Is this how a real tarot reader does it?

  • Hello,

    I am basically new to tarot; I frantically played with a deck for a couple of years a couple of years ago; gave up faith in every possible faith for about the last three-ish years; and am now playing with the deck again, but the only way I know how to do a reading is to grab a book and run all over the net for card meanings, I don't really get anything just looking at the cards myself. I am actually totally fascinated with tarot; I have a hard time having any kind of faith in anything any more, but it is extremely interesting how I keep turning up the same cards no matter what day, what spread, what question, and I have a hard time discounting that! 'Specially when this one card in particular I knew was going to show up in two readings, and one of the readings was a One Card reading! Can you really piece together truth for someone out of a tarot reading by scrambling all over the place for card meanings?

    Thank you!


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