How to choose a psychic?

  • Hi all, I'm looking for a psychic in my area and wondering how to find a genuine reader. There are quite a few to choose from. I don't know anyone who has gone to psychic where I live so don't have any recommendations. Does it matter if you ask for a reading in person, over the phone or e-amail? Any advice about what to look for or avoid? Thank you!

  • I am quite curious and am wondering the same myself... IS there a way to find a genuine reader?

  • a psychic can read online, phone or e-mail

    at least a real one and has developed their ability long enough

    some may need photo, some may only need your birth info and name

    I know a medium who is not scam, but I will let you choose from the ones you live closer to first

    if you can't ask for recommendations you could go by intuition

    turn inward, look at the names and listen closely to what your psyche tells you

    if they have a website, may be worth looking into and google this website or their name to see if there is complaint against them

    there are psychics on this forum, try them first

  • I have tried pretty much all of the psychic readings online. I have found truly good ones on liveperson. I learned after so many years and alot of money, you should not go by ratings or price. Some of the highest charging psychics dont know what they are talking about. I can give you names if you'd like> let me know

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  • Pilot007,

    I'm actually waiting for 3 other psychics and waiting to see how accurate their predictions are. I will let you know around mid feb. is that ok?

  • I have not been able to find a good psychic in a long time. They always tell me that I already know the answer and that I don't need them, well if I did not need them I would not have called them. I can do very little of this and what I do know is that I am never totally sure of what I think I know. I found a lady late last fall, she told me all kinds of things that were suppose to of already happened and nothing has yet. I know that free will plays in this, but I would have thought at least 1 would have happened. I get so confused looking in the internet on who to trust and who not to trust that I have no faith in this at all. Most website seem to be scams just to get the dough. So if anyone can teach me how to trust my thoughts or tell me where to focus I would listen. If anyone has a list of psychics they vouch for and want to share that are not to exspensive I would be grateful. It seems like when you really need help you never have the money and when you have the money you don't think you need the help! Thanks and God Bless

  • I look forward to hearing from you then Butterball13! Thanks

  • Pilot007 and Sporty48,

    I myself found searching for answers and turning to psychics that charge so much and have all these positive reviews from these random people. After trying out pretty much most (if not all) the psychics in liveperson, keen and californiapsychics and other well claimed ones, I realized you cant really go by reviews and just because they charge alot, doesnt mean they are good.

    And yes free will changes outcomes but there are some psychics that will tell you timeframes may change but they can still predict the outcome..

    I have come across alot of psychics that are very accurate and pick on the current situation for the most part, but I have yet to see one who is consistently accurate and their predictions do come through. i am actually keeping my eyes open for 3 out of so many I have tried and if their predictions do come true, i will let you know..

  • Very Interesting Butterball13, I too am curious if you have luck with those last three psychics. I have not tried an online one for fear of being scammed and I am not sure where to find a good one where I live.

  • Go to a Spiritualist church. You will find many there and often can get samples after services. There is always a favorite psychic (usually a Reverend) who is really good at what (he or) she does and she's the one who is booked up! Rarely can you drop in without a wait. Unfortunetly people get desperate for answers that day and drop in and grab the most available at the moment and usually it's not as good as they hoped. You can ask who is the most popular or who is the hardest to get in to see and that's usually your money's worth.Also, be aware sometimes you are not meant to get the answer you are seeking or you ask the wrong questions. I am psychic but not all knowing. The gift comes through me not from me.I've never tried online or phone. I had the same psychic for over ten years and miss her --she passed over--but she visits! I still have all the tapes recorded with our sessions.

  • Butterball, how long have you been looking for a good psychic can I ask? I have been honestly fascinated with this for many years and have made it a hobby of mine. I would like to someday write a book about my adventure. The very 1st person to ever give me a reading was my moms good friend and she was right on every time and that got me hooked, I was about 16 than and her name was Elizabeth. I know she ended up in a divorce because her husband could not accept her talent and than my mom lost touch with her, sure wish she was back. I am trying a woman out right now that gave me my money back and said she just wanted to help me, but nothing she told me has happened yet. She said I would have a job by Dec. 15 and to this day I still do not have one, but this may not entirely be her fault as I know there is a lot envolved when it comes to readings. Well anyway I would like to know if you find somone good who doesn't take you to the cleaners as money is very tight for me right now until I can find a job. The Captain was very nice to me and gave me some insight about work so I will see what happens.Thank you for chatting I have to go get the bathroom clean in the new place we are moving into. Good night and God Bless!

  • I too, share the same fascination! My grandmother used to take me to this buddhist temple since I was a toddler and some of the monks who studied asian philosophy & astrology used these books to tell one's past, present and future.. and thats where it all started..

    But to your question, I have been searching for a good psychic for over 10 years since a good psychic friend of mine moved out of the state and I lost his contact. I have tried the psychics online and over the phone for at least 6 years.

    And I understand how difficult life can be and we want answers and a sign to let us know it'll all be ok.. I have to say it is pretty hard to find a good psychic.. I have spent so much money and lots of disappointments hoping for outcomes..

    from my experience, alot of the phone psychics (regardless of great hype or reviews) were not that great.. I personally did not like many of the keen or calipsych ones..

    I have been trying alot of the experts in liveperson and i will definetely let you know if anyone is worth your money.. Its sad there are these psychics that charge $20 perminute and they promise you and stand behind their predictions 200% and they fail...

    The best option for me was prayer.. Yes it was hard.. but I prayed for peace of mind and let God do the rest..

    Whatever situation you may be in, have hope and stay positive!

  • I just got off the phone with Sapphire21. She works on the Keen Site. I have to say that this Woman is 100 % accurate!!!!!!! Her insight is so amazing and she is so patient!

    I am shaking in my boots right now! She rates right up there with Blmoon!!!!!

    Make sure that you tell her that you are from the Tarot Forum.

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  • She really is I said, her honesty is so rare!!!

  • Another way to find local psychics are at Psychic Fairs. Often you can try out different psychics for free or for a small registration fee ($20 ). I thought those types of fairs would only be in big cities but there is a store in my area that actually hosts psychic fairs about every three months or so. It's a way for the store to drum up business and a way for local psychics to get their name out. You can find beginning and experienced psychics there or you can ask for referrals. Just make sure you know what type of psychic you're looking for: connecting with dead (mediums), giving advice, good at forecasts/timelines, good with life issues, love, career, etc. . . . .

    How to find psychic fairs? - online or go to those small family owned occult shops that sell candles, incense, aromatherapy, etc. . .

    I may go to the upcoming psychic fair this store is having on 3/27/10. They change $20 for each 15 minute reading (not bad) but you can get longer sessions at a discount. Ones in your area may charge less.

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  • God, the question was about finding someone locally and what to look out for.

    Allow some other good psychics to make money in the world.

  • A friend of mine recommends this psychic - She uses her real name, Kara Harris. I'm still trying to evaluate whether I want to try her or not . . . I'm really picky and very skeptical of Keen/Live Person. Her blog and website have a lot of sound advice and looks like she puts a lot of sincere effort into her craft.

    Supposedly you can email, chat, or speak with her on the phone. Rates look reasonable.

    I may try an email or chat reading after psychic fair. In either case, I will give come back and give my impression of her "gift" - whether it's a waste of money or a good match.

    If anyone else tries her, let us know how it goes.

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