Hanswolfgang help please....

  • I am an Oct 1 70 , Libra and my heart aches for a July 24 68 Female Leo. We are great friends and on occasions more. How can we get to the next level again. There is baggage on both side but I am always told I am the one she counts on but I want to take it further but she throws the best friends card on me. She wants me to date other people and I am really confused about all this after comming out of a very bad previous relationship. Should I move on or wait...... Either way may heart craves her...... Please shed some insight and light onto this.


  • You are projecting your mother on that Female Leo. I don´t know if there should be the next level again.

    You should neither move on nor wait.

    Just act freely, but do not try to dominate by pressure or radical methods.

  • Hanswolfgang, can you please give ne some insight?

    My DOB-10-31-59@1206pm keep attracting sane job situations, horrendous job demands

    and wonder if this job in Texas is going to come thru

    and I'd will be better work conditions as I had to leave my last job, took s toll on me on all levels,

    thru out my numerous job changes I have had difficulty maintaining personal boundaries and hope that I have some sense of self esteem which helped me to stand my ground and say noo more!!!

    Can you please tell me how to get started doing intuitive readings???

    Am really called to this


    thanks for your time

  • This job in Texas is not going to come thru.

    You are holding on to misery, avoiding togetherness and going inside.

    To get started doing intuitive readings you must first help yourself, go on your own way, find out, what your next step is. What you are missing is Hara, that means rebellion.

    Come out of the masses. Stand alone like a lion and live your life according to your own light, before giving light to others.

    You are fighting with your shadow. The shadow cannot leave you in this way. Neither fighting nor flight will help. Where will you go? Wherever you go, you will carry yourself with you and your shadow will be there.

    You are most creative, being an actor or thief or spiritual initiate. Just how it manifests in your life will depend a lot on what are your values and your occupation.

    In all cases, it is wise to safeguard your personal property. Just be more careful than usual because there is a strong potential for someone to either rip you off or in some other way do something dishonest.

    Being such a creative force can bring great success in any of the artistic pursuits. This is an energy that can be used to further your success in many areas.

    Finally you could get an initiation into a higher lifestyle. For example, you might read a book that inspires you to start a regular plan of exercise. Because that book caused a positive change in your basic lifestyle, this would be considered to be a spiritual initiation. Of course, there are more profound spiritual initiations than a new exercise program, but keep in mind that the initiation will have a definite effect on what you do day in and day out.

  • pixious

    if this female leo has been in a bad relationship with a libra before, most likely she will not respond to what you want. it's very hard for us to forgive let alone forget past hurts, because leos tend to jump into things with all their heart and energy. to be hurt by someone we love, is the same thing as hurting our pride and that can make us turn into cold-hearted revenge machine. it is true that leo females are loyal, at least if you look at sun signs only, not considering other planets in her birth chart or other influences.

    you said both of you have baggages. try to find out as detailed as you can, what are her baggages. if you really love her, you need to give her time to heal and be there for her. do you know why she doesn't want you more than friends, other than possibly the past hurts? maybe your look, physical etc? do an honest assessment of your self and improve where you feel she is not interested in. you know what, you can actually ask her this. make her point out what is it that she doesn't find attractive in you and make necessary changes. do your best, not necessarily change everything. but at least she will see that you mean what you say.

    we are hot blooded sign, for her to turn cold on you, it seems like she was deeply hurt in the past. or there are things that you do that turn her off. you said she told you she can count on you. this is a good start. keep being this person she can count on, later she will trust you, and then she may consider give you her heart. of course, if you are patient enough, for this can take a long time because she needs to heal from her past hurt and start trusting men again.

  • Hanswolfgang, thank you for your quik response!!! Am having a difficult time chewing on the job part, as I have put all my prayers and energy into it, and feel thus far I have paid my karmic dues, an ex collegue is there and speaks of it in a positive light, I get the piece Re: I take myself wherever I go, I must make a living and am hoping this hospice position comes thru as I am passionate about this type of work and must make a living, hoping to not be driven to the ground with Hi work load and intense oncall shifts etc....

