Have i lost my cancer b/f for good ?

  • katie-are you really ill or are you just using that as an excuse to delay meeting the cancer guy? He's becoming nicer? Are you waiting longer to see him? I thought you didn't want to give up but you were going to play the game? I guess you need to listen to your heart.

    I have also met a lot of wonderful people here too, they have given me great advice and I feel that these people are here to help and share their experiences. I think it depends on what kind of forum you are on. i've seen other forums where people criticise others, etc.

    leo scorpio-thanks again, well his roster came out on Dec 26th at least for his jan 26th flight. they added the jan 30th flight later, and confirmed on jan 5th. Well, I hope it will not fall through. As for the angry Leo, I don't want to deal with him right now, i may send him an e-mail saying I'm going through some other things right now so i will contact him later. He is being very demanding and getting upset about me avoiding him, although he has gone through periods when he disappeared for months.

  • leoscorpion, thanks for the advice on the meditation. im gonna try it. 🙂

    Lua: katie-are you really ill or are you just using that as an excuse to delay meeting the cancer guy? He's becoming nicer? Are you waiting longer to see him? I thought you didn't want to give up but you were going to play the game? I guess you need to listen to your heart.

    katie: i wasn't that terribly ill beginning of the week, so probably i could have met him. i just thought it is too early and that he should miss me sometime more (if he does at all). now i am really ill, so i really don't feel going out of home. and i definitely wanna give myself still more time, before i see him. he is seemingly nicer and nicer, for a week, he is initiating all kinds of contacts, me just answering him. i wasn't giving up. im just all mixed up with my feelings, and im not sure how much i can/want endure more... but i can sit here and think about it, anyways my heart will eventually always decide on spot... so im sure next week i will see him and then i tell you how it went...

  • katie-Let him miss you. That is a good sign he is contacting you. I'm not contacting mine until he does. He posted something funny on twitter today, I almost responded but I didn't. I start to miss him when I don't hear from him for 3 or 4 days...even if he stopped the mushy stuff I liked hearing from him.

    leo men can be very arrogant. I wonder if I am?

  • lua: actually since im feeling weird about him, trust issue-wise from my side... it does not take such an effort to stay away. i do miss the good moments we spent together, but not him right now.

    i know it is a good sign that he is contacting me, but as i said, i wish i knew whether it is real interest and he misses me, or it is just game-playing again....

    ive known two leo men personally. one is kind of well rather stubborn and pushy than arrogant. and the other i knew (that i earlier shared my story about) was never arrogant.

  • katie-I think you'll have to probably see him again to see whether you want to continue seeing him or not. That's hard that you don't know if he misses you or he's game playing just to keep you interested.

    I actually dated a leo man for a very short time during college. He got upset very easily and it didn't work out-I broke it off after about 2 months.

  • Lua, i'm sure about wanting to see him again. i'm just not sure how to handle the situation. but i'll see... this is something i can't decide now sitting on the sofa... i guess it will evolve naturally. 🙂

  • I am so glad i started this forum .I have met the most wonderful ,friendly and heart warming people on here . Listening , commenting giving great advice and support. plus witty comments . I class you all my best friends . Even though I have no b/f at the moment , I still look forward to coming on here every evening . I have learned so much and still learning all the time . If and when I do meet someone new , I will be eager willing and able to deal with things in a different way and not be so gullable and stupid . You would think of someone my age i would have more sense, but love is a funny thing. I agree with leoscorpion , everything happens for a reason and we do learn from it even if we don't always see it at the time.

  • you take care now Lua, Katie, Lindleloo all the ladies

    again, age is over rated. we learn something new every day, regardless the age

    I don't know many things that teenagers know

    e.g. I never have a cell phone in my life. my budget can't spare money for it.

    I once tried an online game and goodness sake I was damn slow compared to other people plus my pc was an old one it was a disaster. so yeah I got called all the things teenagers had in mind I just took it all in a stride and moved on LOL

  • leoscorpion>> I never have a cell phone in my life. my budget can't spare money for it

    Sandran712>>I have one.I don't want it.I would rather not have one..But, because my son is always sick I can't go without one.If I need to be away from home the caregivers call and let me know if he is going to hospital or not.I hate taking it to church.I do because my son can get sick at any time.I thought once he got older I could do away with it.But..he had that stroke back in August/09.Kinda killed that...LOL

  • Sandran

    sure in your case you can't afford not having one

    I never actually thought of getting one, even when I had a good paying job

    when I was younger I happened to know a Leo male coming from some wealthy family

    some kind of export import trader if I remember correctly.

