Your Opinion Matter's to me, The veil has been lifted!

  • Hello all,

    I am alway's interested in many different opinion's and one such topic I would love to hear from such a diverse group as the one on tarot. I have so far met the most beautiful people inside and out on this site and would greatly respect your opinion on this topic: What does it mean to you "The veil has been lifted over the world" ???

    Many Blessing's!

    loving,living,laughing life is way too short not to!

  • the word asention came to my mind, forgiveness, love, healing, opening the eyes to the coming new era, a new way is emerging, not that the world will end but a new beggining, those that cannot except this new way of life will be struggling, its already happening now, slowly, we are starting to look to the higher self for our answers , the old way gives way to the new, correct me if i am way of base, as what you have written could be taken perhaps another way, i had to give it some thought before i sat here and typed this, but that is what it means for me anyway,things that have been covered up for so long will come to light, for many people but only those who have reached their full potential will really understand fully the true spirit of themselves, mmm you have picked a good one for a discussion their

  • Great analogy, Dotthorey!

    I like to call the true spiritual seekers the "remnant"...those that are able to hear the "trumpet call" for the Higher Self to emerge...

    We are dawning on the day for this to be witnessed, more and more. Few are actually privy to this "prompting", but, hopefully, many more will follow!

  • 1 Corinthians 13:12 (King James Version)

    12For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

    This is the lifting of the veil for mankind. THose seeking spiritual truth have been awaiting such a time as this for all dimensions to come together in wisdom and the beauty of understanding. We are now enterning into such a time as all mankind, any man has to do is be aware and alert and listen with spriit eyes as well as physical eyes to the universal mysteries being unveiled to us now and even greater in the spirit. As NASA has just found water on the moon, we must be open spiritually to be able to understand and comprehend the very importance of the mundane to the spectactular. The veil is being lifted but we must allow our spiritual eyes to see clearly, and this takes the higher dimension of self to interperate to the dimensions in which the mortal man still walks. All dimension of space, time, and existence are being opened to us in ways most men still can not fathom. It will take the enlightened spirit of man to reach the dimensions of wisdom and understanding and beauty, for it is so awesomely beautiful. That which is now being opened to us by the lifting of the veil of seperation of eternal knowledge and wisdom, and beauty is overwhelming to the senses of those who are not yet in tune with their higher spiritual self. We must be know in our inner man to listen for the 'trumpet call' at this time, but soon, and very soon, all of mankind will be able to hear the "trumpet call" and the time for making that intellectual leap into the highest spiritual realm being opened to us is coming soon, very very soon, and I pray that all will be ready to asend to the highest levels of our eternal spirit with The Master of Ascension, Jesus Christ.

  • to me it means

    the veil between the metaphysical/spiritual and the physical world is lifted

    wonderful news!

    I'm curious to meet those in the spirit world and my spirit misses her home so much

    since spirits are not limited by time, space etc

    I'll be able to meet those from the time of Atlantis and beyond

    my spirit guide came from the time before civilization

    that's why I'm very curious to meet others like her

    so where did you hear this saying? I read it on a website talking about Halloween

    but the veil only gets thinner on that very day, not completely lifted

  • To me what comes to mind is a more intentional approach, people in the world not turning a blind eye, accepting less of the corruption that plagues the world, and more of the good that can be done, the justice systems, the enviroment, government, its all been ignored for so long, changes seem to be coming forth somewhat, unfortunatly it seems to take lessons from history to change anything, why I don't know, I am more then willing to grasp on to wisdom, try to listen and apply without going down harder roads at this point, but the veil being lifted off the world to me means something that I see happening after my lifetime, things being worked towards now, lessons that haven't played out yet, that future generations will look back on and shake their heads and think wow, in that day and age, after all else that occured before, much the same way we look back now. On a personal level, or the 'veil being lifted off me", it would mean the "world as a whole being as blessed as I have been, to feel the presence of God, and all the good thats been sent my way, opening my eyes to the power we have as individuals to change our own course, a secret that isn't so secret if we just follow the love, and guidance we've been gifted. I think of it as our responsibility to seek guidance, and use it for good towards the world.

  • for the change to happen in the physical

    it has to start from the spiritual

    if more and more people start nurturing the spiritual, they will receive guidance the universe has been sending us, and start living their lives according to it

    only then, the change that we need, will happen

  • I agree with all you but what dotthorey said really reasonates with me. For me the lifting of the veil is about discovering our true selves, our spiritual side, our higher self and living on a higher plane of existance. Living in a way more true to ourselves, a new way of living that comes from a loving, supportive, caring, compassionate place and those stuck in the old way of thinking and being and living will be left struggling.

    More and more people are waking up to their spirituality and their true selves and wanting to change the way they live their lives. More and more of us seem to be banding together to help and heal others and help them find their way to the new way of being.

  • Something just popped into my mind and it goes something like this......

    "It's like we are waking up to where we have really come from and we are going home."

  • "The veil has been lifted over the world" To me it sounds like we are now seeing what we have done to our planet and others. And we are trying to come together to repair and turn it around. This is being done by those who are spiritual as well as religious. The more we come together for the greater good the better our chances of making a change.

  • Thankyou very much for all your wonderful opinion's! It's so awesome sitting here reading each and every one of your post, hearing everyone different opinion on this subject!

    Leoscorpion: to answer your question, a friend of mine were talking about this subject when I told her about the many run in's that I had the night before with ghost/disembodied voices and energies! She is a psychic Medium/wonderful friend!

  • I see. so it is happening. I was told this year is a good year, by one of my mentors.

    it has been great year for me, but now that you said this I understand what my mentor meant.

    a lot to do in such a short time, so we will have to rush. bye now and take care

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