Sag woman dreading her libra mans luv

  • Im a Sag woman that has been with my lover a comforting, and awesome libra man for almost 5 years now. We are friends/lovers. We talk to each other about anything and everything, and i always feel free as a bird when im with him. Sexually he is this best, and being near him is so harmonious. Anytime i feel like we should take it too the next level, i always feel in my heart that he isn't loyal. l usually leave him alone for a couple of months dating other guys (Im a sag so im always honest with him in what i do), break up with them, and always come crying back to my libra, and he always takes me right back. no questions asked. ( i've done this 5 times so far). Half of me wants it to stay sexual, friendly, and loving. The other half of me feels as though we'd be the best couple ever if we got together seriously. I recently broke up with my scorpio guy a few months ago and now im pushing myself to be single a little longer to find out how i really feel about my libra...if im committed to u, i want loyalty. I've told myself if he wants me he'll show it, ( he calls, txt and we see each other all the time) he says I have him mentally and it me being a weenie and being afraid to get hurt, or me being afraid of committing and ruining what good we have...please help:(

  • Pardon my bluntness but you say you keep leaving him to "play the field" and you are worrying about him being loyal? I think you are having a hard time being loyal, he is being very patient with you. I feel that this man is very in love with you. I would be careful about testing his patience too much longer. He may grow very tired of that. I have had an experience with a man that was doing that to me, and I love him with all my heart. Have always been so patient with him and forgiving. I was giving him time to grow up. He would always come running back to me. Now I am tired of this. I will not be with him again unless he is ready to be more commited to being with me. He knows this too so for now he his deciding what he wants and I put no pressure on him but this really is hard on me. I have been dating others in the meantime knowing hes the best. But how much longer can I wait for him to be ready? I am not sure and I am for the first time starting to become resentful. You dont want him to resent you. Be careful.

  • I appreciate your bluntness and i really don't want him to resent me in any way. I do believe now i'm trying to get my head straight and understand the real love we have for each other. I did forget to put that alot of women are chasing him, and they get psycho and crazy... He is a flower to a bunch of bees, he has something they all want...i don't chase him or even act crazy, i just love him and i'm scared of messing up a good thing. As for your situation, please don't resent him. Sometimes it takes the CONFUSED (like me) a bit longer to really figure out, not what they WANT, but what they NEED. I don't doubt that he dosen't love you, and he may think your the world and more, but in his heart or mind he may feel something (even really small) is missing in you guys relationship. It may be within him..your doing the best thing by giving him time to decide. As far as how long to wait, will you wait for the best? or leave and get far less? I'ts your call:)

  • yes libra men are like that. the perfect shoulder to cry on. the ones I know however are not loyal.

    but then again they may be in a relationship before I met them, so I was the third party. I asked one of them what kind of woman that they would spend their life with. they said the woman that never cheats on them. So I asked him, 'well what about you? would you cheat on this woman?'

    he said it's not his fault if women like him - means he will cheat, but his woman can't. So there you go, I dropped them LOL probably most men think the same, not only Librans. But I certainly won't bow to this rule. If my man cheats, I will cheat. There is no way I stay loyal if he doesn't. Of course then I don't want to be the one that cheat first. Anyway in your case, you are the ones that cheat and you said he knows, so probably he does love you for accepting you back all the time. Or he hasn't found someone that won't cheat on him LOL poor thing. good luck. I don't want to sound cruel to Libras, I have to learn to leave my past in the past. I have a blissful marriage with a Cap for almost 9 years so I have to appreciate what I have and not bashing other people 🙂 good luck!

  • That's funny, because most of the libras i know, are unfaithful as hell!!!! And most of my lady libras and male libra friends are out of control with the's why im sure i keep second guessing myself. at this point though, i'm almost over it, it's really starting to be a headache. At the end of the day i need to love myself more:) thanks for replying.