    He was very nice, generous too. Asked me for my address, going to send a cell phone (or was it laptop./pc) at his expense, so that we could always communicate

    I was in my 20s. dumb and naive. I gave him my address. then the next day he passed by the house after work. I was working in the garden, wearing nothing but shorts and thin top.

    he stopped by and we had a chat. the next day he called me and he kind of flirty.

    he made it clear what he wanted. I felt so dumb LOL of course, he could afford to be generous but he wanted something in return.

  • Ladies

    I'm retiring early for the night. Cold has caught me, unfortunately not the other way around

    Even then I am still one generous cat

    I give you an Aries potassium, full of vigor and stamina

    Rodrigo Calazans

    ready to ram into something and be rammed by something.. (??)

    have no copyright on the pics. I wish I did !

    Enjoy your serving of potassium

    one banana a day keeps broken heart away

    (Ok that doesn't make sense but you know what I mean)

  • Leoscorpio-where do you find these pics? A Banana a day makes me hot and bothered, time for a cold shower!! I had strange dream about my Aries ex and current cancer guy...they seem to intertwine in my dream-they are both Brazilian..I got a very friendly e-mail from my ex from 19 years ago..he didn't reveal much about his personal life, just said he thought of me because he got an e-mail from someone with my last name which is quite a rare name..so he googled me. Strange, after I read that i felt at peace, like I finally let go...

    I also consider this little group to be friends. I cherish the friendship I made here.

    I didn't think I'd be into all this techonology stuff-I'm sure my teenage nephews can't image a world without cell phones, texting, etc...my mom doesn't have a cellphone. I've had one for years. In the Philippines everyone communicates by text message, even doctor's appointments, dental appoints etc, since texting is cheaper than a phone call. I've learned to adapt. my cancer guy gave me an ipod touch. he's definitely from the video game generation. When he goes into his shell he goes into his video game world. I never got into it because my scorpio moon gives me addictive tendencies.

  • Lua

    there you go. he said he got email from someone with same last name.

    so Mercury retro brought up memory about you, which is an old issue for him.

    the email he got, might even be a miscomunnication, which happens a lot during retro

    I sent an email to a family member they never got it.

    not sure if they lie or not, but anyways, it happened during retro last year I think

    glad you found peace now.

    the pics I got them from browsing for male models

    I love Aries males, if I ever become single again, I certainly would look for one

  • leo-my ex is an Aries. With capricorn rising-which balanced him..out going and fun, but pratical and down to earth.

  • cool then Lua

    so did you leave him because your mother told you so?

    or what actually happened?

    if he is single now, maybe not a bad idea to rekindle old flame

  • leo-he wanted to marry me but I was young and not ready for that kind of commitment. I also felt obligated to listen to my mother and return to Asia eventually-living in Brazil was thought of as my foolish adventure while I was young. I wanted to keep going out with him but he wanted more of a commitment and he ended up breaking it off with me. Wrong timing perhaps..

    I don't know if he is single-he didn't mention it. Rekindle an old flame? He's on the other side of the world in Brazil! It takes two days to fly there.I googled him and saw him giving a lecture-recent video. he has not changed much physically, he still looks great! Ha ha..most of my other male friends and old flames in their 40's have all gained 50 lbs or lost their hair, but my ex looks pretty much the same.

    I am still waiting for the cancer guy to contact me...still no word.

  • I see Lua

    well your heart is still on the Cancer guy

    of course you wouldn't consider it 🙂

    hope you hear from him soon

  • Leo-I would definitely consider it, if he were closer..I started fantasizing seeing him again..but the cancer guy is the first guy I felt something for (beyond lust) since the Aries guy.

  • LOL

    hey you never know

    if it's meant to be, it will be

  • Lol, if there was a chance to get back together with the Aries, I'd dump the cancer guy in a heartbeat.

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