Have i lost my cancer b/f for good ?

  • shinyluv..... Yes he probably is married , but the last conversation i had with him he assured me he was neither getting engaged or married as he still had to finish his exams at iniversity here in England . but i expect he could of got married and bring her back here to the uk ? i know family means a lot to him as he was always talking about his mum , he even told her about me but as an employer , also said he would take me to India for a holiday . And i believed him . silly stupid me !!! Now i have to move on and learn from it , I thank you , god bless xxx

  • leoscorpion . My god i am getting some good advice on here , I am so busy replying to you all it is keeping my fella off my mind hee hee . See you are ALL helping me and i appreciate each and every one of you for your kind support . i hope you are right ,and when all the drama he is going through ,he will contact me and let me know whats happening with him . i will keep you posted if this happens xx

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  • hisbablove>. I'll stop now you are funny ... and yes sandran712 is right he is a grown man and should be able to decide for himself . he did take my money and run .... but i have a saying , " What goes around comes around " So maby one day he will get hurt and then he will know exactly how it feels If he does get in touch I WILL tell him where to go , and where i'm going in life xx

  • leoscorpion. i'm an a aquarian his date of birth is 06/07/1979 in the chinese astrology he is the goat or ram and i am the dragon. quite compatable ....... but my new fella in dubai is 04/07/1970 the dog not compatalble at all so what do tou think ? mine is 31/01/53 thanks

  • llindieloo>>What goes around comes around

    Sandran>>This is My Saying.And I use it quite often.I really hate my ex sister in law.My mom said I was being mean and I needed to be nice and get along with her.I told my mom No and that my mom lost her damn mind if she thought I was going to feel any love for her...LOL..My dad passed away a year and a half ago.And She brainwashed my dad and brother to leave me out of his will.I got nothing.My mom finally changed her tune.Now she hates her too.See what intuition does for you?Makes you smarter..And the people that really deserve it dumber..LOL.I am starting to not hold grudges.Because the people that cross you will get theirs.And it comes back to bite you.No doubt about it!!!

  • llindieloo- I'm glad to hear that you're picking up and moving on. You deserve better and the best will come to you. His karma is his karma. You did a great thing loving and giving in the ways you did, regardless of the outcome. So look forward to the good that is coming your way and leave him to the universe. I've found that it deals very well with each of us:)

    Blessings Always

  • sandran712>> This is my saying and i use it quite often . I'sent that funny . two great mines think alike . I was manager of a care home where i work now . When i first got the job i employed a friend of mine and made assistant manager. The job got to much for me and i stepped down . A new manager started and the assistant manager got to keep her title and i was made a senior carer . my friend who i thoughtwas a friend has stabbed me in the back and is crawling up the mew managers a*** like she did with me . but i am just waiting for her to make a mistake and she too will get her ..come upance .. which is another good saying .. lol . thanks sandran . You make me laugh xx

  • someone else is so deserving of your love, something come to mind as i was reading your messages here and those of others, a book with a nice looking cover does not mean that whats inside is worth reading or attractive, true love comes from the inside out, look to what is behind the surface and i am sure it will get you back on top of it, i too have been hurt, in ways that took me a long time to realize just what and why i put myself thru such pain, its hard when you are greiving to try and see, give yourself time dont rush yourself and try to get over it in one hit, only time can heal, meanwhile try to distract your thoughts to something that you liked doing, be kind to yourself and love you, and dont let this destroy you, you are a very precious person and you are what matters, now and always number1 is you, okay honey, just remember 1 day at a time, you start to get up and walk slowly and each day you become a little stronger, if you find yourself in your head too much about this, bring yourself into the present awareness of being, by really taking note of your surroundings, focus on the trees, people you meet, things with nice colors, bring your awareness into the now of what is here now it works, it takes time to manifest to do, but it really brings you out of your head, when greiving feel your greif, cry yell get mad, as getting angry will bring you out of depression, and make you feel good, that sounds crazy but its true, i dont mean to go and do damage,get a hold of jerrie and esther hicks book the law of attraction, and start and read that book, it will empower you, and once you are empowering yourself, you become mepower, i am here if you need to chat, lots of love and blessing to you, love yourself and dont let this take a hold of you.

