A quick dream question?

  • ok so my question is do dreams ever really mean anything. ive heard people say that sometimes it actually is some window into what is supposed to happen and others are saying that its just your subconcious. I was just wondering because, i just broke up with my ex about three months ago, im a very religious person and lately ive just been praying you know for a sign or what not to see if whats supposed to happen next. me and her were together for five years. it was a tough and terrible break-up, and since the break up there has been NC for these three months.

    last night i had a dream......i never really dream about her, it was her saying that you know why dont you contact me and that she really wanted me to contact her all this time. now im not sure if this was a sign from all the prayers ive been saying, but it was just so vivid and it was as though it was really happening.

    or is this really just my subconcious desires??

    how should i interpret this dream?? should i contact her or brush this dream off and just continue moving on?

  • That's a good question! I am in no way knowledgeable on the subject but dreams are tricky because they can definitely be wish fulfillment types. However, I have dreams about an ex I dated many years ago. They have always been mostly accurate with minor details being off. For example, I last dreamt about him baptising a son. Turns out his wife was pregnant, but she had a girl. If anyone can give me insight on why I still have dreams about this guy I'd appreciate that (not to hijack your post imthedjone)

  • no its fine......i really want insight on my dream as well........anyone have any clue what either of our dreams mean??

  • I constantly have dreams that come true in waking life sometimes months before the events even happen... So I can't say that is my subconscious... I try to think it is the universe trying to give me a signal before the event so i am ready and open to it... And sometimes I even have vivid ones that depict what I say and do - sometimes they are right sometimes it is just my internal feelings that are played out to the extreme in my dreams - but in my waking life I can distinguish between what I should and shouldn't do... I tend to believe that my dreams in particular are definately something i should listen to..

    I probably should also add that I DO NOT usually remember dreams - it is only the ones that come true that i remember..

    Do you experience that same thing or do you usually remember them??

  • i normally dont remember them.......just lately the ones i have about my ex i remember.

    should i listen to them??

  • Go for it.

    I had a dream about a long lost friend - she contacted 3 days later! I turned out she had a dream that said she needed to contact me!.

    I hadnt seen her for 19 yrs and hadn't spoken to for 12 years!!

    lots more strange things have happened around this which I wont go into but I really think that

    you should be brave enough to follow your heart. My dream was a outer body experience where I saw her in a large house, feeling lonely and sad. I have found out since this time that this has been very accurate as she does live in a large house and she is in a lonely marriage, I didn't

    know these facts until very recently, over 2 years after she contacyed me.

  • so you do think that dreams tell whats gonna happen in real life??

  • i think the answer to this is "Somtimes" and "depends" on the dreamer 🙂 I say go for it too!

  • You dream of her situation is very normal, but I feel as time goes by, you will surely forget her, no need to touch with her, if you really love her, you can go to find her, but to withstand test, believe that you can do it, I wish you good luck

  • I do really love her.........in face since we have been separated i have seen my life without her and to tell you honestly Im not really a big fan of it. its not like ive been sitting around doing nothing dwelling on her and the past. i have been living normally, but it just doesnt seem right that im not sharing going forward with her you know. i really do want to go for her and i like i said i love her so much, but im not sure if the dream is accurate. i havent even talked to her since we have been broken up the past three months. shouldnt i just take that as a sign that all is over?? i mean if someone hasnt contacted any of you in three months would you take it as a sign that there is nothing left with that person??

    im really confused now actually because im doing well and suddenly ive been dreaming about her thats not really happened to me this whole time.

  • Imthedjone: sounds like you still have strong feelings for her. Maybe it is NOT over for you; no closure, grief not finished.

    I too started dreaming about my ex-fiance (been married 38 years now to another) and have been for 3 years! I do write down my dreams and process them. What I have learned is that there are qualities in him I need to incorporate into myself and to treat myself like he treated me . Most of my processing is mourning that loss. I never did "close him out" back then. I always wondered whether to contact him, but I know I need to learn all I can about myself from that relationiship. Dream interpretations says that often we want to experience those feelings again, but not necessarily with that person.

    See if you can learn more from your dreams.

  • imthedjone, i believe in dreaming very much as a way into our subconcious feelings or thoughts or into the universal subconcious. Through the years, I've learned to tell the difference between what is clairvoyant and what is wishful thinking. It is my thought that you have gotten good advice here, but that interpreting this is personal ... ask yourself what feelings you had during the dream and after? what do you want to accomplish by contacting her? has your prayers led to the dream? A bad break-up after 5 yrs may have left you with many unresolved feelings. Her too. NC after 3 months could just mean Both of You are dealing the best way you can. But, a quick, gracious phone call asking after her well-being may be all it takes to find out why you are making yourself cuckoo about this. Try not to bring up the past! Just ask yourself a few hard questions first, understand your motives, and be clear about them. Sometimes we just share very close connections with the people who have touched our lives.

