Have i lost my cancer b/f for good ?

  • leoscorpion>>futer?

    well that sounds like new word, not new keyboard LOL

    is it a person? if it is, is it 'stand'able?

    is it an idea? if it is, how virginal is it?

    Sandran712>>Sometimes a keyboard is in order before I type odor instead or order.LOL

  • Luazinha. Plz try to resize your pic, if not we will have to ask for leoscorpion's help

    Where's kildjoran these days ? Snow really bad here at the moment .

  • I got some south american bananas if you want

    as for myself I don't really care, fruits are fruits

    none of these photos I own copyright, I wish I did ๐Ÿ™‚

    top to bottom

    Rafael Verga

    Leonardo Corredor

    my favorite

    Levi Poulter

    Marcus Schenkenberg

  • oopss

    the pics got posted the other way around LOL

    Marcus Schenkenberg

    Levi Poulter

    those are my favorites

    The South Americans are fine though

    Leonardo Corredor

    Rafael Verga

  • lindieloo>>Snow very bad here , we had at least 8 inches today alone and it giving more for tomorrow . No traffic on the roads , just people walking

    Sandran712>>I've been sleeping like a baby.Because the traffic drives so slow you can't hear it..LOL

    But, yeah..The weather is the same with what you got?where are you??

  • Hi sandran. I live in Lancashire UK . THe temperture tonight is giving -7 very cold indeed . London is just geting it now , been snowing there all day , Airports and Railways affected everywhere . All schools are closed . really bad . I see you are suffering as well .

  • Leoscorpion. You are doing a fantastic job . keep it up and thank you .

  • I'm curious, when you say older guys. Define"older". I wonder also, if it depends on where they are from?

  • Luazinha:

    'sandran-I actually found the older guys or guys my age to be disrespectful and shallow. They don't even ask me out to dinner, but invite me straight to their room..This happened 3 times within one week, all guys between 44 and 50 .One guy said it was because he's in his 40's so he doesn't play games and gets right to the point. way too direct for me! The younger guys I seem to get to know as friends first before anything further happens.

    Leo guy is atalking me-I had to park a block away and turn my lights off-he keeps calling and coming over!! How do I get rid of him?'

    Ugh. More likely, they have to rush before the Viagara wears off. Or maybe you're like the "Right Said Fred" song. Or you just got a bad lot.

  • Good question . It may be good for guy's to be a little older , as they say men are less mature than women of the same age. But i don't know if this is true or not . As for where they come from . I know from my recent experience culture is definately a factor . I said this to my X once. I said " One day you will return to India and marry a beautiful Indian girl " He told me to ..Shut up as this was not going to happen , and dident intend to marry until he was least forty odds. ( You know the rest ) Same with the compatability Theory . ..I married a capricorn Not suppose to be compatable .(It was but he sadly died) then married a Libra , suppose to be COMP yet this only lasted just over a year . ( Got divorced) In between a Virgo diden't last , (very gealous & controling ) A leo diden't last either . and now my cancer . (Dumped me ) Is it me ? Whats going on here Do you think I should just give up or try a Gemine next OR go through all the zodiac signs until i fine MR right LOL . Leoscorpion HELP ! I'm only joking . If and when its happens , then it will , meant to be .... Right ?

  • lindieloo>>Hi sandran. I live in Lancashire UK

    Sandran712>>you can have all of your snow..And mine too...LOL

    I am in Ohio/U.S.A.

  • Darn, I already live in hot weather and those pics got me warmer, lol! I have no idea how to resize the pics! It's 28-30C all year around!

    Emeraldfields-older for me is actually my age or a bit older, 45-60 maybe. last night another older guy (about late 50's) was sleazy to me and asked me if he can come over and sleep naked next to me. I just met the guy too! most of these guys are from the US or Europe-divorced ex-pats mostly, they like picking up on young Asian tourists, Japanese and Korean women in their 20's. They think I'm about 35 but joke that I am too old for them. The Leo stalker is a younger guy though-he's 36.

  • lindleloo you're welcome, and keep trying ๐Ÿ™‚

    those that you didn't last with, they just were not meant for you

    take it slow and easy next time you meet someone new

    get to know him better before you lend him money or give them your heart

    just enjoy the moments, eventually if he is yours, he will be yours

  • lindleloo

    not giving up, but letting go

    means you still go out, make friends and have fun

    you just let go of expectations

    because then you will not put too much pressure on yourself, therefore not putting too much pressure on the guy either

    makes sense? you are over 40 now, so having fun is mandatory ๐Ÿ™‚ life is short, yes?

  • leoscorpion:

    those that you didn't last with, they just were not meant for you

    take it slow and easy

    llindeloo> i agree completely with what leoscorpion told. just because a virgo or a leo didn't last it does not mean there can't be another leo, virgo or even cancer to come that WILL last. even having the same astrological signs people are different and they don't carry the same c.r.a.p from their pasts. you can't close out a person cause he has the same sign that another had that didnt work out for you. i realized some time ago, that when you are so eagerly trying to get a normal bf/partner, that is when it never works out... as soon as you take it easy and just enjoy your life and do things that make you happy, you get balanced with yourself and they will come. don't give up. though you are an aqua too. i honestly never give up (even when i promise myself all the time, never again). ๐Ÿ™‚

  • True, not all signs are the same. I studied astrology many years ago, and it's very complicated, the placement of the other planets, rising signs, houses, etc...all play a part. I thought my brother's rising side was Scorpio since he is a Libra but has many Scorpio characteristics but then did his chart and saw that he has 4 planets in Scorpio! But these are all tendencies, and our life experience and how the decisions we make all play a part in who we become. My moon is in Scorpio and I feel the tendency within to get suspicious and desire to sting, but I try to control it-some just sting without thinking.

    I think I gave up for many years, I shut out men from my life for about 11 years, now I'm kicking back and allowing things to happen without forcing the issue..

  • luazinha: so you know a lot about astrology? i don't so much. like 10 years ago i got as a present a whole reading. is that how it is called? but still can't figure out a lot of things in it... like i am an aquarius but i realize in a lot of things aqua traits dont aply to me... and i dont know where certain things come from if not from an aqua... ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • katie-I used to live in Brazil and Brazilians in general are into astrology and many esoteric things, my best friend in Brazil, a double aqua (rising sign in Aquarious too) was an astrologer. He did my chart and so many things were spot on. You have to look at the whole chart, planets, houses, etc etc...it's quite complicated and intensive and takes many years to learn the basics. I used to go to Astrology conferences and lectures in Brazil as well, and took some basic courses in Astrology. The time and place you were born will determine your rising sign, which sometimes reveals more of your personality than your sun sign. Some say that your sun sign is who you show the world to be but your inner personality is your rising sign. Do you know what time you were born? tell me your time, date place of birth and I can tell you the basics.

  • i was born in Hungary (Szekszรกrd is the town), 9th of february 1982 at 18:45 in the afternoon

    and thanks for the help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • katie-do you have any Virgo tendencies? Your rising sign is in virgo, so is your moon. mercury in aquarius, venus in capricorn, mars in Libra, I'm not the best person for interpretation but I'll get back to you.

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