To Chris1962 and Lovingmylife

  • Hi Chris and Loving...Well another chapter of my special friend, it happened, and just say it was amazing, unexpected, and felt so right. A couple days later things started to come to a head for him, for me I just don't feel guilty. Should I? Say the least, it's truly over, so he says, he wants to remain friends, "really"? On the other hand, I am really trying to move forward, I truly do love this man, and oh my days if the connection and passion is not real. I leave in 4 months, not sure where I will be going for I am looking for a job now, can you please tell me what you see for me? For the first time in so long I really just want to run as fast as I can away from here, and I truly don't like that feeling. I am however questioning myself about why I did it, because that is so not like me. I am so confused, right now.

  • Mystical one what did you do? Were you doing naughty things with another gentleman? Hmmm....You have been wanting out of this relationship for a long time and didnt want to be the bad guy and hurt anyones feelings. You did this so you could have avalid reason to get out the feelings became stale a while ago. Guilt is a way of punishing yourself. Stop punishing yourself, its not as bad as it seems. I am not so sure your plans to go away in 4 months are going to happen the way you think it is. Are you wanting to be with this man? I am picking up on your confusion and frankly its confusing me. You need to calm yourself and spend a little time alone so you can make good decisions. I am home today with 3 lil ones and they are pretty noisy so if I am off I would like to try again later when its quieter here.

  • Oh one more thing, you would benefit from spending some time outside and feel the ground beneath your feet. You will know when things are getting clearer because the ground below will almost have a pulse like sensation. i know it sounds weird but I felt urged to tell you that.

  • "You have been wanting out of this relationship for a long time and didnt want to be the bad guy and hurt anyones feelings. You did this so you could have a valid reason to get out the feelings became stale a while ago."** these must be his vibes you are picking up on, because they are definately not mine.

    What do you mean by my plans to go away are not going to happen, I am only here for school and not from this country so I must go. LOL

    I would love to be with this man, but because of the circumstances cannot be with him, my heart is divided. Love is there, passion is there, connection is there, but you know the situation, he is a married man. I am really sorry about all the confusion, I will do what you say and get myself together.

  • okay now its making sense the man is married, thats why I got the feeling there was some cheating going on "doing naughty things" lol. That must be how he feels about his marraige not you. silly me. I didnt say it wouldnt happen I said it wouldnt happen the way you think it will regarding your going away. Sorry if I am adding to the confusion if you dont see any truth in what I say then this is not for you,dear. I have had some people that can read me like a book and others that can not. Maybe cris will do a better job when she gets back on here. shes on the other side of the globe. ( :

  • Girl, you are making sense, a lot. I thought I had entered this under my other name which is dejas_mum, so that you could make a connection, but I reviewed this and it is under my mystical_one. I am so nervous, about my future is more of what I am saying. I do love this man, and do beleive he loves me, as we have talked about our soul connections before. Yes the man is married, if you remember right. But he is a very honest man with great intentions but one day he showed up and things just happened. So yea being naughty is right but it did not seem naughty it seemed so right, does that make any sense?

  • Hi lovinmylife and Chris,

    Can I also please join this thread to seek your counsel.

    I have just expressed my intent to withdraw from a business partnership that I entered last May because it was not doing well. Business is one of my passions but I have to end this and I alsofelt sad of the decision. I thought of starting on my own but was advised this isn't the right time yet. Please advise where shall I rather put my savings once I get it back from my partner. I was planning on investing it through an online broker but not sure of yet. I was also thinking of getting a short-time course but was advised that it's not a good idea as well. I'm working with my present employer for more than 2yrs now and for a while, I felt stagnant and wanted to try looking for other better opportunities but has not started applying yet. I don't know where or what field will I find complete contentment and happiness with my career. Please help. Your advices are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • mystical_one

    Stick to your plans of going away. Right now it might seem as if you are running away, but once four months elapses, it will feel like the right thing to do. This man is confused about what he wants and while he's trying to make up for his infidelity with you by backing off, he is looking at his wife and trying to work out what means more to him. Passion and love, or the familiarity and security he has within his marriage. I can't see anything really happening between you and this fellow for a very long time, if at all, so if you put your plans to go away on hold for this, you may regret it. Your life is important and I feel once you are removed from this situation, you will feel much better about everything. You don't deserve to feel guilt over this as you aren't a philanderer. This man couldn't fight his feelings either and knew you'd be there waiting for him. His wife is not happy within this marriage as she does not feel loved and appreciated. I feel she'll end it herself one day, but can't see when.