  • actually I missed the part you said girls are going psycho over him 🙂

    wow if he is such a hunk, and he keeps accepting you back

    sounds like you are the lucky Sag 🙂

    I'd imagine it's hard for him to be faithful when girls are going crazy like that

    yeah definitely love yourself. not saying self centered but just enough

    but I wish you two the best, you never know, he might have some planets in his brith chart that will help him stay loyal plus if he is raised that way, he will be

    at least I hope.

    take care now and good luck hon

  • Ok off bat first off NOT all libras are unfaithful. Dont take one or 2 womens word n throw the baby out with the bathwater,

    Second, dang woman. u flirt around leave a good thing time n again n u ask is he faithful to me??? Sorry to say but u project ur GUILT over leaving him for another time n again onto him. How is that fair? To top u ask how can u stop him if he wishes to stray?

    No where did i read u was married. I think u need to look more into ur OWN self n ask why do i stray? why do i keep leaving a good man regardless of sunsign? Am i scared of commitment for more than 6 months? i think u need SERIOUSLY look inside urself.

    U will do urself n ANY new man a HUGE favor. as far as ur libra goes, for taking u back time n again ................... wow medal of honor bc most men wouldnt. HOWEVER i doubt he wanna keep up when his heart n emotions r being messed each time u leave.

    The time frame also fits. According to experts is it around 5 to 6 month where couples tend to talk NEXT LEVEL. Something tells me that u deep down DONT want the next level 4 whatever reasons r WITHIN u. Only u can find the WHY IS THAT.

    last it is SO typical of women who cheat on a good thing to project it to the one they claim they want. Sorry if i sound harsh but in end u cheat urself of a very good thing.

    I hear n keep hearing take a break from ALL men n dating n ANY conmitment n work onu in finding out why u time n agan sabotage ur relationships.

    I wish u the best

  • exactly mysto

    personality can be shaped by many things including upbringing

    birth chart can show closer look but certainly not the whole package

  • I said the very samething about them not all being players too I think it was the other thread shiny started on this subject and gave two examples. That would be like me saying all Leo's like to be the center of attention. Now we are going to start putting each sign in its own little box. I don't think so. That will start some prejudice don't you think?

  • MystoBlueStars: I saw u had but she kinda overlooked n went on agreeing yes he is bad news. I felt she projected her own bad behavior n guilt onto him. It would b fine if he had cheated on her bc then she had the ammo to say i did all this bc u cheated on me. Not once mentioned who did what first. U did well advicing her sweetie. Just with such women u need to mark n underline it bluntly. Hell even then they dont always get it.

    Libra - hey guurrrrlllll - yes i say u had tried to underline not all sunsigns cheat. N u are correct about its seriously OUT THERE to box signs in. Its the same as in highschool where the geeks are boxed in by the cheerleaders n the cute model looking brainwarped girls. prejudiced in this no dont think so, its to illustrate where it starts- if we all saw how stupid that is we can change it. however i bet we have all met a few who doesnt wanna change it at all.

    i better get off soap box b4 i rant on skanks LOLOLOL

  • I hear you. I have a tendency to help the underdogs and not because I am a Libra. Just because.

  • Every libra man I've known is a magnet for women but not all acted inappropriately, some were wonderful family men too. It's pretty clear sag energy is too restless for this libra.If ya wanna play the field just go do what ya gotta do, but no point in making it about him. This is clearly your stuff.

    My father was a sag, great guy, very sensitive, big heart but he was a wanderer. He had trouble committing. He would be gone for months even years at a time. Drove my mom nuts but as I grew up I got used to his absence it just was who he was. He was great company to strangers,very charming great personality but when it came down to being real he couldn't cope. He'd run. I'm sure this had more to do w/ his life experience than his sign but I've always seen sag as a bit flighty because of my experience w/ him.

  • I am a sag married to my soul mate a libra. We have been happily married for over 31 years. Not once did either of us stray. We are very in love with each other and we are each other's best friend. Our son, who is a sag, married his soul mate, a cancer and they have one beautiful daughter who adores both parents and another on the way. Our son will be 30 next week and he is set in his own ways and is more of a homebody, then very restless like me. I use the restless nature of my sag sign to get creative with art and knitting and crocheting and sewing and soap making. I have no trouble to committing once my mind is set. My husband has a more difficult time deciding. We balance each other out.

