Have i lost my cancer b/f for good ?

  • You're so welcome 😄

    May happiness and joy come your way always. 😉

  • I also went through a similar situation as yourself. My cancer guy I met while I was teaching in Argentina. He swept me off my feet and the relationship was amazing. He was a mommas boy. His mother would call a few times a day, every day. My cancer was good looking, very attractive but on the other hand every jealous. He was jealous of all my other male friends and he would accuse me of cheating on him..............when I wasn't. The love making was magical. I returned to Australia and we tried to make it work but it didn't. He asked me to call him every day and keep in touch with him and I did that. One day BAM, he started going out with his friends again. Accused me of controlling him (he was the one controlling me). We broke up and it was really hard to get over him. It been over 5 months and I have healed and moved on. All I can say to you is to let him go and start healing yourself. I still think of my ex but the need to want him has all but gone. I have since met another cancer man and it is still early stages. I am seriously thinking not taking any further. I personally do not think I can date a cancer man again. I am a libra. Best of luck. Heal yourself and let go. Take care.

  • zhayne. My fella is also very good looking , sexy and very lovimg and now he has just cut me out of his life ust like that . No explainations what so ever or is that too much to ask . To me it feels i never existed and that hurts like hell all the things he said to me meant nothing to him But if you can move on then so can I . As for your new cancer fella , look not all cancers are the same , I hope ...... i too am chatting to a cancer and i'm hoping he is more honest and not as complicated . but only time will tell. Please keep me posted , just take it slowly with you new fella and just be honest with him thats all i can suggest at the moment take care xx

  • Hi llindie sorry not to post back but i have been in the mist of my own drama with a Scorpio male. I wanted to tell you a story about myself. It's not one I am proud of and remember I am a Cancer female but I do think astrology does have it's little points here and there.

    When I was in my mid 20's I was dating a nice Libra guy. He did everything for me. Bought me everything I wanted and even paid for a cosmetic surgery procedure that cost a small fourtune. While I was dating him I met another man that I went ga-ga over (an Aries). I started to date Aries and slowly drift away from Libra.

    Libra feeling the drift got scared and asked me to marry him. God knows why but I accepted. I took the ring after he gave it to me and showed Mr. Aries. Mr. Aries asked me not to marry Mr. libra. So I took the ring back to the Libra and told him I could not marry him because I was in love with the most amazing man to ever walk the face of the planet. I didn't say it to hurt him. I said it because i was happy and wanted him to be happy for me and move on and be happy himself. (crazy thinking I know).

    Well how did it end? I was dummped by Mr. Aries. Seems to be he had a wife already. As for Mr. Libra? I tried to go back but It was too broken so I left. Again. I know I really hurt him but it took me years to get over Mr. Aries. Karma is a crazy thing.

    My point? Cancers unless your in their heart-- are loyal to themselves. That's why I was able to leave the libra for Aries. However once in their heart are loyal for years which is why it took me years to get over Aries even though he did me wrong. And Karma-- for good or for bad-- always gets even. Have you ever seen the movie "The Secret"? I think you may like it.

    If you're in your Cancers heart-- that is the only way he will risk everything, defy his family and run to you. Only you know how truly deep your relationship is.

  • Oh Zhayne I meant to include you in my post. When I read your post it reminded me of my past. Like I said I am not proud of what I did. My poor ex Libra was hit like a ton of bricks out of nowhere. I paid for the pain I inflicted though.

    My ordeal with the Aries was heartbreaking. He went on and off for years with me. Dealing with his lies and cheating on his wife with me. He played a game with my heart. The worst part--- When Aries finally told me how he felt and what he wanted I was like "ahhhh finially I have him, I love him". He was killed in an accident. At his wake I found out he was still married and left behind a 3 month old baby.

  • moonbeauty. OMG, your story is more heartbreaking than mine, and now you've got me thinking has something happened to my fella , maby is has had an accident or something and thats why he hasen't been in touch. ohhh nooo . What u think ? Also do you think your Aries fella got his come upance for stringing you along , not wanting you to marry Mr libra , and cheeting on his wife and baby ,his lies and cheating ? As you have read in one of my comments "what goes around comes around" but in you case i dont mean that in a bad way cause i know you truly loved him and you thought you had finaly got him for good . I just feel so sorry for you and i can relate to that cause now i feel because i havent heard from mine its like he has died I will never get to hear his voice again, and now i'm in the grieving process and feels so horrible . PLease can you tell me how long this was and if you have found anyone else since then . Your friend

  • Oh yes . Your scorpion? How is it going with him ? Plz let me know .

