Looking to the future

  • hi im looking to see if someone can give me any insight into my future?im married 24yrs but all is not well on that front. at the moment we are thinking of a trial seperation to maybe get our heads clear and to see if this marriage is worth saving or going our seprerate ways . i have 2 young children and my husband was my first love .i honestly dont know how i feel at this moment . any insight would be appreciated. would like a reply from someone as soon as possible thanks.im 45yrs old.

  • a trial saparation can be quit good as it can bring back the loving that is buried somewhere, also if time out is required do it, ask your partener how he feels about seeing a marraige guidiance councellor, it is hard for both of you and you have children to consider, sit down with hubby get someone to mind the children and have a good talk about what each other would like to do, as i know marraige breakups can be very devastating and could impact on the children, ask yourself do i really want to end my marraige, can ideal with the loss, would i feel releived if it were over and is it worth the effort, if you have a bath in your home go and soak in a nice warm bath, relax your tired and stressed body and try not to think of anything, when we step back from situations we are in, we can see more clearer, if he wont see a marraige councellor you go and get some advice for yourself, time out can work only if you both agree and still beleive you can save this, i wish you the very best of goodluck and will ask my angels to come to assist you,hang in their, its not over yet, only you know the answer to that, have faith in yourself and what you beleive in, goodluck misty64

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