Hanswolfgang help please....

  • Dear Hanswolfgang, you are sooooo Psychic!!!!

    I felt all good things about this pend. job in Texas, I had an awesome interview today-Mon

    there is not enough of a "census" case load to hire me at this time, you were soooo right on!

    I was in such denial, thinking it cant be it cant be, re: your reading, so as it stands,if not now then hopefully in the near future, just not on this Monday

    Thank you so much for allllllll your insight.

    Best always

  • hanswolfgang,

    Thank you for the past readings on me. I feel so empty right now with my current relationship status with my Leo female friend. She pushes me away in one hand then pulls me back with the other. I could really use some insight on this one. I have turned my back to her but because of everything that is going on my defenses are up and I am really scared that I may loose her for good. I am in a million pieces right now and cant seem to put me back together. Help if you can.

    Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.


  • pixious

    sorry I can't help much in this case

    I hope hans can show you the way

    it's hard to change leo's mind when they are set on something

    I was exactly that, until I found a spiritual path for me

    I can only hope there is still hope for you two to be together

  • leoscorpion

    Thank you, its like she is in self destruct mode. She tells me I am too good for her and deserves better. Funny thing is I cant get her out of my mind. The harder I try the worse it gets......

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • she needs to snap out of the past

    I know how hard it is for her I've been there myself

    well hope for the best anyway and have a good thanksgiving yourself

  • Pixious

    you should now first collect yourself, all the million pieces. Hold on to yourself and get more grounded, more rooted, more centered.

  • Hanswolfgang, I had to leave my nursing job 3 weeks ago it was consuming my life and got burnt out.... Do you see a fullfilling job opportunity in near future????

    Thank you

  • Goldenhill

    I do not see a fullfilling job opportunity in near future.

    But something in you is triggered, something in you starts growing.

  • Hanswolfgang, Can you tell what is it in me that cannot

    attract fullfilling job situations? Or relationships???? Is it destiny, karmic, lack of social skills???

    It almost seems like " relationship" stuff it's all an illusion and part of learning lessons

    Hm? I really do appreciate your time...

    Thank you very much

  • Goldenhill,

    it is lack of social skills. Yes, relationship is all an illusion and part of learning lessons.

    All is quiet. But you are mistrusting. That is in you, what cannot attract fulfilling job situations. You have to learn to accept gifts from existence.

    You are divided between being in love and defending your space, your position. That is in you what cannot attract relationships.

    Darkness and light cannot be present together. The ego is just darkness; absence of consciousness is ego. When you become conscious, ego disappears. When consciousness is total, ego is not found at all.

  • Hanswolfgang- ok will try to absorb all your insight.... Thanks again for all your time and patience

    Best to you...

  • Hanswolfgang, goodmorning,

    can you ease tell me what you see in future in general, love??? do you see a job for me,

    do you see success and prosperity, I am tired of struggling, and just existing

    I need to attract a job, do not want to be in same

    situation where it consumes my life I. E.

    Work during day and all nite long and weekends and no time for my life, soooo exhausted

    thank you

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Dearest Hans, please disregard my request for a reading at this time.

    I was freaking out, there just with no sense of direction, and really needing

    a job, yet afraid for same patterns to reoccur, for now am gonna

    continue chewing on your previous posts to me as bits and pieces are starting to resonate

    Thanks again for being ever so available for insight...

  • Life is a trial-and-error process. If you drop all mistakes, errors, you become so accustomed to doing the right thing that exploration, adventure, disappears from your life. Und because of your own fears you won´t allow yourself to go in new directions, into new dimensions. You will make yourself afraid, you will paralyze yourself, you will cripple yourself.

    You don't have to follow a way to reach your nature because you cannot leave your nature, you cannot go anywhere else. Even if you wanted to, it is impossible. That's exactly the definition of nature: nature means that which cannot be left behind, that which cannot be renounced. But you can forget about it. You cannot lose it but it can be forgotten.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Dearest Hanswolfgang,

    Thank you, for your insight ,will try to digest this

    hope to not bug you for awhile

    hav good day.

  • Truth cannot be defined, although it can certainly be experienced. But experience is not a definition. A definition is made by the mind, experience comes through participating. If somebody asks, 'What is a dance?' how can you define it? But you can dance and you can know the inner feel of it. God is the ultimate dance.

  • Good day Hanswolfgang

    Please know I value all your insight and take this seriously

    can you share what books I may read re your philosophical insight/ teachings

    good to see you back : )

  • I can recommend you every book of Osho, and there are many!

    Also books about taoism, especially books of Osho about taoism.



    Something in you is triggered, something in you starts growing.

  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    am feeling like issues have been trigerred and am ready to stay awake now

    thank you again, will look into Dao first.

    Many Blessings to you...

  • One needs a certain insight, and one has to be on the lookout continuously.

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