What zodiac sign is the most Sexy

  • sandran

    he is aquarius

  • leoscorpion>>sandran he is aquarius.

    Sandran712>>Too bad he is married. Damn! I've always wanted to meet an Aquarius.I can't find an Aquarius man anywhere. Not even in my dreams...LOL

  • I think i'll have to go for Gemini as well...hmm not sure may be Gemini/Aries for me def...

    @Sandran712 I have one around and he is a good one too, actually might put him right in there with Gem/Aries 😉

  • redgemini>>@Sandran712 I have one around and he is a good one too, actually might put him right in there with Gem/Aries 😉

    Sandran712>>I was talking about Michael McDonald the singer.He's an Aquarius.I am looking for an Aquarius that isn't married.But, why would anyone compare an Aquarius to a gemini.They are nothing alike.

  • there must be one not married

    let's put up a parade

  • @ Sandran712 yeah i got you meant you're looking for an Aquarius and i was saying that i have a friend that is an Aquarius and he is good looking too...thus saying that actually he's as sex*y as my fav Gem/Aries...purely physically talking wasn't referring to their personalities or characteristics

  • redgemini>>purely physically talking wasn't referring to their personalities or characteristics

    Sandran712>>Oh Ok...It's hard to find a hot looking Aquarius without all the baggage..LOL

  • leoscorpion could you give me a reading. birthdate 4/30/60. 11:58pm detroit MI. USA relationships just don't seem to last with me. I get board easy or like change. It must be something in my birthchart. thank you

  • Tauren

    Sun in Taurus

    She is strong-willed and conceited. She has charm, and is tolerant and stoical. She likes pleasure and the good things of Life. Appreciates the Arts.obstinacy, laziness. She is too materialistic, and is a snob. She is greedy and proud.

    Moon in Cancer

    She is likeable and sociable. Very sensitive to environmental conditions and surroundings. She likes home, habits, comfort and her little world. Large families.subject to family circle, indolence, inertia. She is impressionable and too sensitive. Family problems.

    Mercury in Aries

    She argues, disputes, discusses, answers back. Lively mind which quickly understands a given situation. She is very resourceful and capable. she is impetuous, hot-headed, petulant. Impatient and hasty, which causes problems due to lack of foresight before acting.

    Venus in Aries

    Brief passions, love as a "flash in the pan". Bursts of friendship or embracing of causes that cannot be justified or which turn out not to be what they promised at the start. Becomes drunk with love or passion. A spendthrift. fickleness, sudden passions, too swift and unconsidered flights of enthusiasm. She is choleric, boils over, and easily gets exasperated. She has difficulty in controlling herself. The constraints of society can provoke her to great anger. Religious extremists in particular can drive her insane. These rages can put her in very unpleasant situations. You readily throw yourself into the burning passion of the moment. Spontaneous both romantically and sexually, you value directness in a lover. You need to keep the flames of romance going or you quickly burn out in a relationship. You are romantically and sexually adventurous, active, and forthright. Your innocently blunt approach to love and sex is apparent, even if the rest of your chart suggests a more passive or understated approach to life. This trait can be a huge turn-on to partners who value directness, and it can be intimidating to more sensitive lovers.

    Your sexuality is largely uncomplicated. You can be blunt and outspoken when your sexual interest is aroused. You are warm, playful, and enthusiastic in bed. You are less a sensualist than a whole-body lover who values the thrill of the experience. When in love, you are totally involved in your heart, mind, and soul. Crushes feed your spirit, and you are constantly looking for inspiration from a lover--a trait that can exhaust some lovers! You have a big appetite, both for love and sex. Never pretentious, you say it like it is, and treat sex almost like a sport. You thrive on attention from your lover. Although generally lacking in pretension, you can blatantly disregard your lover's dreams and desires! You may unconsciously write scripts for your love life, and you expect your partners to follow them. Otherwise you are left rather disappointed. You breathe new life into your relationships frequently, which can be exhausting for lovers who prefer a smoother "ride". You're best off with a lover who appreciates the drama!

    Jupiter in Capricorn

    She has great professional aspirations. She likes to direct, organize. She is correct, virtuous, conscientious and worthy. without doubt too avaricious, eager for gain.

    Saturn in Capricorn

    She is scrupulous, honest, correct, worthy and respectable. melancholy, sullenness, disappointment and bitterness.

    Uranus in Leo

    She is self-contained, resolute, tenacious. Likes freedom of action and independence.

    Neptune in Scorpio

    Investigation, inquiry, secrets.

    Pluto in Virgo

    Takes away her shyness.

    Taurus ascendant Capricorn

    Sun in IV

    Influenced by the family, especially the mother. Proud, self-confident, she has faith in her future and is ambitious.

    Moon in VII

    Marriage is very important for her, for better and for worse. Cannot stand being alone. Likes business relationships.

    Mercury in III

    Deep studies. Adaptable. She is attracted to the Arts/letters. She knows how to share ideas. Moves around a lot professionally. She can easily keep many irons in the fire at the same time.

    Venus in III

    Likes everything that is beautiful, likes decorum. Outstanding intelligence. She works in a trade linked to beauty, fashion. Numerous select friends.

