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  • I am in college with a Libra man that I am absolutely attracted to him. How should I let him know? I am a Leo, and a shy one. So should I just walk right up to him and start talking. I have tried to look available so that he will talk to me, but I think he is scared. He will look my way but when i look at him he will look away... HELP ME PLEASE!

  • Sure you should go up and talk to him. Flirt, Libras love to flirt. Don't come on too forceful just playful. Should be a good match because air fans the fire. I do very well with Leo's. I know what they want before they can even ask. I made everyone that I ever worked with look real good. I kept their clutter straight and they looked much better for it. So make his day and flirt. Let him chase you till you catch him. Good luck

  • Dear LibrasLair,

    My dad was a Libra and my mother a Virgo. After my father passed away my mother told me that while he worked for the L&N railroad (as a porter) when he came home she would find letters written to him from other women. Do you think he had sexual relationships with other women while traveling across the USA?

  • Well I would say that its pretty good chance that he may have. You may have been able to tell a little more by what was in the letters. Of course they may have been a little evasive but you might be able to tell that way. There is a chance and who really knows what your parents relationship is. Sometimes they hide a lot so your not upset. But your mom had the same opportunity as he did. Doesn't mean that she or he would take advantage of it. Anything is possible. I have known Virgos who played and I have known Libras who played. How far from flirting I couldn't say. Maybe these women just enjoyed the attention. Wish I could help more but such is life. Peace and harmony

  • i am a libra. i know that i am very flirty, but,,,,, also very intimidated by new situation and people. i do great when im hanging with more people i know that with toal strangers. my advise, attempt to set up a situation (small get together) involving people he knows, if you can. you are definatly gonna have to be the one to make a move,,, but not a really aggressive one. we like to laugh, joke, kid around, that is when we are most at ease and secepable to new things. good luck!

  • lilcrazy I have had men make moves just because I was sociable. I never met a stranger and they took it as I wanted to be more than a friend. That has happened to me twice. And I got cornered when I was left in a kitchen alone with them. I try now not to let myself get left behind and move with the crowd. But yes because we talk easily and flirt and joke we can put ourselves in a position that is hard to get out of.

  • casper that's one reason I couldn't really tell you that your dad had been cheating. He had to be nice to people it was his job. And that may have been all it was. Those women may have taken his being helpful and kind and doing his job as a come on for more if they could get it.

  • To get away from that aspect of his personality I loved my dad b/c we had great times together before cancer claimed his life in 1972! We watched Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Rat Patrol, Wagon Train (oops! I'm giving my age away). We went to Fountain Ferry which was a festival during the summer months with rides, and all the trimmings. I truly miss him!!

  • Ok Lib air...

    I am married to an Libra..Love Him and it........I am a aries..I meet someone on line...And he happends to be a libra...LOL....But this online LIB is more....hmmm sexually out there than my huband.. And i am finding that online Lib is tantalizing question is: Why does this online Lib have this effect on me?

  • Giving away your age? My youngest was born in 71'. I understand but I wanted you to see that because of his job it's easy to see how women would get excited about all the attention. And they could write a letter and give it to him before they got off the train. He couldn't leave them laying where someone could find them and turn him in not knowing the circumstances. If all they had was a letter from a woman riding the train. Not wanting them to be found by even your mom. He may have planned on getting rid of them and just forgot or didn't get a chance. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Libra's are sometimes gullible and gee it boosts the ego. I do get that the sun rises and sets on some peoples dad's. And you are a lucky one. I didn't take it for anything other than a question period. Much love and peace and harmony

  • Well spairr6 for one he can say anything online but saying it in person may not be so easy. And here we go with ego again. We all get excited when someone is telling us what we want and or need to hear. And it's a no no cause your married and you are kind of sneaking around to do this. I hate to tell you but some would see this as being unfaithful. And not to judge but when you were told you couldn't do something didn't you want to do it all the more? If it's taboo oh watch out cause the temptations can carry you away. He is flirting and he can tell you anything he wants. You seem to be swallowing it hook line and sinker. Be careful unless you don't care if your husband finds out. It could make him think that he can't trust you. And I guarantee you if I found out that someone I loved couldn't be trusted after that I wouldn't believe anything they told me from then on. There are two things that I will not stand for and it's lying and cheating or three and stealing. Not all Libra's tell the truth and here is where I differ. I used to think that none of them lied but I was wrong, some do.

  • Sorry Libralair

  • OH BOY LibraLair...Dag...This is really a first....But...Okay ..I get it....But being an aries..You already know...Damn it.. Dont want to hurt Hubby as well..and I know it's TABOO....But....Aries....