    So what I'm saying here is, keep your life plans the way they are and things will fall into place. I can only say as a final message "what will be, will be". That's as much as I can tell you here. This man is very confused and is ridden with guilt because he knows his marriage is, romantically, a sham. He has to make up his own mind what he wants and that will take some time I think. But maybe wifey will get in there first and shake his foundations by asking for a divorce.

    I realise this sounds trite and off-handed, but keep the memory of the time you had with him within your heart, and move on with your life. I think in time you may find that you really didn't love this man as much as you thought. He has re-awakened feelings in you that had been dormant for a long time, and this brief time with him has opened you up to a greater love. I don't feel he's your soulmate, but what happened with him, will bring your soulmate to you eventually as you now know what you want out of a relationship. So really, the end result from this will be all good, even though it is ripping you apart as we speak. And that's understandable.

    Give yourself a chance at a great life, as it is waiting for you just round the corner.

    I hope this has helped you some, but if it seems a bit harsh now, all will hopefully become clear in time. I wish you all the luck and love that awaits you my friend. And one day, you will thank this man for bringing the passion he did into your life :))


    Look, I realise this may be a bit late, but I honestly feel that the partnership you have ended could have been given a second chance. You feel sat at ending it? Does it feel right to have ended it, even with that sadness? If you feel a mistake has been made, then maybe have a discussion with your ex-partner and see if there is another direction your business can take to make it successful. I feel that the partnership you had was a very harmonious one and only became fraught with tension due to the slump the business itself experienced. This year has been one filled with endings, disruption, confusion and doubt, so it's no wonder that small businesses have been affected also. I also feel that someone ripped you and your partner off which further caused the business to take a nose dive and it was someone you both thought you could trust.

    Have a good think about whether or not there is something further that could be done to resurrect this business and put it into a better light. I just feel there's a different direction that could be applied to it and success will return. You need to give it an edge. So please, if there's any chance of this, talk to your ex-partner and see if there's something that could be salvaged from it.

    I'm getting that both of you are good with your hands and at making things. There is something creative you can inject into this business which will give it the "edge" it needs to stand out from others of a similar type. All is not lost, that is the message I'm getting.

    I don't know if this of any help to you, but the advice you have received about investing online, etc, is correct. An online investment will not return well and I get that it won't be as secure either. Further study is something I can see for you, but not for quite a while yet. You're someone who needs to be DOING rather than reading books, so to speak 🙂

    I can't get away from the sense that there is something to be salvaged out of this original partnership, and as I said above ALL IS NOT LOST. So if it sits right with you, talk to your ex partner and see if there is something you can work out for the new year. This was and can still be a very effective and successful partnership as you both balance each other well. Any mistakes made during the slump of your business were those made out of frustration, clutching at straws and desperation, all normal human reactions when it looks like an investment is about to go belly up. Give it another go if you can see your way clear. I do see success, but by taking another direction with this business venture; a more creative one, aimed more at things of a humane nature than merely $$.

    Good luck with everything, and as said, I hope this has been of some help to you rather than confused you further ... :)))

  • CRIS,

    Thank you so much! It is exactly what I felt and thought too. It hurts yes, but I cannot blame him or myself for anything, that is the greatest part of it! I wish him nothing but the best, but I have no plans on staying here. I do have a question for you, what do you see for me as far as my career when I finish school? As soon as I finish school?

    Hope you are doing well.

  • Hey mystical one!

    Glad this made sense to you. I can only see good things coming for you with this move and you will dive into your studying with absolute devotion and passion. That passion will be what brings your soulmate closer to you; he will be drawn to the excitement you show in what you're learning. That's always a very attractive thing 🙂

    Well, what will you do? I get the words "creative arts", but not sure exactly WHAT you will be doing. I can see you lecturing though, so maybe you might move into teaching or lecturing. I think you have studied philosophy in the past also, and you will combine this within your work. Your knowledge and wisdom will be much sought after, and you might find yourself going around to various colleges and universities around the world lecturing about what you know. A book will come from this (or before this possibly) and that could be what "creative arts" is saying. You just might become an author or similar. I just can't seem to get a clear picture of what you will be doing, but it comes as more like a mixed bag. You won't be a specialist in a particular field, as such, but will be someone who is a jack of all trades, but someone who has actually mastered all of them, if that makes sense 🙂 So think of it like this: all that you have learned until this point, and all that you will learn from this point forward, you will combine into what you do once you leave school. And you will be a fine teacher as I get the sense you are excellent at imparting knowledge and getting others to "be their best". Young people will be drawn to you also and that just might be the basis of what you do as a career to a degree.

