Chris1962, could you help????

  • ive been in a very rocky realationship for a little over a year now. i love this man with all of my heart, but sence forming a realationship with him ive discovered things that were not right within myself. i have a lot of emotional baggage and was too focused on myself to realize that my negativaty affected everyone around me,,, until him. it has takin me a long time,, 29 years to see this and now im afraid ive lost him. i do beleive he is my soul mate, he is such a part of me. but he says that its been too much, that he dont love me anymore,,,, we fight terrably for a week,, but then were sooo good,, for a few days. i wish i knew what to do. do i stay and keep trying to proove myself,, or is there no hope. please, please, im am desperate here. do you feel it will work out?

    me,, 9/29/80

    him,, 3/10/74

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