Do pets come back to vist after they die

  • hi my cat twix died in febuary, i had such a close bond with him i expected to dream about him or feel his presence, when my dog nellie died i heard her breathing by the side of my bed when i woke and got out of bed i felt her brush past my legs, she was then gone i still occasionally hear her breathing by my bed. i expected and hoped that twix would let me know he is ok, and waiting for me i am still broken hearted over him, his ashes are by my bed, will he ever come to let me know he is ok, or was nellie just my imagination. i hope this makes sense thank you

  • yes they do. but when they will visit, it depends on them.

    all living being have spirits. when we die, our spirits can choose to linger as spirits in the physical world, return to the spirit world, or jump into another body in the physical world. sometimes they do have to return to the spirit world, for the universe has another assignment for them to do, or they have to review what they have learned in the physical world.

    so yes, spirits of animals do return or they may even linger around you or places they love when they are still alive. this is why we need to respect all spirits, for we also have a spirit inside us, and all spirits come from the same place, the spirit world.

    I know how it feels to lose a pet. I have lost pets myself. what is important now is how you remember them. this goes to all of your loved ones who died. you sure can grieve but you should also understand that their time is up and if you mourn too long to the point of despair, you will be holding the spirit back from doing what they are about to do after leaving the body. Place a photo of your pet in your room. if you can, surround it with little flower pots or anything that comes from your pet's favorite place, like maybe little stones in the garden. every day, hold the photo to your heart and wish your pet a good journey and thank it for filling your life with joy accompanying you. animals are sent by the universe to lend us their strength and qualities, including being a companion trained or not. you are respecting spirits, not worshipping spirits, so don't worry if people think you are nuts or something. after all, your pet meant so much to you and you meant so much for your pet.

  • thanks i found that really comforting

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  • you are welcome jackie

    death is only a transition, the spirits live forever, so they will return

    nothing wrong with grieve but the most important thing is how you remember your pet

    take care now

  • hi thanks, i wish twix had come back to visit my dog nellie did even my husband who does not belive said one morning im sure nellie was in the room, twix my cat on the other hand has not been back, i really thought he would we were so close he loved me as much as i loved him, maybe one day he will, i was looking after my sons cats the other week and bruno his cat that died a year ago was there in the house on a couple of occasions i felt the air move past my legs the cats were all asleep, so i said hello bruno, this happened a couple of times i told my son he said oh yeh hes always here. hes seen him sitting on the chair arm, and heard him purring, maybe i want twix to come back to visit me to much, im stopping his spirt getting through, thanks again,

  • Hi, yes the pets we love so much do come around. I have found when I get to feeling a little depressed that a dag I had while in kindergarten comes by to let me know things do get better. I have moved into new places and the dog has always found me. In fact the place I now live has a little black dog like a scotty or that size which I have seen a few times. No one in the family has ever had a dog like that.

  • Most definatley. I had a special bond with a female cat named Baby. She had the soul of a healer and was wise beyond her years. She spoke to me once in an outer body experience I had. I had left my body and followed her into the kitchen. She turned to look at me and said in the kindest, softest voice, "Hello". And that was it. I've had previous OBE's where she was aware that I was rising out of my body and took some swipes at me with her paws. Like she was trying to draw me back in.

    She became very ill when she got older. We did all we could for her but she had cancer in her throat and surgery would have killed her since she was so old and she lost a lot of weight since she couldn't eat. So we had to put her down. It crushed me. I felt nothing but guilt for having made the decision to end such a beautiful life. But, later on in a dream, I was laying on my couch looking down at my then girlfriend who was laying on the floor with Baby and she simply said "She's sick." When I awoke, my guilt was gone as I knew Baby had contacted me to tell me that she was alright, and that she understood why I did what I did. I can't wait to see her again.

  • Hi

    I had my pet dog Gambit put down last week. He was very old and got very sick last week. He had gotten so thin and kept throwing up so I took him to the vet and he suggested we put him down. It really broke my heart. I just want to know if anyone can connect with him....I would like to know if he is upset with me for putting him down.

    He slept in my bedroom and I felt him around the other night.

    Can someone please help?

    Love & Light


  • jackie

    wanting a deceased one to return to life (back to its body as we know it) will hold its journey

    but wanting its spirit to visit us (not wanting it to return to its body) is another thing.

    the latter is fine. your cat knows it and if you had been caring for it, your cat will surely visit you when the time comes for it treasures its moments with you.

    spirits have things to do in the spirit world. all spirits come from the same place, the spirit world. this includes spirits inside humans and plants or even lands. but because they are not limited time, shape, etc they can take any form, go to any specific time etc

    do not be surprised if your cat's spirit takes a human form when it visits you. we all can and have returned to the physical world in any form we choose. sometimes we are assigned to take certain form, sometimes we just do it for the sake of learning.

    when my father died I was torn into pieces. but then I found out that he is now working under an Angel (I can't tell you the angel's name) I stopped mourning excessively. I still cried if I remember him, but I also thank the universe for letting him do the work of love, because not all spirits are chosen to do this work, some spirits need to learn and develop their capacity for this kind of work. he was a great personality, a great father and I am his favorite child. we were close, I was never close to anyone else since they are judgemental. if you ever wondered why the good people die first, it's because the universe needs these spirits to return and do new assignments or the universe feels they have learned what they need to learn and they have to prepare for the next lessons in the next life time. your cat's time was up, its spirit won't forget you and even if due to assignments, it can't return to your life time before you die, when your time is up your spirits will meet. so do your best to remember your cat the way it should be remembered. take care now. may the universe allows your cat to visit you soon.

  • hi im sorry about gambit, i know how heartbreaking it is and u so deseratly want them to let u know that all is well in their new world, i to had twix put to sleep he was at home on my knee, he to was so ill with cancer we had no choice, i hoped i made the right decision for him at the right time, i have found the words that people have said very comforting, and i now understand a little more about how spirts work i now belive my twix will be doing work somewhere else as an angel, i always called him my little angel, maybe he was an angel in my world he was my first cat, he kept bringing home cats that were badly treated or strays with no hope of ever being loved, maybe thats why he found me in the first place, i now have 7 cats, that are all very loved, they wouldnt have survived if he had not brought them home. i hope gambit lets u know he is ok, im sure he wont be upset with you, he will understand that u had to stop his suffering thinking of u xxx

  • I think he will come to you when he feels you are ready, my Pasht came back to my hubby first, because she felt I was too deep in my grief, they all came back in time, but they took their time because I didn't want to let go, they come back now and again now, and bring other furfriends of mine too, those I loved that belonged to other people, even Allan's dog, who taught our cats how to open doors, even though he was no longer in the fur. Recently, since I have been on these forums they have been around lots more, and brought the "house spirit " with them too which is a small boy who feels as if he is standing behind me watching what I do.

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