    Mars in II

    She undertakes daring and dangerous enterprises. She has lots of initiative. She works hard for her money, of which she earns a lot. She is a spendthrift, money comes and goes. She is always ready to start from scratch in the event of a setback. Great willingness and enthusiasm.

    Jupiter in XII

    She is kindly, and does charity work. She is protected from life's rigors to which she is not immune, but she knows how to cope. She likes working in peace and alone.

    Saturn in I

    She is methodical, patient, distrustful, polite. She speaks little and does not waste energy unnecessarily. She has a good memory and sense of organization, likes to do things well. She is never slapdash and has a sense of responsibility.

    Uranus in VII

    Her independence does not tolerate marriage very well. If she does marry, she has little chance of finishing her days with the spouse, unless the partner gives her complete freedom and accepts her unfaithfulness.

    Neptune in X

    She has great ambition, which obsesses her. She always wants to check work already done, she is terrified of being less than perfect.

    Ascendant in Capricorn

    If childhood and youth are not very scholarly periods, with little success, maturity and old age will see the arrival of success. The rise will be slow, and she will be self-taught, spending all her life studying and instructing herself.

    House II in Aquarius

    Success in professional life won't take place without the help of friends and protectors. While she might earn enormous amounts, she can lose as much if not even more.

    House III in Aries

    Lively intelligence. She is ambitious. She is always ready for any initiative requiring change or novelty.

    House IV in Taurus

    Makes a good mother. Likes to be at home, with the little family for company. Appreciates comfort, peace and quiet, and simple but good food!. Takes care of what she possesses wisely.

    House V in Taurus

    A pleasant home, a charming husband, loving and sweet children, nice little meals, pleasant evenings with the loved one, that's the good life.

    House VI in Gemini

    Good secretary, or equally good sales rep. Weak point: the nerves, sometimes also the lungs.

    House VIII in Leo

    Have regular check-ups on the heart and arteries.

    House IX in Libra

    Likes justice, honesty, loyalty. Make good lawyers.

    House X in Scorpio

    Likes professions that involve a certain risk. Those in the police field are recommended. She likes to investigate. She is curious by nature, takes risks and fights to succeed.

    House XI in Scorpio

    Adores to debate endlessly with friends who don't share her ideas. The discussion can lead to words, even a certain verbal violence.

    House XII in Sagittarius

    Problems abroad, or with foreigners, or flight abroad, exile.

    Sun - Moon

    She has lots of vitality. She likes public life, she is popular and her company is appreciated. She is balanced, at ease with herself and gets on very well with her parents.

    Mercury - Venus

    She looks on the bright side of life: she is gay, agreeable, optimistic, sociable. She likes to speak and write, and does both with charm and artistry. Her intellectual pleasures are influenced by her feelings. She is amorous and sensual. She likes beauty, the Arts but also travelling.

    Moon - Ascendant

    She is unhappily influenced by the family. She is probably loved insufficiently by her parents, but looks for more love especially from her mother. She is susceptible, has superficial sensitivity and is sometimes irascible.

    Sun - Neptune

    Her imagination turns to internal day-dreaming: she is easily influenced, and complicates life unnecessarily. She does not bring plans to a conclusion. The dream-world is enough.

    Jupiter - Ascendant

    She likes meeting friends, around a good meal and in a cordial atmosphere. She is pleasant, jovial and engaging.

    Moon - Jupiter

    She is indifferent to others, to those who surround her: she is negligent and indecisive. She likes excess, gambling and her honesty is elastic. This aspect does not help professional success, especially as she tends to spend more than she earns.

    Jupiter - Midheaven

    She is a high liver, likes to have fun but knows what she wants and does whatever necessary to get it. She wants to - and does - succeed socially. After a hard day's work, a good well-lubricated meal in the company of friends is just the ticket.

    Venus - Midheaven

    She is vain and jealous. Both married life and professional life are difficult with such a character.

    Mercury - Saturn

    She is reserved, conservative, ambitious and stubborn. She has a slow mind and has problems expressing herself. Social success is slow and laborious, but she does not give up easily and is patient.

    Sun - Midheaven

    She lacks an aim in life. She does not face up to problems and her schemes, if any, are impossible for her to realize.

    Moon - Midheaven

    She has a sense of family, profound feelings and especially likes children. If there are changes in her professional life, they are for the better.

    Moon - Saturn

    She has changeable moods, a reserved character, is stubborn and lacks assurance. Her relationship with her mother is disturbing and difficult, she has considerable family problems. This is the standard aspect for children who are abandoned or lack maternal love.

    Pluto - Midheaven

    She uses all her energy to succeed professionally. She has a good sense of organization and authority.

    Mercury - Uranus

    She is perspicacious, ingenious: she binds intelligence and originality together with genius. She likes literature, especially fiction. She is spontaneous in her friendships and knows how to take advantage of the situations that arise.

    Sun - Saturn

    She likes to work alone, quietly. She pays attention to detail, is serious, methodical, patient and can take on long, difficult and delicate tasks, and complete them.

