We like one another & the feeling is mutual but will it go beyond flirtation

  • My friend and I have been friends for a year and a half. He always had a things for me and most recently let me know. I've started to develop for him. He says he doesn't want a relationship yet treats me like he wants to be with me in that manner. I wanna be in a relationship, but knowing that he doesn't makes me wanna no attempt to pursue anything farther than it's gone. With the flirtation and feelings subside or could this grow into a relationship (if possible). And are his feelings genuine. My DOB is 11-6-1987 and his is 06-22-1990. Anyone willing to do a love reading for me, it's truly appreciated.

  • Well, it can work out for the long term in a sort of very structural and organised way. You are both deeply private people and you almost seem to need invisible boundaries to feel safe to reveal who you really are. Love and marriage between you will focus on furnishing and decoration and functional practical issues such as cooking and career. You two usually have a good idea of what you want here but limitations of finances or space may demand some compromise, flexibility and creative problem-solving. Together you can be highly organised and good at building a structure, whether that be in a domestic space, at work or socially. But it will be imperative that you each have your own private nook and this may require quite a large house if children are involved. Your emotional interactions are such that an efficient physical setup for your activities must be established in the interests of personal security and harmony. A love relationship can seem more like a working partnership but if that sounds good to you, then go for it. However your friend may not be able to provide the emotional depth and passion that you need.

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