Looking tarot reading or psychi ASAP PLEASE

  • I am 40 years old,femenine;03/12/69 depressive; Overwhelmed very nervous that really stop me to to get trough difficult situations, and confused looking a psychic, tarot reading someone that really help me and tell me what to expect from my friends; husband where to get a new job;how get rip of these unhealthy situations what I have been trough for more than years, what negatives vibrations or forces or who is doing something against me; what would be my future, how can I improve my present; where is my job opportunity who will be the people to get along or to be able to help me or whatever can tell me someone expert give an advice please I want and I need confidence believe on myself, concentration, love, friends, good job pay better treated by people get better financial situation,what could I do where I will be How I will be and how far I can go trough for better or not to get in new situations?

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