Hanswolfgang help please....

  • Hanswolfgang, yes, I am definetly on the lookout....

    Ouch!!! You will be hearin from me again.... Your insight

    has really got things moving will reach out when I forget and need a reality check...

    Many Blessings to you always

    and I thank you

  • About the inner world: There is energy, movement, processes, but no entity, no ego.

    There is no qualitative difference between water and ice or vapor. The difference is only of temperature. Every human being has the potential to be awakened.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Dearest Hanswolfgang, Re: ego

    and shadow, how does one embrace and utilize???

    Are dark shadow?????

    Atleast now am aware "Of" when I being critical of others

    I know if I spot it I got it, Not sure how to HEAL PSYCHE????

    Best to you....

  • Hi hans, I met a Libra man few year back & instantly took a liking to him, I make it a point to attend his B/day gathering every year. After these few years I can't get him out of my mind & wish to know if he shared the same feeling too.He always treat me differently from others, all I wish is to become a very close personal friend of him, do you think it be possible. By the way he's born on 21th Oct 70 while I'm born on 3rd Nov.54.

    I always get very nervous beside acting silly whenever he's around & avoid looking into his eyes, why do I behave such stupid manner? I get upset when he fail to respond to mail recently, what has gotten over me? Please advice.

  • Dear Goldenhill

    and shadow, how does one embrace and utilize??? Just act it out. Your shadows are all the impulses you are suppressing. Let them come out.

    Are dark shadow????? No, it is pure love.

    Not sure how to HEAL PSYCHE???? Healing is a gift of love. Let yourself get healed by existence and then let your being healed overflow as healing, like a raincloud, that showers.

    Once your eye is completely clean, clean of all the dust, once it becomes a pure mirror, it reflects that which is. And that is truth and truth liberates, but it has to be your own. My truth cannot liberate you, Buddha's truth cannot liberate you. There is only one possibility of liberation, that is your own truth. And all that you have to do is to create a dispassionate eye.

    But if there is no freedom of thought, consciousness has no possibility to grow.

  • Hi Bornbeautiful

    he shared the same feeling too.

    But I do not think it be possible to become a very close personal friend of him.

    Why do you behave such stupid manner? Because you are feeling yourself bound and blinded.

    What has gotten over you? Contrary to all your old beliefs you are experiencing love in a spiritual way, original and alive.

    You have solid values. You have protection in finances, however that protection is only accessed through hard work. You must put forth the effort to reap the rewards, but the rewards are surely there. To achieve this, you often have to come to terms with your own inner restlessness and dissatisfaction. You never receive anything without paying some price for it. Often the work you must do involves your marriage or your closest relationships. You are very sociable, meet many people, and usually have many friends. You have high ideals concerning love and often these ideals can cause confusion in real life romantic situations. There are difficulties to be dealt with in your life and you must watch a tendency to get into a rut and get stuck there. However, all you need to do to have more happiness is to work. Once you get into action, everything smoothes out, and your fears are laid to rest.

    Never choose, remain choicelessly aware and accept life as it is. Don’t impose any choice of your own. The absolute is there, the relative is there. Your mind is relative, but your consciousness is absolute. Your body changes, your mind changes are like a wheel—but your witnessing consciousness is like an axle; it remains always the same, never changing. It is on that axle that the mind-and-the-body wheel moves. And they are not against each other; they are supporting each other, they are complementary to each other.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    dearest Hanswolfgang, sooo if I am angry at someone who wrongs me I can lash out, and eventually all these patterns that I attract will stop????

    Or I just have to deal with the way cards hav been dealt this life time????

    I keep attracting people that push me around, try too any way- bossy and controlling and backbiting , this is a painful environment to be in..,,

    is this life.... Perception, or what????? Ha ha

    O keep writing about my difficult work/ love relationships

    what am I doing wrong???

    or is the proper way to "see". Just watch ad someone is being rude, obnoxious And controlling

    just watch and breathe and observe ????

    I am driving myself crazy trying to figure this out,

    I want to do serious work so can be whole, so will do affirmations

    for protection, right thinking...

    Thanx again

  • If you are angry at someone who wrongs you you should not lash out, otherwise eventually all these patterns that you attract will not stop.

    You have not to deal with the way cards hav been dealt this life time.

    This is not life.... it is Perception! Ha ha

    About your difficult work/ love relationships

    what are you doing wrong: You give in submitting yourself the false rules of society.

    The proper way is to "see". Just watch your breathing without controlling.

    What you need is resolution. Resolution means totality, commitment, involvement, a quantum leap into something, into something which is not yet clearly known. Taking a risk is resolution. But the mind is a coward. It avoids risks; it seeks security, safety. Resolution is one of the ways to go beyond misery, schizophrenia.

    Don´t always remain erect, learn to bend. Don´t be an egoist, learn to be humble. Remaining stiff and erect is really a sign of old age, while bending, yielding, is a characteristic of childhood, of freshness. An old man cannot bend. His bones have hardened, have become stiff. A child is soft and bends easily. A child often falls down, but he stands up again just as quickly. Why do you want to be old? Why do you want to paralyze your inner life? Why don´t you want to be like a small child? When a man falls in love he becomes a child again. Again he learns to yield; again he becomes soft. Then all the fear and paralysis disappear.

