Can i keep my libra man?? help!!!

  • can anyone help me?? i am a scorpio woman in love with a libra man... I went to a psychic last week who told me he loves me too... is not cheating on me... but he is not honest with me. she said he will ask me to marry him but i will say no... this man makes me crazy.. only tells me things if I ask him direct questions. he does not have a steady income ... that i know of.... he says he is starting his own business... his car broke down... is going to school to be a dr.. he is an rn now. i have met two of his kids.. the older two who live near me.. he has four. I have talked to one sister months ago... libra and i get along but we dont.. one thing the psychic said before i left was... i can change him... because he is in love with me.. she said not to take his crap... we were out of time and someone else was on the way in while I was headed out when she said this... I dont know what she meant.... there is so much crap!!! everything i read about libra men say they need a woman who understands him... i am trying very hard... help me!!!

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