  • Thanks for the advice everyone i appreciate it. Laie---do you think that my dream could still be a connection i have with her?? the feelings i had after the dream was great. i felt calm maybe because in the dream she said why dont you call or talk to me again sometimes. i really didnt want to wake up. even though i knew it was a dream while i was having it, it was better than reality. its not that i havent accepted reality, but you are right there are still strong feelings there. I dont really want to accomplish anything right now. i honestly just want to star over you know, have a fresh start.

    I just feel like we have so much history since we were together for the past five years that i just cant seem to let it go. I always wondered if she ever felt anything or want me to contact her or just her thinking bout me. do you think maybe that dream was just wishful thinking?? im just confused because like i said i never really have had dreams about her until lately. and the dreams were so vivid and so real. Something does keep nagging me to contact her, but i just dont want to get hurt again. i tried to call and contact her during the initial stages of the break-up and got no response. i was devastated because of the no response. i feel since then i have gotten a lot better and i just dont want to have to go through the break up stage again if she doesnt respond.

    could it still be possible that we even get back together after three months NC?? or is all really to late.

  • I get alot of answers in my dreams. I use to dream alot as a child but for years it seemed like I stopped dreaming all together. When I started meditating it was like I opened up my dream channel..lol The trick to my dreaming is to de-code it. The message is there for me most times, but it isn't always obvious. Keeping a dream journal is very helpful! Especially if you dream of things yet to come. It makes a great reference guide.:) Meditation for me seems to clear out all the daily "junk" therefore it lets my unconscience come through clearer in my dreams.

  • imthedjone, anything is possible and I can see & feel how torn you are. I got chills when I read about your feeling of calm/peace and not wanting to wake up after your dream. I re-read your other posts because of this sensation and it really sounds like this dream is part of you going through the healing process. Healing means you need to just concentrate on yourself ; you can't wonder & worry about what she may be going through or thinking.

    I get that you are putting a lot of energy into this dream because it was a rare event. Sometimes just a simple shift in our focus helps. It already sounds like you are making positive steps in becoming "whole" again. Keep focusing on You, not the "What if ". If that doesn't work in a few more months, lol !, refer back to these posts ! All the Best !

  • what have you got to loose if you contact her, if you dont you will be probably wondering, go for it and if it is wrong well at least you know, just be aware that you may open up a wound that is starting to heal in yourself, you are very vulnerable at the present moment so be gentle on yourself, if you dont do it you wont know , other option is wait a week and see if you are still feeling the same.

  • I tried that........i waited a week and i still feel the same. and i am torn. torn at the fact that i thought i was over her already. instead i come to realize that i miss her even more. after the dream.........it got progressively stronger, the feelings i mean.

    I mean can a relationship even happen still after a break up?? and how long is to long without NC?? is three months to long?? do i still even have a chance here??

    Im supposed to see her for a bday in a couple weeks, well i got invited to it, but im not sure if i should go. any thoughts on that?? should i go??

  • go to her birthday and go with a positive attitude, let go of expectation, its when we expect something to happen and it doesnt that is when it really hurts more as we build up our hopes, what you probably need is to definitley know if their is closure on this or not, so go to the party, and you will get your answer their, people can get together after a breakup, sometimes it clears the mud, and things go well for some people, the old saying absence makes the heart grow fonder, well thats what is happening here with you i say, just try to accept whatever is happening as thinking about it makes it only all the more, and you bring that of which you dont want, the person is dealing with it a lot better than you by the looks, try to regain your power back, and get ontop of it, i know its very hard, have been their a lot of times myself, by gaining your power back, taking a long good hard look at the situation, you will see that the energies can be reversed, this person is not giving away their power and so are remaing on top of their situation, go punch a punching bag, and let some of that anger out it qill get you out of depression and back into empowering yourself, once you have done that you may feel well i dont want to go to the party, excersise will shift this and you will start to feel ontop, have faith, in the end its your decision which way you go with this you can choose to sink or swim,

  • i understand that people can get together after a break up. however, im wondering if the chances are still good even if they havent spoken. Im still really up in the air with the bday. i honestly dont think i can handle seeing her right now. i saw her once for another friends bday and it was just a bad experience. we didnt talk, well she tried to with me and i just couldnt do it. it was hard because i still felt betrayed.

    i dont know even know how i got back here in this situation. i thought i was over everything. to tell you honestly. i came on this site looking for answers to a question that i dont even know. i dont even know what answers im looking for anymore.

    how do i regain that power?? how do i get the upper hand again?? i thought by NC her i would have the upper hand, but i dont. all i know is that life without her isnt all that its cracked up to be. im making huge changes in my life and it feels wrong not having her by my side. does that mean anything?? or am i just looking into it to much. it just doesnt feel right doing the things im doing without her. it feels like she has to be here. it feels like she was supposed to be here.

    Im happy, but i know she is whats missing in my life. I thought it was just the idea of having some there. I thought it was just missing the feeling that someone gives you, but its not. i can honestly say that i miss her and i dont know what to do.

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