A Reading Request Needed Please

  • Good Evening All,

    I am in need of guidance. The person in my life has been sick. At first I thought he was dealing with it well but I got a strange vibe from him today. He is naturally a feisty person but today he had to return to the doctor because he isn't feeling any better. He told me he'd seen his deceased dad a lot the past few days. I know it took a lot to admit that to me, he is kind of on the fence about things of a spiritual nature.

    I wish there was something I could do. Can someone please let me know why he's been seeing his father? In my heart I feel like he's going to be okay but I don't know if my love for him is making me want to have hope. It's not as dire as it sounds (I hope) but I really do need some guidance.

    I remember a very long time ago my Mom was ill and was hospitalized and she said her deceased Dad came and sat at the edge of her bed for six days just watching her until she was better.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Hi Coffeegem,

    I get the feeling he will be fine. I feel like his father is there to give him the message that he will be ok.

    What is his name? Do you think it would be ok for me to do a healing for him?

  • Hi Coffeegem

    I seem to be having difficulty in getting anything concrete about this post and I apologise for that. I do feel though, that he needs to seek the advice of a naturopath as well as his doctor here. Or someone who practises alternative medicine. I feel there is an imbalance going on, and it needs addressing. I think that alternative medicine/therapy alongside conventional medicine will identify the problem and provide a way of easing the symptoms he is getting at the moment. Seeing his deceased father has prodded him into doing something about this rather than hoping it goes away. He will receive visits from his father each time he tries to ignore this problem too I think.

    I wish I could be of more help to you than this, and apologise for not being able to be :))

  • Thank you cris. It's appreciated.

  • bumpety-bump ... c'mon, get up there 🙂

  • allthough im a newbie to this forum i am a long term spiritual seeking junkie so to speak and as such have learned to be skeptical in 90% of my searches for insight ect. I too desperatly need genuine 100% from the heart reading if anyone can possibly help me? I do hope so as iv been searching such a long time now.

    Blessings to one and all......................................

    "Treat all as you would have them trat you "

  • ooops * treat

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi CoffeeGem I am glad you got back in here I was concerned when you didn't respond. You know men they hate doctors and they seem for the most part to wait way too long to see one. Where women are more in tune with their bodies. Good to hear that he hasn't had anymore setbacks. Hope he doesn't wait so long when he isn't feeling very well. He needs to stay on top of things. Wishing the best for he both of you. Love and light, peace and harmony

  • Glad to be of help Ms Gem. Like Libra said, he does need to stay on top of this and not be a typical bloke and hope it goes away on is own 🙂

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