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  • This is a reading from another thread and my reply back to it, but I don't understand exactly what the reading means. Like I'm a double Aries, how does that reflect me? How can I use it to learn about me and how knowing that can help. Also, the virgo and Libra thing, I don't understand what that all means either.

    The good news is that Jupiter is entering your 6th house of work and health, so expect a bonus in these areas.......all sorts of developments and luck. (not sure, what do those of you who are more knowledgeable, know about these things?)

    Its 11 p.m. here my daughter is still not home and I have no way of calling her, because her phone was turned off. My granddaughter is with her and her boyfriend has already bent her fingers back today, to almost breaking her pinky finger on her left hand.

    and I am sorry but I just now found that you had posted to me.
    I have always wanted to figure out why I am the way that I am. I tend to let others take advantage of me, in some form or fashion, because I truly believe that you treat people how you would like to be treated. Unfortunately I have found that being nice gets me into trouble in some way, because I hate being mean to others. I take a lot from those I care about, until I just have nothing left to give them. Then there is no changing my mind, I am just done!!! But it took me 13 years to say that with someone that I was married to.
    I don't think my friends were strange, mostly I hung with people who party-ed, but I wasn't into the drinking and the drugs, I seemed to go with them to make sure they all got home safely. It takes me a lot to get good and mad these days, I was more out-spoken and fiery when I was younger, but since about 1994, I have become less fiery and more a worrier, a searcher, someone who wants to make everyone around me happy and then I wonder why I am not happy? I know, I just answered my own question, but how do I balance it? I know it can't be a bad thing to make people I care about happy, but how do I assure me of being happy as well?
    There is more to my story and I am leery of posting it all here in an open forum.
    I did have trouble in school with my math, like algebra, fractions and stuff like that. I write poetry and I use to write short stories. I like crafts, and creating things, but I am no artist.
    My biological father was not around at all, my mother might as well had not been around because she was on drugs, my step-father was abusive. My mothers mother, my grandmother shot herself when I was 6, when I was 8 my grandfather tried to kill his-self the same way. Now my husband has done the same in August of 2008.
    I do not believe I am anything special or important. I have had moments of feeling worthy or accomplished, but it never lasts, because as someone stated to me 6 months after my husband died, actually asked me, "Why I am such a victim?"
    Someone else told me that I bring misery on myself.
    My husbands family blames me for him killing himself. What is wrong with me?
    I do not want to keep repeating the same mistakes, I am not sure of my choices. I am currently involved with someone I am crazy about and he says he loves me too, but I am unsure of myself and can't seem to believe I deserve to have someone really love me, just me.
    I have a lot of financial issues, so does he, I have a 20 year old son and 18 year old daughter and she has a 2 month old daughter. He has a 20 year old son and his son has a 1year old son, plus he has a 16 year old son and a 9 year old son. His kids live with their mothers, but he has them a lot. Both my kids and grand-daughter live with me currently.
    I just need to sort out me, so I can truly move on, I just can't seem to believe fully that there is a man out there that can really love me. I have made so many bad choices when it comes to men, I do not want to go through that again. However, I want to have someone to grow old with, to enjoy talking to and doing things with, to have love, not just lust.
    I know I sound silly.
    Dear Kay Aries
    Sorry for the wait. You have a late, late Virgo Ascendant which at 28 degrees means that you mght as well read it as 0 degrees Libra..........., so read Libra before Aries in magazines for a truer picture of how the planets will affect you.
    You are a double Aries with both Sun and Moon exerting that fiery energy on you..you are some feisty lady; but their proximity suggests that one of your parents was absent and that you mainly had to 'parent' yourself. . Are you arty;did you have trouble with maths; were most of your friend a bit weird?
    You put your heart , soul and whole existence into elationships.... and work..often for others, with both Mercury and Venus in dreamy Pisces in the 6th House, but for such a headstrong lady you are remarkably insecure about your 'worth'; you need to build up you self-esteem.
    The current problem you have ....going ino 2010 .....is that Saturn the taskmaster and teacher is sitting on your Ascendant, forcing you to take life more seriously, go back to college , or add to your family...to act responsibly and undertake some kind of learning curve whilst you are doing it.. The good news is that Jupiter is entering your 6th house of work and health, so expect a bonus in these areas.......all sorts of developments and luck... Does this make any sense t you Kay? Please let me know. Peace and love.

  • Lovinmylife,

    To answer your Question about bill...His name is William, this brought tears to my eyes, tell him i do smile but need to know how he feels about the way his son'sare being raised and want him to know i hear the songs from erosmith, are they from him tell him i miss him please.

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