    Thanks again, will see how 2nd interview goes

    Best to you


  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks Hans for the past insight. I not sure where the relationship will go but I am really deeply tore up. I feel as if my heart has been ripped to shreds. With all the strife in my life it so hard to find the balance that makes me whole. I had it for a moment with my Leo partner but but it is not there right now. Yes I do seek her for a deeper relationship beyond the physical. There are so many "things" that clutter my life right now from home, work, love, and self that I do not know if I am coming or going. I have found your readings very helpful and wonder what all you see. Could really use some direction for the energies I have so that I am not wasting time in the wrong directions.

  • leoscorpion

    Thank you so much for your post. We have talked and there are some issue with past relationships. We were at one very much in love and happy. As she states it was to much to fast. I am being patient with her because I know her heart and there are times when she lets me in but then back peddles. As far as turn offs I know there are financial concerns due to both of our past relationships. I know what I bring to the table and know that I would never let her do without. I am still financially helping now when others said no. " I love you but am not in love with you". is the phrase put to me and I dont really understand that one. Shed some light if you can thanks again.

  • the phrase means she is not in love with you but you sure means more than just friends to her.

    she loves you for all that you have done for her but she can't give her heart to you, at least not now. I can understand financial concerns turns her off, we see money as tools for generosity and to enjoy life. banking and money flow are something that naturally interest us, so if you have money concern it sure will put a damper on the relationship. recession must hit her hard, even if she can keep her job, she will still see this event almost as doomsday itself and most likely withdraw her plans for the future, even if it includes getting more serious with you. she is not afraid of cutting down expenses, but she is afraid that even cutting down expenses will not be enough. she is not afraid of hard work, but she is afraid that even hard work will not help to pay the bills.

    you know her heart. hold on to it as long as you can. you have been helpful and she can count on you. be this person for as long as you can. amidst financial concern, a leo can postpone marriage or sending gifts. there is something about money that can cripple us, this is something that I as a leo woman myself have tried to overcome all my life. I postponed having children for 8 years of marriage, thinking that we couldn't afford it. Lately however as I have turned into spiritual path, I don't let it cripple me anymore and now we are trying to have babies. But it also helps that I am married to a Capricorn who is a money savvy so I feel secure even though we are far from rich. Show your leo that you know what to do to bring more money in or at least manage the inflow and outflow. I know libras are generous but how are you in saving and managing your debts? if you can show her you can do this too, she will learn from you and overall, it will put her in a more relaxed state.

    I can't read like hanswolfgang, so what I am telling you is mostly life experience. Things are unclear for you two now, but you can change this. I can feel that she has hit rock bottom she can't come up with new ideas about money anymore. You can show her these, just do more brainstorming together first. Sit down together and write down the numbers, yours and hers. is there a child involved? is it some kind of debt with high interest? can you both take up additional job? meet a financial consultant to work it out and see if you can merge all debts into one as to reduce interest and who knows you may find that the built-up charges are not justified and can go legal to eliminate them. I know she fears the future for material reason, tell her that her fear is what cripples her, not the money itself, for you two will work it out. keep telling her this, every time you see her fall in the same pattern. your endless support and patience will gain her trust and you will be surprised how far trust can go when it comes to a leo. you may aim for her heart but she will give you more than that. she may even get over this financial concern, you just can't tell how far we can go when we trust someone. in fact this is why past hurts can kill our desire to enjoy life, because we trust easily and hand our life to the other person on a platter. your leo has experienced it, and still recovering from it. give her time and make the effort, you will have her back.

  • Hanswolfgang , I am stuck si nce your reading plz clarify me holding on to "Misery"

    I don't want this I'n my jobs anyore and plz clarify fighting my shadow!!!! Help how to get thru so hav good new job experience

    thanx in advance

  • Pixious,

    you are going. The energies you have should flow in your interests. Find out what fascinates you and go for it. Learning and study is the direction.

