• I awoke this morning to frantic knocking, like someone banging at the front door. I got out of bed went to the front door thinking my daughter had forgotten something in her haste to get to work. No one was at the door. It was then I reflected on the occurrence, I heard my alarm go off, reached over and turned it off, drifting back to sleep only to be awakened by the sound of loud frantic knocks at the door. I returned to my room confused that no one was at the door. Then my alarm went off, it had been a dream but I did rise to answer the door of the desperate knocker. What does this mean?

  • Okay it coulve either been outside noise as when I am sleeping noises sound much louder than they really are. It couldve also been a warning of some kind. I dont want to frighten you but that did happen to me once the knocking noise except it came from inside the house. It just so happened that day we got tragic news of my husbands best friends death. He was only 21 years old and crashed his car into a pole while drunk driving. But dont be alarmed its not the first time a spirit was trying to get my attention. I am thinking with you it may be something a lot less serious. Just a caution of some kind.

  • There is a temporary disconnect between body and inner voice at the moment--you've been way too busy and haven't had a chance to hear something important. It's not a big event (I don't see death) just a voice that wants to prepare you for something as simple as maybe cleaning house because someone may pay a surprise visit--that kind of be prepared whisper. The voice connected to your higher self was saying "Get Up" there is something you need to get done and if you don't have time today to chill and rest your mind from all the "busy" you've been consumed by lately and miss the helpful warning, you will will get your answer as to what it was you should have gotten done within two weeks from now. Your way over tired right now so it's going to take effort to recharge. You may have to say no to someone a few times.

  • I believe either you have forgotten to do something very important and this is your subconscience reminding you of remembering, or it is a warning of things to come. As the above writer stated, iys nothing super bad that will be happening, just a milder warning of something that will be occuring that will take you by suprise. Perhaps an unexpected visitor, or unexpected big news that that may even be great! The fact that no one was at the door, and you were warned more than once, means it is probably a good event, just a big suprise. Keep us updated on any big news that suprises you within the next month. Will be greatly curious to find out. The Zodiac

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