  • Hanswolfgang, "got it", I hope for now anyway, ha ha

    sooo I must just be and observe, as it comes at me, not be afraid, and after, I can perhaps endure, then my perception will have possible, changed, hm...

    I am really gonna not bug you for awhile, have a bunch of insight you have given me to implement into my life, I am fond of you, and wish you only the best....

    until next time....

  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    Firstly thanks for your reply..but there are certain things that I failed to understand and hope you can specify in more details.

    I didn’t quite get your meaning, when you said it be impossible for us to become close personal friend. Do you mean that he’s reluctant to accept me as his friend? What puzzling me is, he told a few of my close friends that we knew each other for sometimes and he admired me in certain ways. I’m not exaggerating when I told you that he showers me with very special attentions whenever we met; many of my ladies friend felt that he treat me like a queen in the presence of his family, co-worker & personal friends.

    You said that I’m experiencing love in a spiritual way, original and alive; does this apply to him too? Its not that I wish for a fling or anything, I only wish to treat him like a son, someone whom he can ask for guidance in times of need and to pamper him with tender care when he’s feeling low.

    We used to exchange emails couple of months back, but after his recent b/day in Oct. he suddenly stop replying my mails. Knowing well that he worked 24/7, I dare not demand any explanations from him but kept mailing him every once a week. I wonder if I done anything to frighten him away. It hurts me just by thinking that after six long years our friendship end in this manner and we won’t be seeing each other anymore. I whole heartily adored & treasure him above anyone else.

    He'll be throwing a party during the Chinese New Year on Feb, will it be wise for me to attend? Or do you think I shall just forget about him & move on with my life? Please help me out regarding this issue; your advices will be much appreciated.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    That's a very German sounding name.

    I am a Sag/female (01 Dec 69) and recently my boyfriend (24 Jul 85) of three years asked for a break in our relationship. He wanted to marry me but I was apprehensive because of the age difference. I was having a very horrible time at work and put in an assignment request (military) for Korea. So, now I am in Korea and my Leo has not been able to forgive me for coming here. We've had some problems the last few months but I thought we were making progress and trying to forgive each other for hurts we caused. My question is....Is the break permanent? Is there something else or someone else in his life, now?

    Bless you,


  • Dear Bornbeautiful,

    he’s not reluctant to accept you as his friend.

    I said that you’re experiencing love in a spiritual way, original and alive; this does apply to him too.

    You have not done anything to frighten him away.

    It will not be wise for you to attend his party during the Chinese New Year on Feb.

    Just forget about him.

    Be concerned with you, absolutely with you.

  • Monika,

    ja, hier in Deutschland ist der Name ganz normal, so wie Monika.

    The break is not permanent.

    There is not something else or someone else in his life.

    Nothing has changed.

  • Hallo Hans,

    Vielen dank fur die Lesung.

    I appreciate you responding to my post. I hope the weather and holidays will be good to you in beautiful Germany. It's been three years since I've been back home.



  • hanswolfgang,

    Another question or two on the same topic. Is there a time frame of when we will get back together? Do I need to let him contact me when he's ready?

    thanks again,


  • Moni,

    there is a time frame of when you will get back together.

    You do not need to let him contact you when he's ready.

    There is a Zen saying that the birds have no desire to be reflected in the lake, the lake has no desire to reflect the birds, but it still happens. The birds are reflected, the lake reflects, although the desire exists neither on the part of the birds nor on the part of the lake. In this desirelessness everything happens, nothing is done.

    Experiment with love in as many ways as possible and you will become richer every day. You will find new sources and new ways to love, new objects to love. And then ultimately a moment comes when one simply sits with no object of love, simply loving -- not loving to somebody, just loving, just full of love, overflowing with love. And then you are fulfilled, utterly contented, you have arrived.

  • hanswolfgang,

    Well my Leo friend did what I hoped she wouldn't do and that is completely discard everything I have done for her. I don't really know how to react to it all. I was told we are now friends with boundaries and not really sure how to take it all. I could use some more in sight from you on how to approach this when I go back to seeing her regularly at our place of work. How is some one can turn emotions off like a switch? How do I move forward from her when she is still deeply rooted in me. I know that there is going to come a time when I am the one she calls upon in a crisis. I can be a friend but I cant let go of the love in my heart..... It was too real for me to just throw away like this. What is your advice on this situation?


  • Pixious,

    how to react to it all: the only one, what is left for you, are your problems. Just wait.

    how to take it all: your ego has suffered a downfall. Become more aware of your ego.

    some more insight from me on how to approach this when you go back to seeing her regularly at your place of work: this was a downfall for you. Remain fallen down, stay down, care for you and your breakdown, not for her and her boundaries.

    How can someone turn emotions off like a switch? by being like married, taking the other for granted without any togetherness, just working together being emotional cold.

    How do you move forward from her when she is still deeply rooted in you? Remain calm and collected. Hold on to yourself. Your energy is leaking out because of her. Withdraw your energies within yourself.

    What is my advice on this situation? Find someone who can intermediate between you and your Leo friend.

    One need not go anywhere to be blissful. One can sit silently, be alone, and be blissful. Nothing else is needed; just the pulsation of life is enough.

  • Dearest Hanswolfgang, just poppin in to say hello, I hope all is well with you, will chat again with you sometime, am still chewing on all you have filled me with already...

    Bye for now,


  • Be a chew-chew-chew-chew-train 😉

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