• I'm new to this forum. I'm trying to discover I CHING. I woke up this morning, and I told myself that I can put a new spin on things if I think positive thoughts about my situation. Still stuff happened that I believe was beyond my control. Does anybody out there feel the same way?

  • Postitve thinking is a way of being. It doesnt mean bad things wont happen. Sometimes the bad turns out to be the good for everyone later. Its all in perception. We are not immune to problems just because we think good for our lives. Maybe the bad things that happened is to bring about changes that will be for the better later. Keep thinking positive things and wait and watch. x

  • It's more about being determined than just positive thinking. If you are determined to think "Everything is going to go wrong!" it probably will. But on the other side of that coin, if you are determined to make things go well, then there's a lot better chance that they will. In other words, don't just think "Today is going to be a great day." Think: "I have the power to MAKE this a great day." And go do it!

  • JUNEMOON26..read a few of your replies to other users. I would love to get your input on the below:

    Hello..I am new here and hope someone woulde give me a reading. I am in a constant battle with my BF of the past 3 years and I am trying to make changes in my life to improve my current situation...and his support has been very off and on. Frustrated, confused. Is he something I should just let go? Do you see this move being a good move forward for me at this time?

  • clarity2009, I would love to do a reading for you, but could you please give me yours and your BF's dates of birth? (Any other information you'd like to share would help, too). Thanks!

  • Thank you for the reply Junemoon. My DOB is 6-19-72 and his is 6-10-77. He is younger than I am and I do not doubt that he loves me very much. However, he seem to be immature when dealing with certain situations. Which I guess should be expected because of our age difference. We have great chemestry overall and he has a good heart..and when things are good they are great. But when things are bad they are AWFUL. He has grown alot over the past three years. But not sure if love alone will carry us through. Its it worth my patience?

    Also, I am planning to move to another state for a better quality of life, will this be benificial?

    Thank you again for your time!

  • clarity2009, both you and your boyfriend are idealistic when it comes to love; you both want to find someone absolutely perfect. You are both romantic also, although you express it differently. You are more likely to express how you feel with words and he expresses his feelings through his actions. You both are charming in your own ways. You are bold and outgoing and tend to say what you think. Your boyfriend is more introverted and keeps a lot of thoughts to himself, which may bother you sometimes.

    If you wish to stay with him, try to get him to open up more (gently) for your sake and his. If he is willing to communicate, I think your relationship stands a good chance. He has need of your bright personality, and you may have need of his knowlege. Give it your best shot at working things out and take it from there. I have a feeling it will.

    As for moving, think about where you want to move and if/why it will be better than where you are now. I have a feeling you know best where you belong. Best wishes!

  • JuneMoon-Thank you very much for sharing your vision. I have hopes for our future together, hopefully we can shake our communication issues and move foward. I have shared your reading with him as well and he agrees. Many Thanks!!

  • You're very welcome! Good luck!

  • ElizaAnn, positive thinking is not just for one day, it is a process you will need to incorporate into your every thought and action. That is not to say that nothing bad will ever happen to you if you do adopt this philosophy & lifestyle. Yin & Yang, good & bad, pair together in all things... you can do lots of research into that or read many great books about the subject (which may help you greatly on your new path). Sometimes things happen which seem bad, like losing your job or housing situation - but time will show you that this thing had to happen so that you would get a better job, find a better place or meet someone who will change your life. Do not be overwhelmed by this process, but choose a reachable step to begin: every morning look in the mirror and say a positive statement about yourself, out loud yes, I'm serious about that). Choose to thank someone each day for their good action or attitude. These two small activities will soon become very natural, and you will begin to see more good things coming your way. Good Luck.

  • I have only just started to post here . I would like to chime in on this. I have done the positive thinking stuff for a while . It didn't help. As a matter of fact things got worse . No matter how hard I tried to put on the happy face and believe that good will come . It is still out of my grasp. Good things seem to be avoiding me and my life. The best thing I had ( my guy ) Was ripped away from me by a whore . My life is in ruins . Trying to stay positive with all that has been heaped on me has been next to impossible, but I still try. Also kind of feel like my karam is being blocked from coming back to me . Anyone have any suggestions or any help ? It would mean much to this soul. Thank you .

  • kimmy

    life is about learning and moving forward. in order to do this, the universe sends us challenges to learn from. life challenges will not stop coming no matter how we live our lives, positively or negatively. the only difference is, if we stay positive, we will only get positivities back from the universe and we may find just who or what we long for, among these.

    you can choose to live your life in negativity and the universe will send you back what you send out. this means not only you have to suffer life challenges, you also have to suffer your own negativities and negativities that others send you intentionally or not. it's your choice how you want to live your life.

    in your case, if you are not meant to be with your guy, you will not be. staying positive does not reduce challenges, it is how you deal with them. challenges will come, what is important is how you deal with them. you can not change others thinking or action, you can change how you deal with them. life is meant to learn, what is it left to learn, if everything is easy? by facing challenges as they come, we will gain knowledge and probably also more friends that we won't have if we give up or dwell in negativity. even if it is only knowledge about our own inner strength, it still is valuable, for we have gone through a lot to find what has been inside us for a long time.

    what I suspect happens to you is lingering negative energy that is blocking you from receiving back positive energy you have sent out. many of us do not know how to control what we send out. so every day everywhere people send out negative energy to others intentionally or unintentionally. energy is an air form, it can hit you even if you are just talking on the phone, or merely reading e-mails. I have a thread to protect and cleanse you from negative energy. do this regularly you will see the result within 2 months or so, you will feel lighter and see clearer picture of your life.


    go to page 2, 7th post down

    let me know if you have any question

    I can understand if some people think it is utter nonsense

    we don't talk about negative and positive energy at the dining table

    and now I am here talking to you about it

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