Hanswolfgang help please....

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  • Dearest Hanswolfgang, ah! That is cute. : )

    you are sooo awesome!!!

    Hope your holidays are nice!

    Best to you always...

  • Be awake. Just see what you are doing, just see what your life consists of. Is there any awareness or is it just an unconscious play of unconscious forces? Are you just a victim of forces you are not aware of—from where they come, what they are doing to you? Are you going to die in this way?

  • Dearest Hanswolfgang,

    Thank you ! : )

  • Religion arises in wonder and awe. If you can feel wonder, if you can feel awe, you are religious. Not by reading the Bible or the Gita or the Koran, but by experiencing awe. When you see the sky full of stars, do you feel a dance in your heart? Do you see a song arising in your being? Do you feel a communion with the stars? Then you are religious. You are not religious by going to the church or by going to the temple and repeating borrowed prayers which have nothing to do with your heart, which are just head affairs. Religion is a love affair—a love affair with existence.

  • Dearest Hanswolfgang, your insight means alot to me!

    Am trying really hard to be awake and see things clearly,and trying to not be affected by what I see, I wish I could see what I want, but then I just get too comfortable

    and fall back to sleep.

    Hope much happiness and many blessings come ti you, you have no idea how much you help others...

  • At the most, do not continue unconscious and robot-like, then changes are possible.

    One who has become aware, he sees everywhere only one thing: that everything is born and dies, everything begins and ends, that everything is a flux. Nothing is worth clinging to, nothing is worth holding, nothing is worth possessing, because it is bound to disappear sooner or later. Hence he remains nonpossessive.

  • Dearest Hanswolfgang, Wow !!! Of all that you wrote for me to see, "this,is what I really needed to be reminded of! Thanks for intuitively knowing am struggling, don't even know where ti begin to formulate a question, your intuitiveness hit it all right on fhe button you are so awese, yet must remember not to even become attached to you Or your insights,

    Hope your day is all the best it can be...

  • Dear Goldenhill,

    thank you. You are inspiring me, it seems.

    What is religion? It is not the howling of the wolves at the moon, but that’s what it has become to the masses. If the masses are right, then animals have a great religious sense—wolves howling, dogs barking at the moon, at the distant, at the faraway. Paul Tillich has defined religion as the ultimate concern. It is exactly the opposite: it is the immediate concern, not the ultimate concern. In fact, the immediate is the only ultimate there is. Religion is not a desire for the distant, a curiosity for the faraway. It is an inquiry into one’s own being.

  • Hans-Wolfgang,

    just this year I felt strongly shaken and my awakening...I felt the awe you are emphasizing and I don't know why...I think what I went through was up and above my abilities to change any thing and I didn't want to accept the suffering from it.

    but all is confusing and scary and interesting... I can see how this all would help me to easy my suffering and letting go of things, but on the other hand this super-sensitivity scares me from the unknown that I still don't know. My awareness of all happening around me its overwhelming sometime and fear comes with it.

    i wish it was simpler everithing

  • You can trust your soul. Soul means that which is eternal in you, that which is not of time, but transcendental to time. The West has yet to enter into it. And unless western psychology starts seeking and searching for the soul it will remain a very ordinary thing with much jargon. But nothing really significant has come out of it. It has created a great system but the essential core is missing.

  • Dearest Hanswolfgang,

    Hi you! : )

    I am needing my weekly dose of Your insight and wisdom please,


    Best to you always


  • Dearest Hanswolfgang

    Merry Merry Christmas to you and wish you

    the happiest and most Blessed of years to come!!!!

    When you have a chance, can you send me over some

    insight? Had been out of work for 6 weeks, left my job, cause was losing myself,

    am afraid will have to fight again to maintain individuality and boundaries or will be abused and overworked all over again....

    Thanks on advance....

    Best to you always

  • Wolfgang,

    Hope you enjoyed your Christmas holidays.

    My boyfriend of three years after requesting a break has found another relationship. He's moved on faster than I could blink. I guess apart of me wanted to get back together.

    Will I move on quickly, too? Is there someone special coming into my life soon? I really don't want to be on my own for a long time again.



  • Hello

    I know u're busy-- but I would really apprectiate u're inpute when u get the chance--it would make my year.

    I have a late x-mass wish I was hoping you could maybe grant if you get the chance. I am a student and am at cross roads as to which path to choose and follow thru on in my studies-- scientific and litertaure-- world of science--world of writng or wold of diplomacy-- I am running short of time --have been waiting 4 a voice but no such luck or maybe I can't hear well enough.

    I would really apprecite u're insight--into the future and what I would be best at doing. I was thinkning stop what I am doing or finish up and shoot for law?I am torn.........

    also wondering if u could sense anything about someone in my past I used to love and whom is still close to my heart I think--we no longer talk--would we ever talk again, do I contact him or do I let it go--nd were r really done for good.

    and if u can tell about anything about the aqua I like now though it's misty,go for him or no--I feel he likes me just a little too passive --makes wonder

    I am sorry if it seems sense this and that-- thank you.

    and hope u have a very good and warm x-mass and New year 🙂

    p.s I hope one day I could maybe be like u --intuitive-- I feel I sometimes do and times maybe not--how would one know for sure

    Thank you so very very much...I know this must be a lot.Thnk you hope u get the chance to look at it.

  • oh not sure if being sep/16/1987 helps any at all

  • I just reread my post and I am sorry if it seems so demanding., i didn't mean to be.I'll understand if u don't get the chance.

    light and peace

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  • Hanswolfgang, Dear Hans

    please tell me what you see for me?????

    I am hurtin, I got fired from my new job

    what us wrong?

    What us wrong with me, and or these situations

    I keep attracting

    help please : (

    thank you

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