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  • Welcome to the Horoscope forums. This is a place of openness and goodwill, and we're happy that you've joined us.

    Please feel free to introduce yourself in this thread. You could start by telling us about your horoscope for today ... and whether or not it seems to be coming true!

  • Hi folks, I'm a newbie but love feng shui. I am a feng shui practioner and love it.

  • Hi, I am thankful today because I know I am tgruely loved by at least one "Jesus"! And for the Love of my friends and family and especially my hot boyfriend who I adore!

  • Hey everybody i am a new guy. I would like to make some new friends because right now i don't really have any. So if there is any one out there that could use a new friend im right here!

  • hey redhead iam happy for u those are all good things to be thankful for! never forget how lucky u are!!!!

  • hi everyone. new here 🙂

  • hi everybody, I am also new , I am a leo and my rising sign is Virgo, along with my moon sign.

    When I read my horoscope daily for Leo a lot of times the horoscope for virgo fits better, does the horoscope work like that? I have all charateristics of a leo but I find myself very analytical

    of things also. I used to react before I thought which sent me through the school of hard knocks

    and when I finally decided that was enough I started to analyze whatever the situation was or is before I act these days.

  • Hello All - also wondering about rising sign / sun sign horoscopes - which is more indicative of career trends? I only ask this because my rising sign and sun sign career forecasts are wildly different, and it's a bit of a critical turning point at the moment!!! Any insights MOST welcome!

  • My Ex-Husband and I are Back 2Gether after a 35+yr. Divorce !!! We have not EVER 'gotten over' each other. Due to 'different circumstances' we BOTH "Llost" our respective spouses this past year> Does anyone see this relationship working out for us ?? We are STILL very much 'IN LOVE' w/each other and have 3 children {now grown w/families of their own }. kAtE/dOuG

  • Welcome All!

    I am not quite a newbie anymore so I thought I would stop in and wish each of you a very happy New Year! May the universe reign many blessings upon each and every one this 2010. I usually just welcome peopleand help wherever I can. I'm not a reader but I can interpret some dreams. I have received a lot of wonderful assistance and love from people here and I love to give back wherever I can. Feel free to go through the threads and read. This will give you an idea of how things are done. If you ask for a reading please remember to give you full birthdate. In some cases you'll want to give time of birth and place of birth. Some of the readers are from other countries and so their system is different I make it a habit of spelling out the month as their system is day, month and year, versus our month day and year. Blessings upon each and everyone. Blessed be...


  • I am always ready to meet a new friend... are you still here?

    newbie2, 1-02-10

  • Hi, Viv here, I'm not new to the site, but am to the Forum... I'm a Leo, w/Taurus rising & Moon in Leo also .. I love, but do not know how to read a chart .. hoping to learn more ...

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am new to the forum. I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on what will be happening to me in 2010. I am a female cancer,my rising sign is Pisces, my sun is in Cancer and my moon is is Scorpio.

    Thanks, Rooster5

  • Hi all!!!! I am a newbie to the forum only. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I certainly hope this year will be better than last, and, I actually have a sign it will. Wishing all well and may all your hopes and prayers be given.

  • Hi, I am just an old great-grandmother. I love to talk, I am a Gemini and I am true to the sign even though I was born on the last day next to Cancer. Sometimes Cancer shows up but I think because my mother was a Gemini and my father a Cancer.

  • Hello & Welcome all! I remember when I was a newbie, just like it was only a week or so ago! LOL it was.. People are great here. Very gifted and kind. I am also a leo 7/27/59. Seems like we are out in force today. I have read so many of the topics I feel personally connected to most of the people here. Looking forward to the future :-))

  • Hey everyone, 😃

    I have been a member with this site for a little while now,but am new to the forum,I can't wait to embark on this spiritual journey with you all,and look forward to reading your topics and gaining insight from your experiences aswell as gaining more wisdom on my own path.

    Briefly about me astrologically:

    I'm a cancer,but could easily identify myself as being on a cancer/leo cusp,My rising sign is Gemini and Moon sign Libra.

    I can't wait to chat,and hope that my intuition may be of some help to others out there.

  • Hi to one & all!!!

    I've been a member for a while just noticed the community tab, thinking this is the place to meet like minded people & hope to make good friends, from what I've been reading here I know this is a good place to be to get working on myself, do the healing I've been holding off & start to fulfill my obligations that I've been ignorant to & further my knowledge in all areas of interest.

    I think this site is great & now realise I should subscribe & start using the full extent of the site so thank you to all involved in the making & running of this wonderful site thank you!!!

    A little about me I'm a gemini from scotland but really have itchy feet to move some where els in britain & the world & really want to start traveling as well there is places in the world that are attracting me wether on the map or hidden! I have one tarot deck at the moment the Universal Tarot Pamela Colman-Smith's Rider-Waite from The Tarot Kit for Beginners by Janet Berres & plan on getting more I would also like to make my own deck when ready if I had to say a favorite it would be the Crow's Magic, that will be the next deck I purchase because I feel an affinity to these birds & now know what they are telling me & symbolise, I really do love them!

    Hope to make some connection with you all soon, may be a little while to get back to you as I am currently staying with a friend & don't have a connection of my own so please have patience!

    Much Love!!!!!

  • Hi this is Mary smith.I am very happy to join this kind of platform.

  • hello ev1! i am new to the forum scene so not sure if i am doing this correctly. i am a cancer and enjoy horoscopes and psychic readings. i would really like some insight on any changes in my life in the near future. my dob is 6-27-64. i feel like i am in store for some major changes, just not sure what.

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