you are back with your cancer guy after all this time ( there's hope for me yet). i am very pleased for you . I know and understand the culture side of it , i admire your strength this time around , its your life and your happiness that counts .This must be hard for you as well going against your mum , You lost out last time because of it so you go for it girl. I've known all along we would never end up together , but its the way its happened that hurts . Just cuts me off like that , not a word , no explaination , nothing . I am trying my best to get on with it , but its so hard . I know I will get over it eventually , but its sure going to take a long , long time . i am trying to keep myself busy , I take on extra shifts at work and i'm on here every night chatting to you lovely peope , My friend is coming around tonight , so we'll arrange a night out soon . So I am trying . I hope to go back home to Ireland just after Xmas for a week or so , that will help , As you say my other friend in Dubaimight prove a better choice . He is Irish as well, and is coming home in December for two months , so we plan to meet at the end of January . He's a cancer also ooohhhh nooooo. I hear you say. I have never dated a cancer man before and here i am dating one after another. . LoL I must be a glutten for punishment . I have mentioned him in other topics and have been advised not to tell my Indian fella about him as that will surly end it fot good . I hope you go on to hava long and happy life with you guy and have lots of little one's , You definately deserve it after such a long wait , but please continue to talk to mrr from time to time and keep me informed. as you are a true true friend and I apreciate that .......LOVE llindie XOXOXO

  • Luaz>>>The thing with cancers is that they may be married or involved with someone else but they don't close the door on other people, which really sucks, because they may come back right when you feel you have finally let go. My cancer came back after 13 years

    Sandran>>Yeah I have done this lots of times.Well..just recently.I haven't seen the classmate in 30 years.How is that for going in the past..LOL.It turned out to be a disappointment.Because after 7 months .No word.We Cancer need to learn to leave the past in the past.It confuses the heck out of the other signs.But,,this classmate insisted wanting to see me.I hesitated before following thru.I should have left sleeping dogs lie...LOL.....But, as for you....I too get manipulated into family lifestyles..I am white/caucasion.I was raised to never go out/date black men.I have been friends with them.But, explained to them if ever I met one.They all understood.And were never mad at me.

  • Lindie-thanks, yes my cancer is back in my life, he was just busy after all. He's an international airline pilot and started flying back to back flights due to 3 pilots suddenly quitting. He's sleep deprived, his sleep scheduled is screwed up, stressed,etc and from what I understand of cancers when they get stressed they just want to go into a shell and not contact anyone. They don't understand that suddenly disappearing can be making someone else go nuts..I was also worried because he's already been in 2 plane crashes...I don't think we'll be having little ones though, I am 15 years older than he is, I look about 10 years younger than my age (being asian has it's perks) but my reproductive system is still 48!! I know you are older than your Indian cancer man too. when I met my cancer he was just 19. i was actually friends with his father, and that is why I "rejected him" . He had a crush on me but I thought it was some adolescent fantasy of an older woman and I didn't want to get involved with a teenager, but when he came back he was 32 and I was very flattered.

    I am glad you are keeping yourself busy. I can understand how it would hurt so badly when after he had been telling you he loved you he just cuts it off without a word. Hope he doesn't show up again AFTER you've gotten over him. The Dubai man is also a cancer..oh no but who knows not all cancers are excatly alike. I have two male cancer friends who are very relationship oriented. I've kown them a very long time and they were always looking for the perfect relationship. They were gay men though. maybe gay cancers are different, i don't know. When other gay men were looking for the next fling, these two were always lookiing for Mr, Right to settle down with. One of them is happy "married" to a gorgeous man, together and commited for many years. Keep us posted.

    Sandran>30 years, no surprises really. Seems like cancers go back in the past, but it seems like I am a magnet for men going back to the past. My very first bf from highschool contacted me after 20 years, he was still single. I saw him and on my side there was no attraction, and we had nothing to really talk about any more, i was very bored, no attraction, but he fell in love with me again, and he's an aquarius, just recently he got in touch again and says he's still single and hasn;t even dated at all because he's still in love with me...Another guy from jr highschool, 33 years ago found me and says he's never forgotten about me and still wants to marry me-I have not seen him since I was 15!!! I don't know what is sign is. probably cancer. Another guy from 17 years ago recently contacted me too..I've had more men from the past coming back to me than new men interested in me. I must be some magnet, lol!

    Well, I'm ready to break with my cultural tradition. My brother already did, so my mum was putting too much pressure on me but she's 75, she's lived her life, I am not willing to sacrifice any more of my happiness just to keep her happy.

  • Lindie... It's so good to hear all that you're keeping busy. I'm happy for you! =D

    Cancer men are not the same... no person is exactly the same, we're all different individuals with some same traits and experiences which brings us together. So you should give it a go. Your life can only get better! There's only one way to go for you and that's up!!! xox

  • luazinha. thank you for your reply . I am glad you have decided to do what you want to do and I wish you and your's all the best of luck and happiness for the future You deserve it after the long wait . Me .. well this time last year i was so happy , even now to remain friend with him would do for me , but I guess thats not going to happen either , Its such a pity as he has lost a good friend in me thats life eh. Anyway please keep in touch . Your friend xxxxxxxxxx

  • virgocookie. How are you ? I will give it a go with my fella in Dubai and we'll see where it goes I can only try and as you said when you down the only way is up Thats true I suppose . Chat again soon LNL xx

  • Hi llidieloo these is firediamond77 and I would like to thank you for saying hi because I was feeling pretty bad lately. Well llindieloo I have say that I to have had my heart smashed by someone who was just useing me from the start and it is still killing me. I loved her with all my heart but she didn't love me. She used me to make her self feel good not because she loved me. You will not forget him because you truly loved him and I will not forget her but we need to slowley move forword and take care of our selfs you know.

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