  • leoscorpion

    Thank you so much for replying to me. I will share more so you can paint a picture. As far as my financial standings are concerned they are not that bad. I pay my bills but have lost a lot in my divorce and my credit not that strong due to my ex. I have helped my Leo to the tune of over two thousand dollars over the past year. she has paid back some here and there. Now it is around fifteen hundred and i have even put her on my phone plan because she has not established credit. Here ex (a really hateful Libra) has been controlling and dominate over this point in their relationship. Now for the record we have not officially dated since July but she still told me she loved me and all that up to a few weeks ago. she trusts me with her youngest son to take him places and do things with him with out her and i am very attached to all her children. She has told when she lets her guard down that she does love me but then the walls go back up. She knows that I am here for and treat very well on many levels but it is like she is waiting for me to disappoint her so she can go "see you are just like the others". She tells me to date other people then tells that she is scared that she may loose the best thing she ever had. I know that I can provide for her and her family because I continually do it. while taking care of my own responsibilities too. she tells me I put her on a pedestal but I tell her i am giving her what she deserves. My children adore her and I would not let her in their life if I had reservations. We have a compatibility beyond the mere physical attraction.

    I do have my faults like everyone else and strive hard to over come and correct them. I have never felt this way for any woman and it is killing me at the same time. I do the little things like rub her feet and back after a long day. If I am over at her house I will do the dishes without being asked. Ill do things for her that I never did before in other relationships because I want to do them for her and not that I have to be asked. All the different signals are confusing to me and I don't want to loose her but cant watch her fail either. I always have told her that I will be there and have promised to be there. She calls me her best friend over her female friends and anyone else. Then tells me to take my heart back even though she has it. I know she is talking (not dating per her words) someone and they communicate constantly. I have some trust issues that I am over coming from my past but cant seem to get her out of my head and heart. People tell us that we make a great couple and I truly believe that. I have become totally transparent and vulnerable to her and it scares the life out of me.

    I have never wanted more from someone but she tells she doesn't deserve me and that I am to good to her. I really do love this woman and I hurt so much for her. I told her last night that she was a priority in my life and she she doesn't want that. But how can I keep from being that when I care for her and take care of her when she comes to because not else will help. I have seen her at her worse and weakest and have not judged but cant seem to make headway back to her heart where I used to be.

    Please help anyway you can, I do appreciate your time and correspondence.

  • that confirms it. I did say that if she had bad experience with a libra it would be hard to get her to trust another libra. I can feel your despair. Wow you really love this woman. and yes compatibility as I mentioned I looked it up and you have all positive aspects but one, which is great. The libras I know are cheaters, no offense. but I was the third party LOL damn! OK not saying you are cheater, but it's just funny I am now talking to you.

    I know exactly how she feels, hurt so much that she feels comfortable in it and more afraid about good things, such as you. She feels that good things don't last which is true in some cases but in this case, she may have lost it due to her own doing.

    try find out about this person she is communicating with. are they close, have you seen them together, what do you know about him? when did they start communicating, what happened around this time, did you see significant changes around this time or soon after? not saying she cheats, but you have the right to know what's going on. man I can't believe I'm trying to help a Libra man LOL well seems you are honest loving so I am helping her in this case !

    See if you understand what Hans is saying. learning something... might have something to do with your leo.

  • Hanswolfgang still stuck, help plz....

  • Hanswolfgang help plz

  • Quest from 11/19 read re miisery and shadow

    ttx in advance

  • Hanswolfgang, can you see me???

    How to stop fighting shadow, how to embrace it

    what about holding on to "misery"

    help plz


  • Goldenhill,

    you are holding on to misery because you are in fear of change. But this unknown change means transformation for you. Go for your goal. Fighting your shadow means mistrusting oneself. To get thru so hav good new job experience you need to fight and struggle.

    Stíll stuck means being blind and fighting off in an indecisive way.

    Get in contact with your real strength, which is your shadow.

    Be aware of your ego, which wants to dominate with intuition.

    I cannot see you, but you stop fighting shadow by being part of the community around you, in harmony with the people around you. You embrace it by getting in balance, yin and yang, male and female, inside of you. You are giving up hope holding on to misery.

    And look inside your own being. Are you in love with yourself? If you are, then the doubt is not possible. The doubt simply reflects, that your love has disappeared. Life has become a drag, you have started taking misery for granted. Love is no more there. Now it is only a hangover, hence the doubt. Bring the love back, bring the poetry back, bring the romance back.

  • Hanswolfgang, ok, lots more to soak in thank you sooo much for your valuable insight

    I really do appreciate your time

    and effort

    thanks again

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