Have i lost my cancer b/f for good ?

  • Moonbeauty u will laugh but the only topic I want to start if somebody would advice me how to get back at him. I hate to say this women but sometimes we take them back becaz we have access to them for the big word Revenge, if we let them go how can we get our revenge it wont be effective if he doesnt know or feel what we doing. so keeping them close sometimes is helpful in the revengeful way. NOw What do you all think about this. Maybe that should be our tiopic taking them back and let them see how it feels. wait until we grow on them and wham. ok moonbeauty I getting evil here somebody please stop me. lol

  • dorluv . I suppose we can continue to keep each other iformed about how things are going for us , . In my case if i hear from my fella or not , as i've said I am giving him one more week . We meet someone new like my fella in Dubai , cause i havent heard from him either But i think its due to the internet over there . Are you syill seeing you guy and have you forgiven him for what happened at the party? I think your idea of the topic ( taking them back ) is very funny , In my case iI doubt very much If i will ever get him back for a little while never mind completely . I am 100% sure it over between us and I dident do anything wrong either , only helped him . we will try to keep this topic going , FOREVER. xx

  • Hi all.... Its been a month now since iv''e heard from my indian fella , and the ache in my heart is no less . i know I will always love him , but i also know i can't sit around waiting for something that is not going to happen .

  • Awwww Lindieloo. I am so sorry about your situation. You are holding up so well. Do keep on keeping all of us posted. It will help you heal much faster (I know it won't seem this way) as it helps to let it out and from the looks of it all, people care about you...

    From the how it seems and I maybe wrong, but I feel it's over (maybe for now). No matter what, you have to find the strength to move on regardless. He will either come back or not, regardless of the outcome you need to put yourself, your wellbeing and happiness first and foremost.

    I feel that he has distance himself because he doesn't want to have a confrontation and deal with the mess he's made and left with you, including those promises. Cancer men are not comfortable with hurting peoples feelings and worse having to confront them. They can't even confront their own fears and insecurities. But aren't we all like that sometimes. It takes a lot of strength and courage to do those things and the weak, well they just distance themselves thinking it will be better. And honey, it's not just cancer men but most people especially men and some women are guilty of it. They think it will hurt the other peson less if they just disappeared.

    It seems that he may have chosen the other path... it doesn't mean that what you had together and how he may have felt for you were lies or that he used you. It could have been all real. But sometimes we have to make choices and decisions that may cause pain to someone else but may well be the right one and I feel that this cancer of yours has made his.

    Will he come back to you, maybe, I mean take Luanzinha, it took 13 years for her cancer to come back. Who knows. But are you willing to put your life on hold and bet on that...

    A month is way long enough for you to be patient and enough chance for him to have redeemed himself and explain. If he hasn't done it, there's another reason and as much as it hurts, I think deep inside you already know it...

    Look to this as a blessing in disguise. Out of this pain will come joy and happiness. I certainly would want you to meet a man, not him, who will cherish you and adore you and give you everything that you deserve.

    We're here for you should you need a shoulder to lean on, ears to listen and our strength to keep you going...

  • llindie-- Hey hun. Wow I am amazed at your attitiude. It's so strong. I had to laugh when you wrote that I sounded so nice. I wasn't always nice.

    I do believe I have paid for my mistakes though. I swear by Karma. If you ever hear from this Cancer guy again i really would be interested to know his story. WTF. If I ever have an update from my Scorpio Monster (as I now refer to him as) I will post an update to. If he ever stops zinging me that is. Well, does ignoring me count as stopped zinging me? Some how I feel this is nothing more then a silent one. Us women are a funny kind. --lol--

    Dorluv that guy is t-r-o-u-b-l-e if I ever saw any. I don't think he wants anything more than a booty call. As for revenge... i bet a good old "Now I'm that b%tch" lesson might serve him a good dose or two. the best part of a "Now I'm that b%tch aka NITB" lession is that it's not really revenge. Unfortunately it usally works out that way-- for him-- but for you-- it's a golden key. It can open--or lock-- at will. It's very funny watching a guy try and get his way back in. I'm in phase 2 of my "NITB" plan. You might wanna give it a whirl.

    Good luck ladies! Keep me posted!

