Curious and wanting to learn/develop the psyche

  • Over the course of my life, Ive a had a few strange instances (vivid dreams, hearing a voice/voices, occasionally seeing "something") and Im curious to know if I am actually experiencing something or if it is all just my imagination (which I will be the first to say, I have one crrrrazy imagination). Often the first thing I do when I experience something is blame my imagination, that it didnt really happen, and I wonder if after years of fearing the opposite of "it just being my imagination" if Ive blocked myself from experiencing more?

    I am curious to know, if there is a way I could hone in to my own abilities, if I have them, and see if there is more going on within my own world than Id previously chosen to believe.

    Is there anyone who could teach and/or explain how to develop the psyche?

  • psyche is our link to the universe. you nurture it just like you nurture the physical.

    if you nurture the physical with routine exercise and balanced diet

    then for psyche you will nurture it with spiritual exercises and spiritual insights you can gain from spiritual books or leaders that you believe in.

    I do yoga and meditation, and with yoga I met my spirit guide. but I also have mentors and power animals that the universe sent to guide me and lend their strengths/ qualities.

    to each their own, you can choose which way to nurture your psyche

    it is important to nurture both psyche and physical as long as you live in the physical world

    the universe sends guidance through the psyche that will help you when facing problems and challenges. the physical should be nurtured to the point it is healthy, doesn't mean you need to have six packs abs or have surgery to enhance b oobs

    imagine that physical is a car and psyche is your road map. You don't need fancy car, you just need a car that can take you to your destination, the road map is what you have to follow. both are important. the lesson that the universe wants you to learn is to live a balanced life.

  • That was very insightful leoscorpion, Thank you 🙂

    I most specifically appreciate your "car" analogy and I for one, could use more balance in my life.

  • I have another thread you might want to read in your spare time

    it's more about living your life. it's your choice how to live it, for it's yours. I'm just sharing the guidance I received. take care

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