Hanswolfgang help please....

  • Dear Hans,

    I just wanted to say thank you again for all you have stated to me in the past and would like to ask a few more questions of you. I have returned to my job and have kept a low key and all with the leo that I was seeing. Out of the blue she tells me that "she misses her friend" . I haven't gone anywhere but only given her the space she asked for seeing how she is seeing some one. I am not sure how to take it and would like some insight from you if you don't mind. Is this a test to see were I am for her or is she thinking about what she could have had not that I am around a lot more. If you could, I would like know what you see about me and if I should count my losses or be patient for her to that I am everything that I have always said.

    Thank you again and Have a Blessed Day


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