What zodiac sign is the most Sexy

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    sorry I didn't see your request at all. my last post was dec and at the time I responded to many threads in a day, so some threads don't show up on my list anymore, or if it did, I was not online LOL

    anyway, not sure if you are reading this or not but I will just pull out something for you.

    hope you have a great valentine, even if you don't have a bf or spouse, you can always celebrate it with family.

    here it goes :

    You enjoy peace and harmony with others, and at times willing to sacrifice. You are charming and sociable, unfortunately your willingness to sacrifice to please others, may attract those who want to manipulate you. You may have numerous love affairs, and may also find many of them take advantage of you. You do have ambitions and dedications to achieve your goals, but at times in order to maintain peace and harmony, you withdraw from competition. You love to give, and sometimes unconditionally that you almost create a hole in your own pocket. If your love or gift is rejected, you will be deeply disappointed and may take rejection personally. You need to tone down your sensitivity and add a good dose of logic into your thoughts and actions. This will help balance you and help you see other people's point of view. Peace and harmony can be achieved without you wihtdrawing from competition or without you sacrificing yourself. In fact everybody involved has to give and take equally, in order for balance, thus harmony, to exist.

    You have Mercury conjunct. You are intelligent, not studious or scientific way, but more of application of knowledge and broad understanding of human relations and psychology. Your sun is in house XI Aquarius, you love social life and friendship, always friendly and ready to discuss ideas and quite inventive. Your mars is in Cancer, you are a family person, nurturing to the young and at times has bad mood. your venus is in Scorpio, you are sensual and passionate in love. but when disappointed, you can be hateful. but you are not capable of meanness, due to the elements you were born in. therefore you most likely keep to yourself, in order to maintain peace with others. Your moon in Sagitarius, gives you curiosity to the foreign, unknown and unexplored. You may enjoy reading foreign literature, foreign culture, learning foreign language or relate to foreign people living close by or in a foreign place. Because you do enjoy social life, this is a good influence that can broaden your social circle and gain more knowledge and wisdom.

    This is all I can get for you. Upbringing and life experiences do shape personality, since the chart is based on dob only, I might miss some things. So if you find anything rings true and needs working on, by all means do so. Drop a word or two on the thread


    ScarsandStars and Hipriestess can give you more insight. I connect by email these days, and usually goes on that thread too.

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