    Sun - Pluto

    She is aware of the goal to be achieved. She is strong, and always picks herself up after a setback.

    Mars - Saturn

    She is energetic and determined. She has strength and resistance, ability and patience: she is tough, and sometimes insensitive, and puts all her energy and talents into overcoming all the obstacles to her success. She is obstinate, calculating, does not take on anything without having thought of all the possible consequences, she can take all the time in the world and never loses patience to achieve her objectives. She is not particularly popular in her circle, but is feared and respected.

    Venus - Jupiter

    She is good-hearted, generous and has a good character. She likes well-being, comfort, a life without problems. She has good relations with her circle. She is easy to approach. All the same, she falls in love easily. She has a successful married and professional life.

    Sun - Jupiter

    She has high social ambitions, respects justice and the law. She is tolerant, optimistic, kindly. She has every chance for professional success in a strictly legal setting.

    Pluto - Ascendant

    She has will-power and ambition, and likes to have her own way.

    This is what I compile. Your mother or a close female side of your family is mentioned more than once in the chart. Your connection with her can somehow affect your view of relationship because someday you will be a mother too. Take a deep look on this relationship. You might think on the surface it is fine, but take some time off and turn inward to get a deeper look.

    You are studious, realistic and humorous. You may have respiratory problems but in general your Sun contributes to your vitality. Career and friendship, I don't see any challenge that you can't handle. But relationship, I see a few things that you may want to work on. Try to tone down your independency. This planetary position contributes to your overwhelming interests on a lot of things and ability to do multiple jobs that is good for competition but not relationship. This allows you to be independent, not relying on anyone, and may prompt you to feel in control in relationship. In love, you and the man are equal. Nobody is in control, nobody is a slave. Even if you feel you know what is best, try to always find middle ground and not expecting too much from your lover. You do have tendency to flit about, because you are interested in a lot of things, once you find something/someone more interesting than your current lover, you will go for it. You are full of rigor and spirits, always on the look for what life has to offer. Turn inward, and have a conversation with yourself. What is it that you want in relationship? There is no one person can have it all. Separate your career and love life. Each requires different approach. You have what it takes to succeed, and you know how to take advantage when necessary. But in love, you need to approach things differently. It is said that as you get older, you slow down. I don't know if you have started to slow down, but there is nothing wrong with slowing down and allow your feminine side to take over once and a while. In fact, in bed this will help. Because it will allow you to focus on what you can achieve together, not what he can do in terms of satisfying your desire.

    There is no one chart can tell you everything. The chart is made based on your birthdate, this means any life experience and outside influences are left out. If you find anything that rings true and needs working on, do so.

  • LeoScorpian, I was born in the morinig 3:00 am b'day is 1/23/1963/ Can you do a reading please. Thanks

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  • It sounds like you guys really had a good time. Is that were he wanted to go and eat and is that the type of drink pe prefer? If you guyswant to try something new; try PATRON awesome drink. Try it over the holiday you will enjoy it.

  • worthy

    for birth chart I need dob and time and place

    where were you born?

  • Hi my b'day is 1/23/1963 born in Mi at 3:00 am.

  • worthy

    you need to be specific like Tauren she speficied Detroit MI

    where in Michigan?

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  • hello Leoscorpion, I'd be ever so grateful if you could do my chart as well Oct 3rd 1962 Memphis Tn 8:33 am thank you so much in advance !

  • I know I'm a little bit late jumping in the bandwagon, but Gemini men are the sexiest of all zodiac signs!!! Thank god Im dating one 😄 I will explain why at a later date.

  • Thanks, Squabull I agree with totally. I to am dating a Gemini and just love him to death.

  • Sammy the Salmon is like totally hot as a cute little Pisces guppy fish lmao hahaha! And the rest of the signs uh idk hmm well I love how those hot Aries like to spring fwd literally lol and there's something way s***xy about rams collidin' w/ bulls that Taurus can really hold his ground OOoo and don't get me talking twins! They come with clones? Dude, SWEET!!! Awww and emos are super hot when they're actin' emo cuz I'm part one too whenever I get crabby 😄 Oh those majestic manes on leos man I love long hair soO much - like fire in the wind YAY! Virgo vs the scorpion lol I likea see those kitties at it one more time for sure YUmM aww and those way cute little shaggy Libra pizzys (hahaha what I call long-haired guys and girls) can steal ur heart and act all sweet and truely mean it aww how peaceful to know i'm one too double YAY! for the scales of harmony to help tame those warring scorpies and virgo virgins man did I mention hurricane already can't decide lol 😄 Ooooh please keep the Sagittarius in the closet I'm gonna die with laughter they are way too FUNNY!!! My Sag dad and best friend are the biggest bozos on the planet LMAO I love them all! And the lonely little Capricorn aww I wanna cheer them up and feel sad they keep to themselves a lot my other best Cap friend does this like all the time, but they are good company when u need them. And the Age of Aquarius need I say more?? I feel the Internet tide of information just rollin' in with lots more of those cute little sweet friendly guppy fishes aww not them again water is the true universal solvent of all life without it they're be none of us would there?

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