• I feel like I have alot going on...its been this way for awhile...I feel exhausted and haven't really been dreaming lately or I can't seem to remember my home situation at this time isn't stable it may improve here but Iam not definite about that. (hoping praying that it will happen) I feel like going in circles...days/nights I barely keep going...lately I can't seem to focus on anything or even make a difference...there were some guys I was interested in and I know they are open to it..however I just cant seem to make it happen...then out of the blue..this one person and I got involved and now I don't know..I kept him at arm's length through all of this and then all of a sudden..with in the last just happened...I try not to think of it and then there are times that is all I think about...he was adamantly pursuing and now nothing..maybe I should let it go...there are other stresses in my life...and am wondering if there is any rest or will things slow down for a while...and that other person I really really like are we ever going to meet? Is my situation going to improve soon..Thanks advance..appreciate any insights..

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