Have i lost my cancer b/f for good ?

  • LOL Lua

    then you know you won't be crushed

    there is no such a thing, just depends on the two of you

    I always went for older man when I was younger, so often they were twice my weight

    all it takes is him being considerate and I being open to it

  • Sandran712>>Ya All can have all the models but, Robert Plant is all mine...He's got a big Viper to play with...LOL

    LOL Sandran that's one big long viper there

  • leoscorpion. Me able to teach you a thing or two ? At the moment I am far to k n a c k e r e d to do anything but give me a day or two . Been working non stop for over a week now and i need to recouperate . But i'm enjoying all the witty comment on here

    Sandran seems to be loving it as well... Saucy woman . LOL .

  • astrodame . long time , how are you ? Yes this forum is geting hot and exciting now . Its keeping my mind of my X . LOL. Beats coming home from work and staring at the telly . Wish that guy would move that Ball out of the way . LOL.. How are thing with you ?

  • Luazinha. How are you doing ?. Have you just had a naughty weekend ?

  • leoscorpion>>LOL Sandran that's one big long viper there

    Sandran712>>I always wondered why he was packin" a big bulge back in the day... when he was young and virile....That viper was a big one...LOL

  • Sandran

    LOL it could be a boa...


    I just met a very small lady she has 3 kids and I wonder how small is the small we are talking about here LOL I suppose then to each it's different experience and different guys ....

    anyway happy holidays everyone I don't even reme,mber if I have said it

    I gotta go, now ciao!

  • small as in 4'10 92 lbs and the guy being 6'1 200 lbs

  • Lua

    holy... I mean good heavens, you are only a kitten...meow!

    well you've made it with that big tomcat of yours

    hope the best for two of you in 2010

    if you happen to produce some more kittens, do share the pics 🙂

  • @Sandran --- Mr. Robert is all yours...am happy with any man as long as the package is juicy and the viper works well...GOSH...all this talk about bodies and vipers make me miss that cancer all the more ;-)) The way we matched in the deptt., I'm scared I'm gonna role play the guy with others now 😄 ADMIN DON'T KICK ME OUT PLS...I'm over 18 😄

    @Lua --- All the good things come in small packages I believe :))

    Wishing everyone a very happy, fulfilled and prosperous 2010 btw...:))

  • @llindieloo --- Work hard and party harder :)) and do take care of yourself all the time... Me doin just fine...at granny's like I wrote earlier...havin lots of fun and food...gotta watch the cals though at the same time 😉 And lots of eye candies (real ones) around too. Been soo long since I felt good after flirting..?? Gonna try n see if I'm still effective this new years eve 😉 Hope you're havin fun too 🙂 Wish you a very happy new year 🙂

  • astrodame>>@Sandran --- Mr. Robert is all yours...am happy with any man as long as the package is juicy and the viper works well.

    Sandran712>>"Y" thank you..astrodame..Maybe I could use this to get another man jealous...LOL..When I get bored I get in trouble...LOL

  • astrodame You go girl and have fun . Me I'm working tomorrow so I will be in bed soon tonight . No partying for me ahhhh. Just hope this coming year is better for all of us . All the best and happy New Year to you .

  • Sandran712. I hope this coming year is going to be better for you and your son. Like me 1909 has been the worst year for a long time , and I hope your son's health improves and his seisures become less frequent . Happy New Year to you both . xoxo

  • lindleloo: 1909??

    well I was born when the dinosaurs were walking on earth...

  • Leoscorpion. Hee hee, Yeah I was very tired last night , And I feel a100 .Thought it diden't look right when I wrote it . x

  • LOL lindle loo

    yeah I thought so. It's time to work again, start of new year.

    hope you Ladies have a good month. January is always work work work for me.

    with Mercury retro and Mars retro, then the eclipse, this surely will be an interesting month

  • Leoscorp-haha I am not planning on having any kittens soon. I've got 2 already but they are real kittens.

  • well that's nice Lua

    I love cats myself. Mine is spayed so it can't have kittens.

    But maybe one day I'll adopt some from the shelter

  • Well . Its New Years day and I have spent another full day at work . But the good news is, I now have 3 days off to relax and chill out and thats exactly what I am going to do . I hope everyone of you have had a good start to the New Year and may it continue for you all .

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