  • No. His accident had nothing to do with his bad behavior. I think Karma is there to teach us lessons. To get us to a higher place in our hearts through learning.

    I don't think your guy had an accident. I did meet another man after him. A Leo. it was not good because I spent the whole relationship being sad over my Aries. Now I'm dealing with a Scorpio

    "my scorpio keeps zinging me"-- another post.

    Ahhhh love. Cant live with it-- Cant live without it.

  • zhayne>>I am a libra

    Sandran>>My best friend is Libra.We have been friends close to 15 years.If it weren't we have alot in common I don't think we'd communicate.As I have a bad habit of not keeping in contact.My sorry.People in general just get on my nerves.This must be my Pisces Moon.I feel too much emotions.And almost forget about myself.

  • moonbeauty,. You are right , its probably alot to do with karma and yea i have read your other post . As you say cant live with them cant live without them and we cant change them either LOL Men eh?

  • Hi llindieloo, I know exactly how u feel and all I can do is share my feelings with u, I wont tell u to forget him becaz what my cancer did with me, my whole friends hate him, but Im seeing him behind their backs, because like u I cant forget him. I will have to let go caz this guy is too toxic for me but I will do it when I am prepared to face the truth right now I love him so much, cant face the truth. I invited him to a my girlfriends party and before I got there, my girlfriend neighbour was there, a pretty young thing. He showed up before me because he lives closer to my girlfriend and I live quite a distance. When I arrived honestly llindieloo I felt my heart dropped he was leaning towards her telling her something in her ears. Instantly i felt soemthing was wrong. During the party he was getting her drinks all nite and not one single drink for me. Now bear in mind he never met this girl before. Then i saw from sideways he asking her to dance. she strated grinding on him and evrybody was shocked. I couldnt do anything because only a few people know about us as i was recently separeted form mu husband. So Ididnt want peope there to think Im dating already. but my friends knew about us. and they felt he disrespected their house and me. My girlfriend had even told me he had taken the girls number and contacting her. remember she is my girlfirends neighbour. I felt like a piece of shit honest, but h has convince me he made a stupid mistake and that he loves me.. Im seeing him behind their backs. The point is I will leave Im sure, Im gonna leave this guy I just need time and strenght to do. Let me say it here he is no good for me. but i just need time.

  • dorluv. Hi. In a way this was worse for you than it is for me cause you actually seen you guy flirting with you friends neighbour . I havent' seen how he acts with his new girl and i dont want too as she lives in India and he is back in the uk as far as I know . As yet he still hasen't contacted me so i dont know for sure and as i've said before he could of brought her back with him . to be quite honest i have given up all hope of him ever contacting me . A lot of people say on here that cancers dont let go , well mine sure has . Just cant understand ,what we had before all this happened that he can just discard me like that without any explaination what so ever. Wont he think i'll be worrying about him and wondering how i'm feeling ? Obviously not ....But I can understand you wanting to carry on seeing you fella cause when you truly love someone you will do anything to keep them . I knew when his parents were arranging a marriage for him and its theor culture and everything , I would slowly be taken out of the picture but the way he'a done it dump me without a word dosent seem fair and then again baby he just used me to get what he wanted (You will see in my earlier comments ) Well if thats the case his gain , my loss.....But it hurts like hell.. I know you said you will leave him when your ready but it will still be hard and nobody can fall out of love as quick as you fall into it , thats imposible . Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on I'm here to listen to you as I know exactly what you are going through . God bless and you take care

  • llindie I don't know if you have tried this or not but have you emailed him? I know it's probably not the best thing to do but with your heart ache I think you seriously need some closure. I did with my Scorpio thats why the very first chance I had I asked him why he did what he did. I didn't like the answer but I did get my closure.

    I think if you email your Cancer a letter and make the subject "clousure" it will catch his eye and he wll read it. He might delete it if anything else. I would tell him that you are hurt by the way he just walked away and left you standing there. As a Cancer I can tell you I always need that ending to walk away. When things are left open-- by somebody else-- I will hold on for dear life.

    When I break up with somebody I would rather just shift away if I can to avoid any confrontations. but that's just me.

    Keep me posted hun!

    Oh and for Dorlov-- that must have killed your spirit. I can't imagine how you felt. Has he contacted you since?

