Thank you : High Priestess, Soapmaker & Lovinmylife

  • High Priestess, Soapmaker & Lovinmylife

    Hello Ladies

    I would just like to say a big "Thank You" to all three of you. This is really an amazing site and the people who give advice here are really wonderful, kind and thoughtful.

    I turned to this site because I really needed help with my topsy-turvy relationship and the "should I, souldn't I" decision I had to make.

    Soapmaker & Lovinmylife thank you for the prediction, it really helped me to make a tough decision. When we are alone we tend to latch onto people who are not good for the soul and they slow down our life's journey. Knowing that there will be someone wonderful soon is very reassuring as I have been through a lot of heartache.

    Highpriestess, thank you for your offer to do my was very kind of you & helpful. As the eldest child I was always expected to be the "grown up" and take care of my brother & sister and I guess I did not get the attention I wanted and I am very close to my mum. You were also very right about my ex....he has a reckless spirit.....gets bored with routine.

    I have accepted that that chapter is now closed and look forward to the new & exciting which all three of you have predicted for me.

    They say that THREE IS A CHARM and I hope it's right. I will keep you posted.

    Thank you once again.

    Love & Light


  • Hey thanks Gamby. I love trying to help on here. I have recievd so much help myself, thats what its all about. I am glad to see you are feeling positive about your future. It all works out for the best. xo

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