Can anyone help?

  • Hi Cris 1962 you are a popular person on this site, I can see why. I am hoping you are the answer to my prayers. I have gone through **** and back several times in the past 6 years. To best of my knowledge it began when working for Primerica, then I was harassed when I met a man, during all this I left my husband, I was shunned and forced out of Primerica, then began to working for some very EVIL people, they infiltrated every aspect of my life and my daughters, attacked and destroyed, stole everything. Of course the man I met was introduced to a young girl and turned him against me too. It is too much to write in one go, but harassment has gone on for 6 years, just easing up now, also they attempted to cripple me and actually got doctors in on the whole thing.

    Do you see me finally getting support and winning my lawsuit with the bad EVIL company and also against the injury. Do you the man I met ever returning in my life. Will I finally find love again it has been 6 long horrific years all alone. I cannot even believe still that this all happened to me! Can you see who was actually responsible for all this was it manager at Primerica, the psychos I worked for or the jealous girlfriend of the man? I appreciate ANY insite into getting this horrific mess cleaned up I have worked ad worked on healing and forgivenessAlso I please need to know if and how I can get a new lawyer that is not dirty and will actually help, also will the new docotr for my leg injury help me and tell me the truth?Thanks to anyone that can help I am so tired of harassment I want a life and I want to be with a partner again I am sick and tired or being alone..

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