    Just a my note on a Sag female and male Libra

  • Mysticbluestars> Thank you so much:) I almost cried reading what u wrote because i know it was heartfelt. I do understand alot of the problem is me, and not trusting people. I feel like he knows he has my heart, he knows i put him high above anyone else, but ive been hurt by so many unworthy guys that i dont want my unconditional love to end for him, so I ...yes I... continue to run from him, thinking at somepoint we won't feel the same for each other:( I know it sounds sad, and i may sound like a crybaby but it's the truth. Over the time that i wrote this me and him had our talk, i love everything about him head to toe. I', opening up more to him, because he's REALLY honest about everything. He's told me if anything is on mind to talk to him about it, i told him, " i will i just have trust issues". He replied, "ive shown you my loyalty, so trust me". That woke me up big time. It takes baby steps but ill get there:) and to answer your question, no i did'nt leave the other guys because i felt like they would cheat, i left them because i could never stop thinking about my guy and they would always do something

    Charmedwitchbent> I AINT MAD AT U AT ALL!!! we need to hear it OUTLOUD!!! So i totally appreciate your words. It was'nt that I was playing the field, it was almost like he never confirmed to me that we were on the same page already. So i would date those guys, because immediately they would always state, "your my girlfriend". i yearned in the inside for him to just say it, but he's so laid back sometimes that i was'nt giving him a chance or the time..MY BAD:/ i understand it now.

    Libraslair> ur so cute...thanks for you words:)

    Pfree> i am restless at times with no definite answers. I love him and always have, it's my on insecurity. I just always need confirmation about what i'm doing period. But thanks for your comments.:)

  • Soapmaker

    Thank you, it's good to hear from all the sag/libra puts a smile on my face:) I know it will work out for the best, because he is stuck in my heart. We care for each other, and love each other the same way, i just had to get alot of my childish was out before i commited myself to him. I am younger than him, and i love that he's 11/24/81 and him 9/25/69. I feel in my being he's mine and has always been..wht do u feel, if anything at all. Thanks in advance.

  • Well I was biting my tongue a little.

  • Shinyluv _ what u describe is how i feel about MY libra man. he IS mine ALL MIIINEEE. I so wanna SHOUT it, BUT ive learnt n its tough, he is not mine, he is HIS OWN. No one can say he she is mine. It works better since ive gone that route. He is his own BUT he chose me!!

    Its a woman thing to go he IS MINE!!! LOLOLOLOL By god i dont dare say it to him. LOL he´ll have a cow lolololol

    Libra - ROLFMAO u r too funny LOLOLOLOLOL I must say i at times gritted my teeth n ggrr oh my woooorrddd, but hello we never choose whom we fall for. Its not like we go ok today im totally in love with mr sag or mr aries n tomorrow ill crush hell for mr leo or mr cappy. Its like a celebrity said, u dont know when u´re in love one day u´re just on that hook n all u can do is allow it to line n sinker ya in LOLOL

    Mysto- u´re welcome

  • We're all attracted to those Libra Lips. Cupid bows lips don't ya know!

  • N their smiles to die for lol

  • Hmm............I have another point of view about Libran men as well as the obvious. I think they thrive on drama, as it forces them to make a decision quickly! Except they don't really, they just look like they are, which makes them seem quite charming. In reality they hover like a illusive spaceship in some weird cult movie. No other sign I have met goes on and on and on so much about how nice they unwell they feel..........while the rest of us beat ourselves up wondering if we are even nice at all and simply just don't have the time to feel like the victim or wallow in that irritating self pity thing Libran men do! They are very secretive too, probably 'cos they are never quite sure of which side of the fence they are sitting on or they just don't know how to communicate.

    They have some good things going for them at times. x

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