I'm arguing my boyfriend each day, then make up...HELP!!!!

  • and it's been like this for 18 months... Here we have my latest spread, after our last discussion two days ago:

    1. how I see him: 3 wands - post-action expectations, fruition to come, passion

    2. how I see the relationship: the Magician - wisdom, cunning, knowledge - shoudl I use these? Or am I lacking them?

    3. how he sees me: 4 pentacles - reserved, keeping things for myself only, not showing him real thoughts / feelings / actions

    4. how he sees our relationship: Lovers - attraction, but also need of deciding, being torn apart about the decision making need

    5. smth about the relationship that the querent (me) has to know: 2 wands: a choice that I need to make about where the energies and passion to be headed to...

    6. outcome: the Tower (uh, this scared me a lot!): revealing truth...all misbeliefs are over.

    Guys, please give me a hand!!! I really need your support. Thank you!

  • I see a big sign than glows in red--- PASSION. When it's good it's so very good, but when it's bad it's war. This is what you both signed up for. You have much to learn together and despite the fireworks you have exactly what each other needs to grow this lifetime. It is not an easy road--but if you rise to the challange it will be the most rewarding path you could choose. Lot's of water and stubborness running through your life at times--too many emotions, too much mud slinging. Both of you rise and fall to extreems--either up in arms ready for battle or to the extreme, wallowing in the mud. Sometimes despite your step up his timing is all wrong and vice versa. This frustrates you to the point of freezing up growling to yourself--what's the point!--and pulling away. The passion between you can just get plain exhausting--heres the 4 of pentacles and what hurts the relationship the most--the forced numbing disconnection--the cold shoulder than says I'm tired of getting hurt and NO MORE. He hates this the most and feels you only love him when he's perfect (he has past abandonment issues)--he really does not understand or see his part in this dance you two do. The Magician needs to connect him with this higher consciosness but this is hard because of all the emotion that runs through your relationship--he needs to use his head more but as it stands you two are still in the early stages of your journey and still bringing out the "baggage" you brought into this partnership. You too have abandonment issues and put up a wall when you feel outside the comfort zone of vulnerability.Wisdom and awareness must start "naming these wounds" before you both can start healing. Yes, the truth will set you free. Don't expect an overnight fix. Your lives together will be a never ending journey of discovery and constant change. Not always bad but you will both learn a lot about letting go and the need to control on both your parts will lesson more and more. You have to take the good with the bad when you marry into passion. Passion can build the most beatiful of creations--it also can burn down the house.

  • blmoon, thank you! could you be so kind to write your opinion on this post also:


    it is about the same relationship...4 trumps out of 5 cards. I'd really appreciate your opinion, full opinion. thank you!

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