  • moonbeauty.. Do i want closure? If i think there a chance of him contacting me in the near future then thats what I want most of all . I know what your saying If I do send an email and he does reply then i will know one way or the other thats fine. But if dosent reply then i'm no wiser .... I have a funny feeling he may have set up an new email address . i'm on messenger and he hasen't been on that for over 2 weeks also skype the same, but so far he hasen't deleated me from either of them may not be using them any longer , but its quite easy to set up a different I.D . I have already prepared an email and saved it in drafts. I will save it for one more week then I will forward it to him . In it I am telling him i am now looking after myself , about my new fella in Dubai that I am spending my birthday with him in Ireland at the end of january and if we get on i might even move back home to Ireland for good , that will sure put closure to things. All I want to know is why ? why ? why ?

  • boy oh boy llindie I hear ya. I finally got the chance to get some closure from my Scorpio and wow did that closure hurt.

    Killed me in fact. ripped my heart right out, stomped on it, tore it in half then handed it back to me with a smile. Thanks little lady all done with this, you can have it back now.

    You know though even though he got nasty and said I got too serious and was too much to deal with-- I just took a deep breath and said "ok I understand but fyi, I don't think I was too serious just refused to be your second choice" and then I thanked him for his help on my project and promised him (and me) to never bring the subject up again.

    For me the best was to let him go and now I am on a mission to look and feel so good that if he ever sees me he'll know that he NEVER broke my spirit. Just my heart for a spell of time is all.

    I think if you send that email you might just want to focus on you and leave out the new guy. You still don't know why he left and if for the teeny, tiny outside chance he may come back-- that may turn him away. I say go for the new guy-- but don't tell the old Cancer about him. Just about you and how your doing-- leave the window open.

    Then if you do, and he does come back, you'll be the one to decide if you want him or if you moved on. It may no happen anytime soon but it may happen.

  • Moonbeauty I am still seeing him behind my friends back but this was his email to me, I was also accusing him of getting the persons number .

    read it and tell me what u think.

    D! What u r saying is not true. How come G will say something like that. l know u r still mad so what ever I say u won't believe, I know what I did was wrong but its not what u r saying.

    D. I have nothing but respect for u, I jst made ∂ stupid decision by getting drink for people at the party. I went there to see u and u only. I know u are real mad because u are saying thinks that is really hurtful, like u wise u never meet me and u were happy until u meet me. D u don't know how much that hurt, I guess u don't know me. I have alway been good to u. I pray at night for u and ur family everyday because I really care for u and for u to say things like this. D its ●.k ... I will alway β u and G friend because I didn't do anything wrong but please jst get me little time to pay u all that I ● u. Take care D


  • moonbeauty I so agrree with u dont mention ur new guy. but do try to email him. u need closure

  • Dorluv if you can, start a new topic and give me the whole story. I can't say what's going on but damn if he does not sound like me quite a bit.

    before I grew up (emotionally that is) I was a mean girl. I'm not proud of it. Now, I don't mean --MEAN-- in the sense of Lindsy Lohan in" Mean Girls" --lol-- just mean to my guys. The ones I could be mean to. Th ones who "let" me be mean.

    They say Cancers are a gentle soul and we are, BUT if anybody acts like a doormat with a water sign like Cancer, Pices and Scorpio (ugh don't get me started! no offense Scorpio's --lol-)

    we pick up on it. We can be VERY emotionally manipulative if given the oppertunity.

    Thats why I say start a new topic and think out your story and me and my super cool great guy friend (another Cancer-- who refuses to go on the site because he says "I'm a guy are you kidding me I'm not going on that site" but constantly has something to say evrytime I read a post (lol) Now he is snapping at me for typing that --lmao!-- and we will give you our two cents. Plus you may get some other opinions that may be helpful.

    let us know!

  • moonbeauty . i could never imagine you as being mean , you give such good advice especially to me . You are kind , considerate and you know what you'r talking about . I would of gone ahead and told my fella about my new fells but you advised me not to so i will heed you on that one . thank you again , and the same goes for dorluv. plz keep in touch . Love you all on here . xx

  • Thanx llindieloo and thx moonbeauty and Wenchie, but this is the only place i could come with such a ridiculous story. I say ridiculous becaz even me wouldnt have tolerated something like dat from somebody else why him? But thanx again guys, Now i need to continue some kind of connection with u guys. somebody please think of something lol.

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