Send our team positive energy today please:)

  • The Cavaliers are a wonderful high school boys varsity water polo team, each of whom is special to me (especially the wonderful, all grown up, goalie who will always be a baby to me:)

    Most of these great young men are graduating this year(sniff, sniff) so this is their last chance at the title they have worked so hard for.

    City finals are tonight, so I'm asking all the generous and FABULOUS friends here to send them light and luck, please. It means SO much to these great, giving, and truly outstanding young me...and ALL of us who love them!

    I know your encouragement will support and surround them with all of us there tonight and I send you all my love and thanks!

  • This is going to be a very exciting game, win or lose you are going to have a great night and the energy there tonight is going to be almost overwhelming but in a good way. Have fun!!!

  • I want to offer my Best Wishes to the Cavalier... may they be granted the gift of Speed to Succeed...HOORAH

  • Best wishes for the Calvaliers!

    May their efforts pay off and give them the success they so crave for.

    Love and light 😄

  • Kick ass| Peace x

  • I'm way late on here but... how'd they do? Hopefully they did well?

  • THANK YOU ALL SOOOO Much!! Your wishes were received by the entire team at the Olympic stadium where the competed tonight and rose the challenge:):)

    I was proud to show them your wonderful messages, let them know that the world was FULL of great people like you and though they would be saying some goodbyes at graduation and with the end of their season, there was a world of joyful experiences and precious friends to go out and meet.

    Your messages were the example I used to illustrate that point. They send their heartfelt gratitude and want you to know you DID help them shine and win.

    I can't express my thanks in any words other than the language in my very full heart.

  • WOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge HUGE congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You're awesome:) thank you so much!

  • Congratulations Cavaliers and all, well done! x

  • Thank you Azure and everyone! I'm going to print out all these wonderful messages, hide everyone's "name" to respect your privacy, and add them to the scrapbooks they will get at their team banquet.

    Your words will be a part of their history now and always:)

    You are all SO amazing.

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