Long & Twisty Question!

  • Hello,

    I would really appreciate some help with what has become a string (3) of readings I have done. I have this soul connection that I have been struggling with for a very long time, and I am pretty sure the only struggle I have left is to let go, but of course I ask the cards more hopeful questions than that! I am a beginner-beginner to Tarot, and I started looking up spreads on the net, and found this spread at Raven's Tarot, The Newton Spread, and asked what was up him and with us:

    1: inertia (what won't happen without another force to activate it); 4 of Wands

    2: the force acting on inertia; The Star

    3: what is most weighty; 6 of Swords

    4: underlying root of #3; The High Priestess

    5: accelerant/force acting on #3; 3 of Pentacles

    6: your action; King of Swords

    7: reaction to your action; 6 of Wands

    I've sortof got half of that one under control, most definitely The Star, The High Priestess, and the King of Swords, but I am at a total loss on how to interpret the 3 of Pentacles. But I wouldn't be here if it was just that. The Star kindof gave me some hope in that reading, because I am very much being her, so today when I went to do a single card reading to ask what the quality of hope was for this relationship, as I was shuffling the cards, I knew I would get The Star card, which I did. Then I made up my own spread for why I won't let go of this thing, and I think you will understand why I am here:

    1: What is his purpose in my life; Judgement

    2: Why will I not let go; 4 of Pentacles

    3: What energy/force am I fighting; 3 of Pentacles

    4: Who can I be to help let go; The Star

    Now, I already don't understand the 3 of Pentacles in that position because it's in the same place in the first spread, and I purposefully omitted an outcome card from this spread as the outcome of me letting go was supposed to be a given, yet as I shuffled I started wondering if I would get a card in #4 that would suck me back into hoping for this thing, like oh hey maybe The Star card . . .

    Help with the 3 of Pentacles would be greatly appreciated; help interpreting The Star would be good because I can't be looking at it right when I see it as hope for the relationship. Any other help would be great too!!!!!

    Thank you!!!!!


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