  • You are direct opposite. I don't know what you want me to say. Yes I know Aris I have a daughter April 15 you don't want me to compare the two of you believe me. I really hope you are nothing like her. Her and I clash and that 6 month spread. Well she and I some might say are just alike but you can't prove it to me. She has a girlfriend with a birthday only days apart and she is very unfaithful. I don't know. I don't want you to think I am saying your the same. Cause my daughter doesn't seem to work that way but she loves to go and run and flirt and that's only what I hear. So just be careful if you want to keep your happy home. Have fun with your hubby and tell him you want to have him flirt with you and tease each other. You have to work on keeping it exciting. It isn't easy now days with all the other stress so work it out... the stress. LOL

  • spairr6 if you were not married I would say hey have a good time. I am not narrow mined at all. Believe me but I guess I need to ask you if the shoe was on the other foot would you like to find out that hubby was talking to another woman and saying things to her that he should be saying to you? Hope p***ed would you be? Come be truthful. Aries temper? My daughter keyed her x's car and the one she got caught with. And now she is paying big bucks for court costs and attorney and everything else that goes along with that. So you Aries don't like to be cheated on either. Be good unless things change then it's a different story. Peace and harmony spairr6.

  • Sorry for budding in but I wanted to reply to what you have said.

    Liicrazy-- i am a libra. i know that i am very flirty, but,,,,, also very intimidated by new situation and people. i do great when im hanging with more people i know that with toal strangers. my advise, attempt to set up a situation (small get together) involving people he knows, if you can. you are definatly gonna have to be the one to make a move,,, but not a really aggressive one. we like to laugh, joke, kid around, that is when we are most at ease and secepable to new things. good luck! –

    Somewhere this makes sense to me since I am dealing with a Libra at the moment. But I am lost by the fact that during the flirtattion he seems to want to know everything and love the mysterious part of the situation but when setting up a more private situation he goes missing in action.

    Libraslair -- lilcrazy I have had men make moves just because I was sociable. I never met a stranger and they took it as I wanted to be more than a friend –

    This I can relate to aswel. I managed to understand that it was just how he moves socially. But what do you do when more than once you get a signal that he wants more but just don’t dare? And the signal was more in words than action.

  • Sometimes it is so easy to get yourself in than to get out of it. I get very uncomfortable when I feel that someone has taken my friendliness as something all together different than I meant. Well I don't know what to tell you but it sounds like he enjoys the chase but when he has caught you he doesn't know what to do now. Have you asked him why he isn't there when it's a one on one situation? You do know that Libra's sometimes make plans and then start kicking themselves because it isn't what they really want to do? The thing is I have met guys and it looks like we have a lot in common and then I start seeing things that I know I will have a problem with and so I think well maybe I can not let this get to me but I just can't ignore it any longer and I don't want to hurt their feelings and it takes me sometime to figure out just how can I approach this and not do any damage. So I kind of go awol for a while. Ok so I run lets be truthful I do run. But I do stop and I try to explain without doing any damage. You have heard that line before it's not you it's me. Well that is just how I feel I need to explain it. And it is because I don't want them to change for me but I am not going to loose myself anymore either. So I don't know if any of this could be his reason so you may just have to come right out and ask him. I hope that made some sense.

  • You nailed it beautifully. I did ask those very questions yesterday. And he assured me that this wasn’t the case. I even made it possible for him to flat out tell me if he didn’t want to meet. But then to my surprise suggested to meet today. He is an extremely busy person and I understand that and don’t push on that matter.

    I would of been okay if he said listen I think we shouldn’t go down that road or anything like that. I would of appreciated that more. I have been the one that has been reserved about the situation because I saw it coming miles ago. The appointment for today was the closest we got to make a date. Only thing that I kan think of that might of trow him off is when he asked me to call back. And I said no because when I did that in the past I got the impression that I was disturbing him and I don’t like that. I texted stating that I wished he could just up and say if this is still going to happen.

    To be quiet honest I would rather the friendship part more at the moment. But he keeps hinting otherwise.

  • Flowsco I have read that we are hard to get to commit. And I wouldn't have agreed when I was younger but to be truthful that's the way it looks to me now. I guess because when I was much younger I just fell quicker and faster and didn't really look at what I was getting myself into. So we do love the thought of love but then it sometimes fades kind of quick if your life together is a day after day struggle to live. Not just with each other but to make the bills and take care of responsibility. I need security and the people that I was with depended on me not me being able to depend on them and working together. My problem was low self esteem and I depended on the fact that they said they loved me. Someone else could love me more than I loved me. So for someone to want to marry me said at that time well then I am worthy. I depended on them because I didn't believe it. So yes I committed back then fast. Now I know I am a good person and I don't need others to tell me. So I don't jump into the frying pan and then into the fire like way back when. I'm gun shy now. LOL And he sounds like he is scared and is holding you at arms length. Try not being available. Let him join this chase. Be busy. Then lets see if anything changes. See if letting him chase you till you catch him works better. Give him a taste of what your getting a spoon full of. Peace and harmony and oh Scorps are not all that open. They hold their cards close and don't let you know all. What is his rising sign? He could be acting out his rising signs behavior. Much luck and happy hunting.

  • Libralair I would like your opinon about my boss who is a Libra female and a very nice person.. We also work with a Virgo male and they bump heads a lot b/c he does not always agree with her decisions. When he disagrees he lets her know it and that's when they get into a heated discussion and I hate to say it but most of the time he makes a lot of sense. What I don't like is that she lets him get away with challenging her authority as his boss (as a Cap I don't think I would)...they attend the same church so I wonder if that may have something to do with it. What do you think?

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