How to choose a psychic?

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  • Tenchi2go,

    I don't believe anyone has a problem with other good psychics making money and sorry if you're getting your nose out of joint on the issue. It IS hard to find a good psychic, someone with real gifts, honesty and really wanting to help others, which is why I recommended the person I did. This psychic would also like to have her own website but does not have the money to set it up at this stage. I'm sorry if you have had bad experiences with Keen/Liveperson psychics in the past but not EVERY psychic on there is a fake just trying to rip you off.

  • The first "real" readings I ever got were from a woman from Vietnam who didn't speak English so we had to take translators with us. She charged $20 for a reading that usually lasted around 45 minutes to an hour. She read faces, palms and get this...regular playing cards. She was incredible. I went to her a couple times and many of the things that she said did come true. Some didn't but then again...enough did that the $20 was worth it. I then went back like 3 years later and again...wonderful reading. I was at work one day and mentioned something to a co-worker who said, "oh she's famous." Huh? He said his kids went to her all the time and never made major decisions without consulting her. He had heard nothing but positive and many people in his community went to her.

    My best friend and I were looking for her again last year since she was a connection by another coworker we lost contact with. I even contacted the person I mentioned above to see if he could find her but he couldn't so the search began. We ended up doing a $10 reader who wasn't too bad...but when one of us went back for a 2nd reading she "foretold" of great disaster unless she came up with money. Uh...last time there. doing the hunt, we found another woman when we were looking for someone else...(divine interference I think) and she is great. She's the one that I have gone to for my last two readings. The first a palm reading, the second was a counseling session and mini-healing.

    Finally, we heard from my friend's co-worker that she had someone she had gone to and was thrilled with. Very accurate. So, we call on a Sunday to book an appointment, and I start researching her. She's actually an author and does monthly segments on a local radio station. It has taken a month to get into her and we still haven't seen her yet. Next week. However, in researching her, she has led me to so many other places that I didn't know even existed in my city so I'm really excited to get a chance to explore once my job ends in two weeks. Without meeting her I feel a connection to her so I'm pretty excited to get a chance to meet up with her.

    I just keep having people that are trustworthy put in my life. Like on here....I've belonged to the website for years off and on and this is my first time in the forums. I've met so many gifted people here. It's wonderful. I guess what I'm getting to is....word of mouth has been great for me. :0)

  • Wenchie I agree, I was VERY pleased with Sapphire21. I have been praying that I will get blessed financially. If I do, I will offer to help her pay for her website.

  • That's really sweet Pilot007.

    You know it's funny, we all think about the psychics who do the wrong thing and scam people and try to rip you off etc etc etc......but you know it also works in reverse. For the psychics working on those sites (who do not have their own website), they are not in a position to NOT do a reading for someone if they don't want to and how about the the people that go online to these sites and want either a free reading or only want to pay a very small amount for their reading and when their time is up will refuse to get off. What can the reader do, if they refuse to keep reading, then bad reviews are left for which they have no way of responding to. These people keep the readers tied up for another half an hour or so, being given information but not willing to pay for the time, effectively stopping the reader from taking another call from someone who is willing to pay for their reading.

    There is always two sides to everything isn't there?!

  • Thanks for your experience Aunt Buck. I'm trying to research the psychics they have listed for the psychic fair but keep hitting roadblocks. Probably not a good sign but I doubt a store would sully it's good name by associating with someone that would make them look bad. I'll probably wait for the next fair in a few months until I get some good info. Word of mouth is the best way to find any type of professional - doctor, lawyer, accountant . . .

    Again, question is about finding good local psychics. I would certainly like to get more tips on this topic and I'm sure others would too. Not everyone wants to use a phone psychic or online psychic - and yes most of them are fake, that's just the industry. It's nice if you want to help out a friend but there is such a thing as overkill and it's just not good to go around hijacking other people's threads.

    If anyone has gone to any psychics in person please post your experience, impressions, warnings, etc. . . Another forum I visit on occasion talks about the Bob Olson psychics. I don't trust his list since he'll only list positive testimonials and I think psychics have to pay to be put on his site.

    Anywho, while preparing for my next psychic encounter I came across another good site. Don't know who the psychic is but like her advice. She gives examples on how to ask questions w/o showing your hand (getting psychic -real or fake - an indication of what answer you want)

    For example, if you're calling about a love relationship don't ask :

    Does X love me? or

    Will X come back to me?

    Instead ask, Where is X in regards to how they are feeling and thinking in regards to me?

    I know this is just common sense but it has got me looking more critically at my questions and rephrasing them appropriately.

    Has other good articles on psychics on the left side of the screen.

  • Tenchi2go,

    Sweetheart.......get over yourself.

  • Hmmm....I had never heard of Keen Psychics. Actually, an online reading might be a good choice for someone who is nervous when visiting with a psychic. I sometimes feel that way and have friends who are nervous about it as well. I think some people feel a little too exposed when going to meet a psychic in person. Especially if it is the first time. I suspect I may have encountered Sapphire or September before and if she is who I am thinking of, then I most definitely agree that she's as sincere and gifted as they come. May have to look into that after all. Thanks for the tip Wenchie. I haven't found anyone yet in town who i feel comfortable with. After hanging around on these boards though, I think I've got a better idea now when sussing out possible readers.

    Thanks all!

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  • Don't be silly Wenchie. What do you mean hijack my thread? Nobody owns this thread and gave us the name of an amazing psychic to contact. Thank you! Anyway, I think it's great to discuss other options for contacting great psychics and I hadn't even thought of the online or phone psychics. I'm glad you brought that idea up and you had an excellent person to recommend on top of it. I always love hearing from you so please...keep posting!

  • Also, Wenchie, you brought up a good point about visiting psychics in person. I've always wondered if true psychics prefer not to see a clients appearance and reactions to information because that might taint the reading. I had a really bad experience as well with an in person reading where the psychic (man) pretty much read me by my appearance. I did not like that at all and it was not nice what he said and also not true. I can admit my faults and know them well but being superficial and arrogant are not on my list of personality flaws. I think this person read my shyness as being arrogant and my appearance as superficial. When he told me this, my reaction was to be more uncomfortable and I didn't say anything which led him to believe that I was "snobby and judgmental." Yes, I paid someone to tell me these things. Actually, that horrible experience is what led me to post this topic. I was really upset and wondered how to find someone who wasn't going to judge a person by their age, demeanor and appearance. I know that this person was just a bad experience and that most psychics (even if a person does need to hear some unflattering things) genuinely want to help and can say things in a kinder way. I can also see how it would be difficult to not let a person's overall appearance affect a reading so am curious if psychics actually prefer to not look very much at a client so their readings aren't influenced. Anyway, that's why I can understand people feeling more comfortable having a reading online or over the phone. I would like to find someone locally and have some great tips now but also think that a good recommendation for an online reading is just as valuable.

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  • Hello Butterball, you mentioned you had a lot of experience with the online psychics. What was your experience like with California Psychics. I called them because they had that 5 free minute promo thing for new customers but I didn't quite like it. Did you have a good experience with them? If you by any chance see this please let me know.

  • Hi, I prefer click4advise they charge 2.00 per minit for all psychics. They give free minutes a lot not just once and i liked them bestter than keen live person or california. I recommend June Starlet, Topaz ormidnight magical spirit. they have many more but i like these the best. You can buy time in blocks of 15 minutes and they have very good call back service. You can even tell them i recommend them. You can also email the psychic of your choice. By keeping price low you can spend more time and probably will. If you would like a really different psychic try Lavender Rose. Richard