• Was wondering if anyone has the ability to beable to give me some Idea of what my past lives were? I need some answers to beable to figure some things out? Its time for me to focus on myself to beable to get back on my horse and help others. If anyone else needs help as well go ahead and post.

  • anyone?

  • serious7 have you ever been drawn to a specific style of clothes or furniture maybe types of homes? For years as I was growning up I would say things like I was born at the wrong time. Or I should have worn a bussel. You know what they wore to make their dresses poof out in the back of there floor length dresses in I think Renaissance time period I think. You know when men wore wigs and were flamboyant in Europe. Or I would be happy as a pig in **** If I lived in a cabin or converted barn. Felt like I might have been a pioneer. Oh and I love old copper kettles and cast iron tea pots and the more an old two man saw is rusty the better I like it. Well there may be a reason that you love all of these things. They remind you of home in an other time. The more open you manage to get the more you might start to make the connection. That's what I have experienced. Others may even know when they were in some other country. I feel like I was in France during the revolution. I just got a quick feel one time for it. I had a few other times that I knew I had lived. Like in Egypt and burned at the stake for being a witch. What times do you have a feel for?

  • This si treu, And also new lifes are for change and something different. I think this life has been the most ordinary for me. Not punishement but a different ecperience. So its ok, i guess sometimes not knowing allowss us to grow in a better and defferent way. :0 thank you for sharing libra :). I get along with yall the most!

  • I really wuold like sme answers, and im also wndering why noone is answering? is it my energy, me? ID like t know. Please someonw give me a direction ans sme kind of feedback, Thanks yall

  • serious I am sorry this is the first time I have been back here since I last posted. Have you check the other thread on past life discussed from I think Sunday till today? Check it out and ask your questions again see how much response your get.

  • How do I find out who I was in my past life is the thread. Its long but worth reading the whole thing and then asking.

  • As always thanks libra!

  • serious soapmaker isn't on now but post something where I told you to. And tomorrow I will bring it to her attention if she hasn't answered you. Sometimes she doesn't get anything right away and has to come back to it. But she has a business and classes she teaches and a book she is writing so she has a lot of irons in the fire. She doesn't ignore people on purpose. So i will see if she can look at picture of you face forward and she needs to see your eyes. Not too small a photo. Look at the sizes that are posted and then put one of yourself on for her to look at. Peace and harmony

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  • Hi serious,

    How about posting a picture on the chat so I can see your eyes and I will tell you what I see. Libra's Lair came and told me you were looking. I think that question would get more answers in the psychic forum.


  • Here ya go soap, If ya need another one let me know. Thanks again very much 🙂

  • Maybe this one?

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  • Ok maybe this time

  • If the picture is too big you will have to make it smaller.

  • its only 24 kb.

  • Im on the left

  • Im on the left

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