  • hi lindie

    you need birth time and birth location for the birth charts

    if you can get it

    then you can see compatibility at

    have to type it this way or else admin will delete my link

    so he is goat, you are snake and the dubay guy is dog

    hmm you do sound compatible to the goat one, not the dog

    but take it easy for now, you'll know for sure around new year I think

    the goat will probably contact you for christmas at least and you can find out more

    I've seen goat and snake combo, they are drawn to each other and it does last

    hope you will find answer soon

  • dotthorey>>>>its hard when you are grieving to try and see. Thats exactly what it feels like , Its like he has died and i will never see or hear his voice again .. I am sorry to hear you have been hurt as well , and i do cry when i think of all the good times we had and i do get mad , espically with myself for trusting him . As i said earlier in my replies ,All of the people on her have been so kind and genuine its already helped me as i am so busy replying its taking my mind of him even though i am still talking about him.. if you know what i mean ? Thank you again so much for your advice , and we will chat i promise .

  • hisbablove >>> you did a great thing giving and loving the ways you did. ... I did this because i love him and I wanted him to do well at University and to stay in this country. when he told me he was going to India , I told him all this . I said to him " I have done all these things for you and you treat me like this " he replied " Maby you did it to hold on to me " what a B*****cheek . But i have learned my lesson now chat soon god bless you .xx

  • leoscorpion. I have just had a reding on a well known tv channel by text. i asked . ( my cancer b/f is in India at the mo, Is he getting married to the girl his parents have arranged for him , he says not and its me he loves ).. she said , no he has not got married but his parents are introudcing him to the girl and all the formalaties that go with it and she said he does love me . so what do you think ?

  • sounds it does make sense since he did say he is not going to marry this girl

    I'd imagine it's hard for him to stay there with all the introducing and pestering but yeah give him time. you want to text him, it's fine but understand he may not be in the mood to answer.

    let him clear his head, with all the family thing it could really give him hard time to sleep etc

    so yeah, take your time and hope for the best

    if he ever marries you, try to NOT live in his country

    I heard for this kind of thing, his family may even try to break you up (if they don't want you, I mean)

  • leoscorpion. I hope you are right , As I've said I did text him saying " I am worried about you and let me know you are alright " but as yet no reply. My heart is aching so much, i just cry when I think about him cause i know in my heart he did and probably still does love me and he just dosent know what way to turn at the moment . But if he has moved on then i will have to try and do the same , it is so hard thought . xx

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  • LVshoes. thats because i love him .

  • I hope so too lindieloo

    certainly if a psychic says so I don't want to go against it for I don't have the gift of paranormal

    everything about me I just leave it to the universe says

    I just live my life in positivity and balance that's all about it

    try to be active get out and about

    don't live your life in uncertainty

    if he is yours, he will be yours just give him time, you will know

  • llindieloo -

    I can feel your pain as if it was my own. I felt the same way before and ‘til this day i still feel a little sad when memories flash in my mind. Don’t worry. If you're meant to be together then it shall happen. Learn to be a little patient, believe in the universe and God. If you two are not meant to be together then i believe with all my heart that out in the world there is someone waiting for you. Waiting for you to love him and him to love you. We're all destined to be with someone. The pain will go away, little by little, but the pain will soon disappear and later you will ask yourself why were you crying for. That's how life is. Sometimes i wish that i didn’t love so much but if i don’t love is like a am an empty soul. A river without water. A day without sunlight.

    Wish you happiness and love in you life!

    Take Care 🙂


  • suncappygirl . I will try and keep your kind words in my mind , As you say in a few years i will probably look back on this and think what a silly woman you've been crying over a MAN. lol thank you .

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