  • virgocookie. Firsty I want to thank you for taking the time to read my story , you promised you would and you have , Thank you . Maby you are right , that he is distancing himself so as not hurt me any further than he has done. One day when the newness of being in love with his new woman dies down a bit , which it will do , he might contact me and explain WHY . I remember one of our conversations He said to me ...When I go back to India for good and came back here on holiday "could I see you " ? Of course I said yes but also said "what if i'm with someone else , He said it woulden't matter to him he'd still want to see me . Silly B****r . He might be able to cheat on his wife , but not me , no way ........ And no i am not willing to put my life on hold for him . They say we meet someone for a reason,. Well mine will have to be, I helped him with his education and Visa to stay in this country and to achieve his goal . As you said i might meet someone else some day , be loved for who i am and live happly ever after . That would sure be nice , i'm not getting any younger , i'll soon be past my sell by date LoL You gotta laugh ..... Thank you again for your kind support and wise words and i will keek you informed ........ L&L xxx

  • But moonbeauty.. you are nice and i'm sure you were always nice even when you were bad LOL,. I willl be sure to let you know if he ever does explains himself, but I dont think it will be this side of Xmas. New year resolusion ? . Yes plz keep me updated on Your scorpion . When did he zing you last? . God I quite like that word I might start using it myself . lol ... And yes we women are funny kind, We put up with men don't we ? Good luck to you, hun xx

  • When I started this forum I never ever imagined i would get any response to it But you guys have amazed me ! , You all took time to read my story and responded giving me a lot of sympathy, kind words ,guidence and support . I want to thank each and everyone of you for you help and I hope we will all remain friends for a long time to come and help one another with our love life's , all the ups and downs , make up's and break up's we are bound to go through,.. To talk about it will help us get throught it more easily ... I LOVE you all from the bottom of my heart xoxoxox

  • I am really sorry to hear the situation thats your in, he probably feels very torn because as you know family goes first for him, security, and than relationship. My boyfriend lost his job recently, became depressed and broke up with me he said he had to work on himself...even tho it killed him inside. We are now back together because he realized he can't be without me..

    what i've learned from the break up was time heals everything and when you let go they will come running back. If not than its not meant to be and something greater and better is waiting for you...you just need to be emotionally stable to accept it.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Moon beauty bring it on girl. tell me how this plan works caz Im ready to see him weep the same way I did? i have open a topic with a pic for u all to see plz go to my topic ok .

    llindieloo how u doing?

    ladyyx thanks for the post really helpful

    Virgocookie how is it going?

    have agood day uall take care.

  • Of course Lindieloo. We were all brought here for a common reason... cancer men and a willing to share our life stories... to help others. Talk soon hunny!! šŸ˜ƒ come visit us in the other forum too!!! Always fun xoxox

  • dorluv . I'm getting there slowly , j ust taking it day by day . how are you doing ? plz keep in touch. You take care.

  • Lindie.. did you post in the forum called 'Any advice' free advice open for all. Sandran, Wicked and I did. The answer I got back was just as I thought. I did kind of knew that. It just re-affirmed my convictions. As for Wicked, she got a good reply from what I gathered, from her post in the other column. She seems very happy about it šŸ˜ƒ

    I haven't gotten a reply from Sandran...

  • virgocookie. No I haven't posted in, " Any advice " Do you yhink I should ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yeah, why not. You got nothing to lose šŸ˜ƒ

    Just keep in mind not to expect too much and get your hopes up... xox

  • Virgocookie>>Lindie.. did you post in the forum called 'Any advice' free advice open for all. Sandran, Wicked and I did. The answer I got back was just as I thought. I did kind of knew that. It just re-affirmed my convictions. As for Wicked, she got a good reply from what I gathered, from her post in the other column. She seems very happy about it šŸ˜ƒ

    I haven't gotten a reply from Sandran

    Sandran712>>>Virgo I can't find the post you are talking about to reply to it.I keep finding soapmaker's posts every where. So many suds.....II feel like I am in the bathtub with himmmmLMAO..

  • @Sandran> I posted it on Wickeds original post - Help with Cancer man. You actually did answer afterwards, you said you couldn't find anything on this Cappy of yours and how there are so much more drama in other signs posts. Bwahaha. Gosh, have no idea about capricorn males. I did date two way back in the days and they both ended up breaking my heart. So I deleted them in my memory! As for you not giving 2c about Cancer men. Well, I don't blame you. It seems the less you give a shite about how they are (actions, moods) the better it is for you.

    @Lindie> How you holding up honey?... got any new revelations.. yet?..

  • virgocookie. Yes I have in " Would you like a reading " you may have seen it . Said it was all about emotions mostly mine, which is true, and that i have to contact him and open up to him. But i have already tried I have text and sent an offline message with no reply I even tried to phone him at work last night but he diden't answer the phone. I am crying as i'm writing this . It'

    s so hard just to try and forget him and move on . I think about him 24/7. Feel i will go insane . soapmaker hasen't replied yet , so will see what she has to say . I think my only option now is to write to him , but he probably wont reply to that either , or to go and see him in person which is over 300 miles away . Just don't know what to do. Thank you again you are a true friend xox

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