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  • ok, so i have this boyfriend, and he's the most amazing guy i could ever ask for.......He's eighteen and a leo...While me on the other hand (sixteen and a Cancer) we've been going out since last year and our anniversary is coming up....i don't know what to give him, but when i ask my friends what to give him, they always tell me to break up with him.....I can't trust anyone anymore.....i need help

  • Why do your friends want you to break up? Are they jealous of you? If you are happy to be with him then I wouldnt listen to that. I suggest getting your bf a nice bottle of cologne and I picture of the two of you together in a frame. Or even a bracelet or watch if he likes to wear jewlry. I think your friends are maybe also concerned about you getting hurt but thats the risk any of us take when getting involved with someone. Do you ever feel like he is using you? Do you trust him? Those are things you should ask yourself that will tell you if sonething is wrong. Best of luck to you with your bf, relationships are challenging especially when you are young.

  • Lostsouls- I feel like you're needing to defend him or your relationship. There is something much deeper than you're acknowledging. You can and MUST trust, but place your trust in the right place and don't close your eyes to the truth...even if its a truth you don't want to see.

  • hisbablove and lovinmylife--- i do trust him.......with all my heart. I've just never wanted to see if he was ever using me.I don't think i would ever manage if he was....But lovinmylife i will probably consider those gifts as an ideal gift. 🙂 Oh and by the way..they aren't jelous of us.....I just hope they will cooperate and understand us more.....We've been hanging out more, than how i used to with my friends...i give him space of course, i'm not clingy..(^o^)

    By the way, thank you both for the reply's. 🙂

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