    Sorry if this is all a bit mishy-mashy, but either there's somethin in the air, or I'm havin a bad day, or you really will be doing quite a lot of different things with your career! Just can't be totally sure here.

    But, hope this little bit made sense too. If not, please forgive me. The wind is howlin outside and I think it might've unhinged me brain cells some ... :))

  • Cris, you are such a blessing and I love your open and loving spirit. You are amazing! Thank you so much!

  • Cris 1962,

    I read you are helping your friends cope with their loss, God Bless,

    When the timing is right please give me some insight on my life and business, I have the urge to sell and move back to the states, What do you see?


  • Hi Cris,

    Thank you for taking the time to read and reply. By the way, what do you think of my business partner? We just met last May because he wants to save his food cart business. I contributed my hard-earned savings to him as agreed in the partnership. Until now I never received any sales report nor share of the profits from him. But we meet once in a while to discuss things. The last time we talked, he said it was not doing well. In case we pull out, another alternative biz was offered to me, still a food business but in another location. Another psychic advised me to go out on my own instead but it's just that this is not the right time yet. That's why I thought of the online investment program where I can purchase blue-chip stocks here in my place by contributing monthly to them. It was only last week where I expressed my intent to withdraw the shares I contributed and have control of my money instead.

    Reading your advice makes me think twice again if I should pursue with his idea or get my money back. You see it was my hard earned money and entering a business with him was one way of realizing my dream of having my business too, in a way.

    Can you also look into my career as to where I am heading or any changes that's gonna happen soon?

    Also, please look into my relationship too. My bf just resigned from his job last month due to a disease which affected his vision and consequently affected his quality of work. The doctor told him that his vision might get better after 6 or more months. He's the breadwinner of his family and he feels so down right now because he cannot share any financial help to his family. He just took an exam which could be his stepping stone for his dream job but got depressed because he felt he will not pass it. =(

    Your advices are sincerely appreciated...

  • Hi Cris could you help me with my problem?

    I've liked my friend Chris since I was 15.We hadn't seen each other in 20 yrs then I saw him back in February/March and we started to chat with each other explicitly then all of a sudden he stopped talking to me.

    My questions are will I talk to or see Chris ever again??

    Is he single??

    Will Chris and I ever be together??

    What are his feelings for me??

    His birth date 25/1/1974

    Mine 15/5/1974 9.50 am Liverpool Australia

  • Hi there taurusgirl

    In answer to your questions:

    I don't think you will see Chris again, except unless it is an accidental meeting.

    No, he's not single. Not entirely happy with who he's with either, but he's sticking with it so he's not on his own. He's also got a few other irons in the fire, if you understand my meaning 🙂

    You might be with him briefly, but I feel he's someone who flits from one to the other, sowing his wild oats, so to speak. I don't get a stable energy from this fellow at all. He's not reliable and I think he's a bit of a commitment-phobe. To be honest, I see him living out his elder years alone because he could never put his hat in one place, and he'll regret that.

    He likes you, but is not nuts about you, if you understand 🙂 I don't feel this man has ever fallen in love with anyone, and may never do so. I don't think he understands the real meaning of the word as he's been too used to getting what and who he wants and exerts a whole lot of false charm to get it. Then he throws it away when he gets bored or something better comes along.

    I feel that the renewed contact after you saw him in Feb was him testing the waters, so to speak, and not really getting what he was after.

    I'm sorry if this is a bit blunt, but really, this fellow is not worth the heartache you might experience if you hope for more with him. He is a modern day Don Juan and I can only see you pining away and nursing a broken heart more than once due to his actions. Or lack thereof 🙂

    Again, so sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear, but I am obligated to tell you what I see, and what I see is disaster with this man.

    I hope you can place your affections in another direction away from him, because there would be someone a whole lot better for you than him out there. Good luck and I hope you find what you're looking for, but from where I'm sitting, it ain't Chris. xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

  • Chris Hello. How are you? what happend to mr dreamboat? Well I am lost. I still love my cancer, but am not sure if there is a future in our relationship

  • Umm nothing I haven't heard before.

    He's a giant flirt and your right I think he likes it too much.

    Just wanted to check if the info I got was right.

    I thought he broke up with his gf cause no one has heard from him.Oh well.

    I do hope I meet someone cause I'm sick of being single.

    Thank you

  • Hi Chris,

    Will patiently wait for your additional advice. Thanks!

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