North and South nodes?

  • I just read an article on here about North and South nodes. The article cited Oprah as an example, and it made perfect sense in that context.

    How does one determine where the nodes are on a chart? And could somebody help me with mine? My old chart says my south node is in Aries. I don't know how it arrived at that conclusion, but assuming that's right, that means my north node is in Libra? I'm not sure how to interpret that. I'm supposed to aspire to be Libra-like... in what way?

    Also, how do the asteroids affect us? My chart has asteroids shown too.

  • The North/South nodal axis is based on mathematical calculations between the Sun, Moon and Earth at the time of birth. I have an ephemeris, so I can look it up for you if you want. They are suppose to represent our karmic imbalance, therefore in order to obtain inner balance we must develop the NN experiences and qualities instead of falling back on the qualities we are comfortable with, the SN. In a nutshell, if your SN is in Aries/NN is in Libra, you tend to rely on the self, you may be impatient, impulsive, rash etc, therefore what you need to work on are Libra qualities, diplomacy, tact, cooperation, partnership etc. There are books written about the Nodes. I have a couple by Jan Spiller “Astrology for the Soul” and “Cosmic Love”. Correction, I had “Astrology for the Soul” and gave it away…dumb.

    There are literally thousands of asteroids and I haven’t studied them. Many are named for mythological figures and represent the qualities of those figures. One of the most significant ones is Chiron, known as “the wounded healer”. It represents our wounds or traumas that may be worked on and transformed into our greater strength.

  • Usually, if a chart is showing one node, it's the north. You might have it backward..

  • Hey thanks Aqua! I'll have to check out those books, sounds like a great read. Funny about the asteroids, particularly Chiron.

    Chiron is in Aries for me which would make sense. A psychic once told me I used to be some kind of warrior in a past life (I think he said Samurai); I have also literally lost an entire career in this lifetime for aggressive, impulsive, rash behavior.

    Tfire, this chart actually has it labelled "south node," but oddly, it doesn't list the north node. It lists the ascending (?) node, Lilith (I don't know what this is either), Ascendant, and Midheaven, and it also lists Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Fortune, and the South node.

  • Oh and BTW Aqua, if you can confirm that for me, that'd be awesome! My birthday is June 4, 1968 at 0541 (am) in Phoenix, AZ. Thanks in advance.

  • you can check out this website

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  • TFire is right; your NN is in Aries (16.57 deg)/SN in Libra. Well, that kind of changes things. This could mean that you are too giving to the detriment of the self, a tendency for indecisiveness and co-dependence. What you would strive towards is self love, independence, trusting your instincts and asserting yourself. Your inner peace will be achieved by releasing the fear of being by yourself and focusing on what you bring to others as opposed to focusing on finding it through others. Remember, it is all about balance. Your relationships will be more balanced when you trust in your self and your needs in these relationships. Does this make more sense?

  • AQUQ, I loved you advice as far as having a balance relationship and it makes sense. I too am an Aqua 1/23.

  • Hi worthy, I'm 2/18. If I was born after 18:21 that day I would be Pisces instead of Aquarius.

  • ooppss...mistake after 21:16

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